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Cheerful Items for Grey Day

by fancifully


Grey Day has arrived once more, and Neopia’s gloomiest residents have gathered to ‘celebrate’ their special day. Unfortunately, in years gone by Grey Day has been one of the most joyless days in the Neopian Calendar. The reason for this is not because Grey Day is any less special or worthy of celebration than any other day. It is simply because those poor Grey pets are accustomed to being glum, and happiness and cheer do not come naturally to them.

I personally believe that each and every Neopet has the right to be filled with pride, joy and excitement upon the arrival of their celebratory day. So, in order to help our beloved Grey citizens celebrate their special day with the sense of fun and elation every Neopet deserves, I have tracked down some of the happiest items in all of Neopia. When presented with these symbols of joy and cheer, it is impossible for even the greyest of souls to prevent a grin from appearing on their face!

Cheerful Item #1: Happy Face Latte

What better way is there to start the day than with a caffeinated beverage full of happiness? Served in a brightly patterned mug, this delicious coffee is sure to chase away any morning blues. The delectable foam on top of this latte has even been swirled into the shape of a happy face! Being both tasty and cheery, this drink is the perfect start to a very happy day.

Cheerful Item #2: Smiley Yoyo

Every pet loves receiving a new toy, and this portable burst of happiness is about as cheerful as they come! The Smiley Yoyo is painted a bright, sunshine yellow and the grinning face emblazoned on it beams joyously up at you as you play. This yoyo is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the most cheerless pet, and provide hours of amusement in the process.

Cheerful Item #3: Fun and Happytime Gum

The name of this item really says it all, with the description stating that, ‘This gum is designed for fun and happytimes!’ Each packet of gum contains an explosion of flavor, with hints of candy, chocolate and sherbet all wrapped into one little piece of joy. Anyone who chews on a piece of Fun and Happytime Gum is guaranteed to have a good time – there are no exceptions!

Cheerful Item #4: Cheery Blossom

Placing this cheerful little plant on your Grey pet's windowsill is an excellent way to brighten up their day. The petals of the Cheery Blossom smell divine and the smiling head of the flower chirps ‘You’re the best!’ each time the plant is watered. Watching the Cheery Blossom grow before your eyes is extremely rewarding, and provides a sense of fulfillment that will certainly boost the mood of its owner! Don’t delay – introduce this sweet-smelling, ego boosting flower to your pet this instant, and watch as their happiness grows along with their plant each day.

Cheerful Item #5: Smiley

These adorable petpets are the happiest in all of Neopia! By giving one to your pet, you will be ensuring that they have a buddy who is constantly full of joy and cheer. With such a happy companion by their side, it is only natural that even the glummest of Grey pets will begin to feel more cheerful themselves in no time!

Cheerful Item #6: Joyous Ogrin Gnome

Placing this joyful gnome in the garden of your Neohome is a surefire way to spread cheer amongst all who live there. The description enthuses that this gnome will ‘make you want to dance!’ and that is certainly true! I myself have been known to break out into an impromptu jig of glee upon seeing this happy little fellow nestled amongst my flowers. I’m not quite sure what it is about this Gnome that makes it such a joyous object, but I do know that it works like a charm! This is a must-have item for a happy outdoor setting.

Cheerful Item #7: Cheery Tomato Soup Bowl

This heart-warming soup will brighten the day of anyone who is feeling down! The rich, nourishing soup is made from the freshest tomatoes and is guaranteed to soothe even the grumpiest of tummies. As if that wasn’t enough, the charming bowl that the soup is served in is decorated in the shape of a beaming face and will undoubtedly bring a smile to the expression of all who see it!

Cheerful Item #8: Cuddly Shoyru Plushie

Even a heart of stone would melt upon seeing this adorable plushie! With its big, lovable eyes and supremely soft stuffing, one cuddle of this plushie is all it takes to raise the spirits of the most morose pet. This is the perfect gift for a Grey pet who’s feeling sad – they will never get tired of snuggling up to it!

Cheerful Item #9: Smiley Pizza

This is certainly the most cheerful gourmet food in Neopia! To make this joyful confection, yummy melted cheese has been topped with freshly-picked tomatoes arranged in the shape of a big smiley face. A slice of this scrumptious delight will bring happiness to the hearts of all who try it.

Cheerful Item #10: Sunshine Perfume

If your Grey pet is still feeling sad, this perfume may be just what they need! After spraying on a little of this beautiful fragrance, your pet will smell ‘as sweet as a bright and sunny spring day’. With the scent of spring and sunshine lingering in the air, it will be impossible to feel down. As if that wasn’t enough, the lovely perfume bottle will brighten up any room it is placed in, with its bright golden hue and sunshine-shaped lid. This item truly is happiness in a bottle!

Well, there you have it! This list of items is guaranteed to introduce a dose of concentrated happiness into your pet’s life. Hopefully with the help of these cheerful items, Grey pets all over Neopia will be able to celebrate their special day with a smile on their dial. Happy Grey Day!

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