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Beating Mr PunchBag Bob!

by codswobble


Oh! I guess you must have stumbled upon my *ahem* entertaining and informative guide!

This guide is about how to beat Punchbag Bob in the Battledome. I hope you enjoy reading this guide, and I really, honestly hope you find it useful! (It took long enough to write!)

Well then, read on, read on! But beware, upon defeating Punchbag Bob, you may feel unnecessarily guilty about the fact that you practically beat up the little, fluff filled, harmless Bob! (It's all in the name. Short, sweet and bobbish.)

So there you are, flicking through hundreds of pages on Neopets, when you finally stumble upon your very own user lookup, but instead of noticing your Beauty Contest winning, limited edition, painted pets, or your level 45 Habitarium, or even your classy design and layout, nope, what you notice is your *almost* bursting trophy section...

You have Kadoatie trophies?

Game trophies?

Site trophies?

One or all of these, I'm sure - but you just know that *something* is missing! There must be another nice, gold, shiny trophy, that you could earn, and add to your extensive collection immediately... And as you're thinking which trophies you haven't got, which you should have, a brainwave strikes you; you go to look at everyone else's lookups and it's clear: what you are missing is the "Beating Punchbag Bob CHAMPION!!!" trophy - of course, how silly, what else could it be?

So you say to yourself: "Lots of people have it; it must be really easy! Why don't *I* have it?" Running to the Battledome, you wonder to yourself, "Why is there a trophy if it really is so easy?", and that's how you ended up here, right?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about beating this *ahem* malicious beast:

Why is it so hard, or, why will I get a trophy if it really is so 'easy'?

I guess since it takes so long to do!

Not everyone can be bothered to make their lookup appear aesthetically pleasing (ohhh... what a big word =p) by clicking... and clicking... and clicking... - just to beat one straw filled, plastic glasses wearing, mouldy old cloth bag (I'm sure he's used to it... no seriously, I'm sure he is :D).

So first things first, why should *I* bother to do this?

On your lookup you'll get a new, shiny (mmm, shiny) trophy, so everyone knows that you have done such an amazingly good job, and beaten... a punchbag, nice!

You should also get a great sense of amazing accomplishment, and be so proud of yourself (sort of... )

Do I need to have a level 73 pet?

Nope, I did this with a level 2 pet, but he/she doesn't even need to be that!

It's worth noting, though, that while you don't need high levels to beat him, getting your pet's strength up by going to either the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk island, or the Training School on Mystery Island - or by having the Lab Ray, and getting lots of lucky stat-increasing zaps, you can drastically reduce the amount of time and repetitive clicks it will take to beat him.

What will I need?

A healthy, bloated pet – You need this to start any fight at all.

2x scarab rings (worth about 1500 NP) - These are good because they don't run out or break, which is great for an enemy with a high hp and they have a reasonable amount of 'hit power'! You can use these, or if you know of (and can afford) another two alternative weapons, with good strength and staying power, then use those if you prefer.

Lots of time: preferably around three quarters of an hour, to an hour at least - Beating a punchbag may be easy, but when he's got 5000 hp, it's still going to take a while...

What do I actually need to do, now that I am prepared?

Prepare to get achy fingers, and cramped hands, for this is it!

Follow these simple steps, hope you don't get bored, and fingers crossed that today they haven't swapped him with a feral beastie!

1. Equip both the scarab rings onto your chosen pet, making sure he or she is the pet that is well fed and healthy.

2. Enter the Battledome (the link is in your inventory!), and select 1player.

3. Select your pet, and select Punchbag Bob as your challenger.

4. While fighting, keep clicking repeatedly, Scarab ring, scarab ring, fierce attack, go!

5. Ignore Punchbag bob's pleas, and begging - he doesn't deserve it, but it’s fun, right?

6. When you are in your fight, it may be a little daunting, as he's got 5000 points, but don't worry, he doesn't fight back, thankfully. :)

All the advice I can give you is to keep clicking away, and you never know, while doing that you might get a good random event, I think while I did it I found about 150 NP just lying on the ground (such clumsy people in Neopia!).

Here are some other things to do while defeating the poor, helpless straw filed cloth ball:

-In the insult box, think of the most evil, smelly, three worded insult, that you could possible tell to a poor, innocent little punchbag! Once you have done that, move on to four words, then five, etc.

-Imagine he is your brother/sister, and you are paying them back for what they last did to you (or maybe not).

-Read a book (Only if you know how to read and click at the same time!).

-Think about what you are doing to this maltreated, poor puppet (actually, try not to...).

-Think about how many neopoints you need to get your dream pet (this could be slightly depressing, though... ).

-Watch your mouse clicking skills improve before your eyes!

-Try your hardest to turn into a pea Chia (random!).

-Think about how, on the next click, you might find 1,000,000 NP on the floor (it's worth a try!).

-Spin the Wheel of Monotony and race it to see who finishes first (you never know).

-Do all your dailies while the page loads (you'll have to be super-fast).

When you have done this, it will be there! That lovely, ever so shiny, beautiful, perfect, lovely Beating-Punchbag-Bob-CHAMPION!!!-labelled metallic trophy... how nice!

Yes, getting this trophy is, in fact, quite dull; however, if you just keep at it, you could have it in no time - and you know you want it.

Go on, you do!

~~~Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed beating the snivelling 'Bob'~~~

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