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Neocash Wearables You Should Own - But Don't

by agedbeauty


Also by sinistrous

Welcome back! Last week, Fuz (sinistrous) and I talked about under-rated, under-used, and generally more obscure neopoint wearables that we think everyone should have in their closet. We had a lot of fun compiling the list, too. Hopefully we inspired you a bit and your pets got some new clothes; this week, we’ll take a look at neocash wearables that don’t get the love they deserve.

This list is composed entirely of items that are currently obtainable in the mall. Buyables just don’t get the love they deserve! There are a lot of buyable items that can be the perfect touch to an otherwise lovely customization, but many people tend to overlook easily obtainable items in favor of retired items that are harder to get and thus seem to have more prestige... but we think these items are vastly under-used and under-rated for how nice they are! So, without further ado – 15 neocash items you should be using, but aren’t:

1. Sparkling Waterfall Background

Often overlooked, this nature scene is actually one of the prettier backgrounds available. Crisp, bright colors that don’t assault your senses and a pretty waterfall? Can’t go wrong in our book.

2. Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background

If this one were retired, people would look for it every day; pretty pastel colors paired with delicate animation fit for an evening stroll? As a bonus, UC faeries look truly lovely on it. We give it an A+!

3. Warrior Glade Background

If girly isn’t your forte, this background definitely should be in your closet. Bright without being neon, and with unobtrusive animation that won’t make you seasick, this BG rarely gets any love – but it should!

4. Lightmite Background

If this were an exclusive capsule bonus, people would be dying for it – New Years backgrounds are pretty, but this beautiful background has gorgeous animation and a charming look that works well with any kind of pet in any kind of season. It’s a go to for me if I’m not sure how to customize a pet, and it shocks us that more people don’t use it regularly.

5. Hot Springs

Is your pet at a spa? In a cave? Under water? This lower foreground item works for all of this and more, with an animation that won’t overwhelm the rest of the scene. It’s a must-have for both of us; we really can’t even guess why it isn’t used more often.

6. Sun Shower

If your customization needs just a little something extra, chances are the Sun Shower is that perfect touch. This item is actually amazing because it takes up a zone that conflicts with almost no other wearables, and buyable or not, it should definitely be a staple item in your closet.

7. Faerie Dust Shower

This just might be my favourite wearable... ever. No, seriously. It adds just that perfect little bit of pink, perfect little bit of sparkle... if an evening customization needs just a little something extra, this is almost always what I reach for. It’s just too pretty, and so versatile – confetti? Fireworks sparkles? You name it, but we’ll say this – it’s in each of our closets!

8. Adorable Freckles

These poor freckles get so many names. “Cap fodder!” “Cap junk!” But we say their name is totally fitting – these are adorable, and work for any but the dressiest look. If you’re not using them yet, you ought to try them.

9. Cumulus Wings

Okay, okay. Neither of us are really “wing people.” But if you’re going to use wings, before you reach for awkwardly positioned expensive retired wings, try these. The pose is natural enough that... well... if your pets really could fly, these would probably work the best!

10. Jewelled Staff

This is the most under-rated staff ever, and it is actually amazingly gorgeous! A little bit of flash, a little bit of bling – is your pet a wizard? A witch? A mage of the highest order? Or just an upper class lady or gent out for a night on the town? Either way, if they’re not using this – they should be!

11. Figure Skating Cuff

This little treasure is the perfect finishing touch for your girly girl. I’ll admit – I only discovered it recently – but now that I have it, I can’t believe I ever didn’t use it. It’s just too cute – you won’t catch us shoving it in our SDBs to collect dust!

12. Ocean Warrior Blouse

This versatile shirt is the perfect undershirt to go under dresses that need an extra layer or to pair with your pet’s favourite coat. The neckline is a touch low, but that is easily fixed by a pretty necklace or medallion, and the nice neutral color more than makes up for that. Though it used to be popular, it doesn’t get a lot of love any more – but it should!

13. Sparkling Promenade Gown

This pretty sparkly dress is an excellent dressy-dress or a lovely summer dress, and can also be a lovely ice queen dress. A versatile color with versatile layering, this one is a closet must-have.

14. Lavender Faerietale Dress

If you like the pretty expensive retired girly dresses but can’t afford them – or even if you have them or can afford them – this has such a nice silhouette and a lovely color; it’s worth wearing under jackets or on its own. If you don’t have one – find one!

15. Dark Princess Gown

This one may not be a must have for everyone, but if your pet yearns for a feminine but dark or spooky look, this is an essential piece. Or alternatively if you have your eye on that expensive Spyder dress but can’t find one, this one offers the same colouring and silhouette, with much prettier sleeves.

And that’s that! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed taking a second look at these common items – we think they have a lot to add to your pet’s customization. We know it adds a lot to our pets! So... are they in your closet yet? No? What about now? Well, come now – get to it! At least try them on... we’re sure you’ll love them, and you may be surprised by the gorgeous customizations you can create.

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