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Science of Random Events

by gorillu


Random events. How do they happen? Why do they happen? And is there more to them than one might at first perceive?

After many years of research, random event receiving, and traveling Neopia, I have accumulated enough information to fill many books. However, I have taken the liberty to scrunch down the basics into one short, Saturday morning article for my fellow Neopians to read and be embraced by new knowledge. This is the science of random events.

Science, you might ask? Most people assume a lot of random events are magic! What else could explain a slice of cake falling from the sky, or a torrent of colorful water that changes the look of your Neopet? I can definitely understand where you’re coming from. To make the basics easier to explain, let’s divide the article into three basic sections: Gift Receiving, Item Finding, and Other.

I. Gift Receiving

Gift receiving random events are some of the most generous random events to come across. Ranging from a couple hundred NP to paint brushes, they’re never a negative thing to receive! But why do we receive them? And why do some Neopians always seem to get lucky while others have never been gifted more than 500 NP?

The reasons for all these answers are all contained in a secret organization only known as the Random Gift Society, or RGS. The society’s members are all classified, except for their leader, Jacko, known as the phantom painter. RGS rarely makes public statements, although when they do they give small bits of information as to how they decide who gets what gifts and when.

During one press conference, Jacko stated, “...we do not discriminate when it comes to the amount of times one has been suspended... each Neopian is assigned a number, and we constantly have random number generators running to decide who gets a random event...” Later, after being asked how RGS made the decision as to what gift the receiver shall obtain, Jacko said that the “information is classified... all we can say is, what comes around goes around.”

This is possibly stating that, if we are good Neopians, we will be rewarded in return. But why do some kind-hearted Neopians never seem to receive anything in return? RGS is a bit of a mystery in itself.

Now you might be wondering—Where does Dr. Sloth fit into this? He’s known for rarely giving out valuable transmogrification potions, but there’s no way he’s in RGS! And you, as a smart Neopian, are correct. Sloth has no part in the organization of RGS. When asked why Sloth would give out these potions, he simply stated, “You do realize you’re talking to the most evil genius in all of Neopia?” and he promptly enslaved the interviewer. It’s all speculation; perhaps Sloth has a soft side we don’t know about? Or maybe the potions are all just a part of his next master plan? We may never know.

II. Item Finding

Item finding random events are some of the most peculiar, hard to explain random events that occur in Neopia. Why in the name of the Snowager did that cake just fall from the sky? And who in Moltara would drop a bag of 5000 NP on the ground and not notice?

My Neopian companions, these events can all be explained by the doings of the Aerial Present Unit, or the APU. The APU, unlike the RGS, is quite public about their organization. Their leader, known only as the Golden Pteri, often holds parties with the highest of Neopians invited. The APU has publicly stated that their “deliverers are all painted with an invisible paint brush... they fly low and randomly drop items on the ground or in the laps of bypassing Neopians.”

Some might wonder how this works: wouldn’t you notice a piece of cake that appears to be levitating at high speeds? It’s assumable that the items that deliverers are entrusted with become invisible when held by the them. This way, cake can seemingly materialize out of nowhere and you can find 5000 NP on the ground when no Neopian had dropped it.

III. Other

Why does Boochi want to turn all the Neopets into babies? Why do torrents of colorful water fall from the sky? And why does the Pant Devil love pants so darn much? All these and maybe a little more will be explained in this section of the article.

Boochi’s story is never retold, probably because of the immense sadness of it all, and this article is going to be no different. To keep your day more light hearted, all you Neopians need to know is that Boochi was abandoned by his owner after being hit by a torrent of water and turned into a baby. Since then, he takes out his anger on all Neopets he can find, zapping them into babies in hopes of forcing them to be abandoned and live the same life as he did—a lonely one.

Now, onto the torrents of water event. Like the others, it’s random. After doing a lot of research on this one and having even experienced it once myself, I will explain it in as much detail as I can. When Faerieland used to reside up in the clouds of Neopia, water from the Rainbow Fountain would sometimes leak out. Usually it would just be a drip or two that might change the color of a Petpet. But in some rare cases, a particularly bad leak would occur (likely caused by the mischief of Jhudora), causing hundreds of gallons to pour out of the fountain. This, of course, was no big loss to the Fountain Faerie, because the fountain ever refills itself, but to the Neopet that the water drenches, it could be a bad day.

Not only does the torrent of rainbow water completely soak the Neopet, but it changes them into another color, usually one unwanted. Imagine emerging from the Rainbow Pool, newly painted with a Faerie Paint Brush, only to be drenched by the liquid and transformed into a mutant!

Now, you might be wondering how the random event still occurs now that Faerieland is on the ground. After years of observation, the Fountain Faerie realized that the event was rare enough to not jeopardize her questing business, and luck based enough to be fair. And so, every once in a while, she will use her magic to transfer some of the water in her Rainbow Fountain to the skies of Neopia, where it will randomly deluge onto the unsuspecting Neopet.

And, lastly, all you Neopians want to know: why does the Pant Devil like pants so much? The reason for this is simply because he can’t wear them.

IV. Conclusion

Random events. Good, bad, pointless. But each one has more of a story behind it than it may seem, and each is there for a reason. I hope that, after reading this article, you are more knowledgeable about some of the many random events that you may encounter during your journeys through Neopia. Thank you for reading!

Something has happened!

The Pant Devil attacks! He steals 'article!'

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