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Top 10 Cutest Items in Neopia

by vforvendetta_


Ah, the world of Neopia. There is so much to do! There are multiple beautiful places to see, avatars to collect, neopoints to earn and pets to play with! In fact, there's so much to do in Neopia that it sometimes may be overwhelming—especially when it comes to items! There are new items coming out constantly, and there are so many different varieties—there are wearables, stamps, food, toys, paint brushes, plushies, and so much more!

And what about those Neopians who aspire to open up their own Gallery—where can they start?! There's just so much to choose from when it comes to theme and selection! One possibility, however, is a “cute” theme, if you just can't pick anything more specific than that! After all, cute items are cute—and everyone loves cute! Okay, well, maybe not everyone... but still, cute is cute. Therefore, this list has been compiled for Neopians looking for some really cute items to buy or collect, and why they are ranked that way!

#10. Coffee

Rise and shine! Have a nice, hot cup of coffee to wake you up! Coffee, easily found on the Shop Wizard for a couple hundred neopoints, is such an adorable little item. The yellow and white color of its cup makes is cheerful, and the little sun in the corner never fails to make you smile! Not only is it cute, but it feeds your pets! While some may think that adding coffee into the top 10 cutest items on Neopets might be weird (compared all the others included!), the artwork of the cup is simply too cute to keep out! Coffee is a prime example of cute food (or technically drink!) items on Neopets!

#9. Candy Heart Necklace

While the Candy Heart Necklace may be a really expensive item (especially for new Neopians), it definitely qualifies as one of the top 10 cutest items. The heart shape is commonly known around all of Neopia as sweet, and that's not just because it's a candy necklace! The Candy Heart Necklace also makes a good gift for fellow Neopian friends and family members. And nothing says “I love you!” louder to your pet than a cute candy necklace and a BIIIG hug!

#8. Ultranova Lamp

Okay, so it's a lamp, I know—but it's not just any lamp, it's an Ultranova Lamp!! Normally, a lamp wouldn't be considered “cute,” but its Ultranova design makes it special. What makes it so adorable is its nice pink and purple color combination. For a couple thousand neopoints you can find this cute little item on the Shop Wizard and lighten up your Neohome with a sweet pink glow!

#7. Candy Fyora Face

One of the most adorable candies in all of Neopia is the Candy Fyora Face, featuring—you guessed it—the face of the Faerie Queen, Fyora! A fun little treat for your pets, the Candy Fyora Face is described by TNT as “a delicious hard candy Fyora face that you can suck on for hours.” Not only will this sweet treat last, but it's fun to look at! Imagine you and your Neopet, walking past all the shops, looking in the windows, and seeing a pretty, bright pink-and-purple Faerie treat! Its pure cuteness ranks it as number 7 on this list!!

#6. Faerie Bori Plushie

While this plushie may only be a couple of neopoints on the Shop Wizard, that doesn't make it unwanted! One of the most adorable plushies around, the Faerie Bori Plushie would make an excellent, affordable toy for your Neopets! Now, come on, you can't look at those big yellow eyes and resist it. You know you want one! :P

#5. Babaa Hat

The Babaa Hat is an item you can buy for 150 NC in the NC Mall. This little hat can sit up on your Pets' heads and dress them up like the Babaa petpet! The Babaa is featured in many games around Neopia such as Petpetsitter and Extreme Herding! Wherever a Babaa may be, there are always Neopians around thinking, “How cute!” Go ahead and add this adorable little hat to your collection if you're interested! After all, it did make number 5 on this list!!

#4. Flower and Jewel Circlet

You can buy the Flower and Jewel Circlet at the NC Mall for just 100 NC! It's one of the items released specially for spring coming to Neopia! It's adorable on almost all Neopets! Its adorable flower design and cute aqua-blue color, along with its stunning beauty, rank it as number 4 on this list!

#3. Hexed Illusen Doll

The Hexed Illusen Doll is an adorable doll that was given out in the Y12 Advent Calendar. Although it's sad that Jhudora was mean and hexed our poor Illusen, it's still counted as one of the cutest dolls to buy! It would make a great addition to any Faerie or doll collection—even better, it would be great in a Faerie doll collection!!

#2. Floating Tooth Faerie Doll

For only 150 NC in the NC Mall, you can snag this stunning Floating Tooth Faerie Doll! Faerie fans everywhere should scramble to get this item! With her pretty hair, cute outfit and flittering wings, the Floating Tooth Faerie Doll goes great with any Neopet you want to attach it to! In fact, it's just so cute that it was placed as number 2 on this list.

#1. Cloud Gnorbu Plushie

Drumroll please... yes! The number 1 cutest item in all of Neopia (at least, in my opinion) is the Cloud Gnorbu Plushie! Gnorbus are cute, and they're especially cute when they're painted cloud! Mix that with the adorableness of plushies, and you get our outcome here! The Cloud Gnorbu Plushie looks so calm and innocent, with its cute floppy ears and big blue eyes staring up at the clouds! It would make a great gift for any friend or family member, as well as make an excellent toy for your pets! It's also a wonderful addition to all plushie collections. Oh, it's so adorable that you don't even really need a reason to want it!

There are so many cute items in Neopia that it was hard to narrow this list down to just 10. It's hard to decide which ones are cuter than others when sometimes, they all just seem so equally cute! However, whether you're looking to collect everything cute, find an idea for a gallery, or just curiously browse around, we're all Neopians, and together we can discover even cuter items when, indeed, they arrive in Neopia one day.

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