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A Thorn Amongst Roses

by thorndove


In 2003, the now famous all girl band- “Twisted Roses" -was formed. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and, if I may say so, loud groups in Neopian music. I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain an interview with them, by arrangement with their manager, earlier this week.

“Twisted Roses” is comprised of lead vocalist Sho, keyboardist Z-Far, and guitarist and occasional backup vocalist Ix. The trio met in high school, where they dabbled with various styles, before settling on that distinctive sound that we all know and love. When I arrived for the interview, they were in the middle of a practice, apparently under the assumption that I was to arrive an hour later than I did. But they soon laid aside their instruments and joined me on the couch, where we hit it off immediately.

Q. So, Sho, I hear that you were quite an accomplished choir singer before you joined the band. Is that true?

Sho: ...Don’t laugh, Ix! Yes, it is. But, you know, I just don’t have the passion for that sort of music. It’s too soft, sort of... boring. What we do, I love. Although, if “Yes Boy Ice Cream” wanted to collaborate with me, I would oblige in a heart beat. They’ve got a really nice, really funky sound that makes you want to dance.

Z-Far: Not me, though. I can’t stand those stuck-up, poppy little Shoyrus.

Sho: They’re not that bad.

Z-Far: Well, I suppose they’re still better than “M*YNCI”.

Ix: Z, even Fyora is less conceited than “M*YNCI”. Even your singing is better than theirs.

Q. Sorry, but I have to interrupt. Who would you say are your main influences? Several fans have noticed similarities between your music and that of “Blue Spardel”.

Z-Far: That was one of my favourite bands growing up. And, Ix, we all have our talents. I bet you couldn’t...

Sho: Look, cut it out, you two. Yes, we all used to listen to “Blue Spardel” when we were younger. I remember going to one of their concerts when I was in high school, and we were just starting out. I think that’s what began our transition into this genre. So yes, our music probably does reflect them in part.

Ix: My first guitar was a replica of the one Gravestone had. He and James (Thilldon, from “Tumbleweed”) were, in my opinion, the best guitarists of the time.

Sho: I would also say that some of our older stuff was influenced by “Sticks ‘n’ Stones”.

Ix: Oh, definitely.

Z-Far: For sure.

Ix: Remember that Gruff? He had the most beautiful eyes...

Sho: Is that want you wanted to know, Ms. Dove?

Q. Yes, thank you, Sho. Another musical question; who are your favourite bands currently on the scene?

Ix: “Gruundo”, hands down. They’re so unique. Aside from “Sticks ‘n’ Stones”, they’re the only group I can really see as being competition for us.

Sho: Careful what you say, Ix. There are plenty of others who are gaining popularity with the crowds. “Jazzmosis” do five shows a month in Tyrannia.

Ix: Yeah, but I doubt that they get to perform anywhere else.

Sho: In answer to your question, Ms. Dove, some of the more melancholy tunes played by the “Neopian Philharmonic” are stunning. “Yes Boy Ice Cream” are also pretty good, when I’m looking for some happier sounds.

Ix: Haha. You getting soft on us, Sho?

Sho: Yes, Ix. That’s why I still write most of our songs.

Z-Far: They’re pretty new, but “Three Meercas” are great. I would love to have them as an opening act for one of our concerts.

Ix: Never heard of them. Where are they based?

Z-Far: Maraqua. I doubt if you’d like them, though. Sho might.

Sho: They sound familiar.

Q. I went to one of their concerts last week. They were alright. Now, the next question is a little different. Obviously Sho, Ix and Z-Far aren’t your real names. So what are they?

Ix: Aha. It’s a secret. You’ll never know.

Z-Far: My initials are S.P.C. But heck, I haven’t gone by my birth name in years. I think I even used this name for my bank account.

Sho: I don’t mind saying. “Sho” is actually a contraction of my official name, Shona McKay. Which makes it especially cool.

Ix: You’re ruining our whole mystique.

Sho: I don’t see why it matters. Ix, move that guitar. It’s going to fall into the fire.

Q. Next one is a fan question, from Andrea in Meridell. Z-Far; how come you have a microphone in live concerts, if you don’t sing?

Z-Far: Always happy to answer the fans. Hi, Andrea. Yes, I don’t generally sing, but there are some parts in certain songs where I hum, or snarl, or whatever, to complement Sho’s part. “Broken Soul” is a good example. Have a listen to that.

Ix: Mmmm, yes. I love playing that piece. Do you know, I wrote most of the lyrics for that song? And Sho, didn’t you want to include a part for a violin?

Sho: Yes, but we couldn’t find a good violinist in time.

Ix: I think it would have just ruined it, anyway.

Z-Far: No, it could have worked.

Ix: Are we going to have to test this, now?

Sho: No need. Besides, “Doomsday” would work better with a violin.

Ix:... you’re joking, right?

Z-Far: I can see it working.

Q. Last question, girls, and then I’ll let you get back to your practice. I’m sure everyone is dying to know; are the rumours true about you planning a Neopia wide tour?

Sho: Sure are! We’ll be touring Tyrannia, Meridell, Shenkuu, the Haunted Woods, and lots of other places, with all of our biggest and best songs.

Ix: Darigan Citadel, even, I think. At least; our manager’s been trying to arrange for some transport.

Z-Far: Don’t forget the Lost Desert.

Ix: Oh, yes. Sand in the instruments. That’ll be lovely.

Z-Far: Don’t be like that. I could do with some sun, after this recent weather.

Q. It was lovely talking to you. Goodbye, girls. We’re all looking forward to your tour.

Sho: So are we. Goodbye, Ms. Dove. It was great to talk to you, as well.

So that about concludes my interview with the girls of “Twisted Roses”. If you haven’t yet heard them for yourself, go and check them out at the Tyrannian Concert Hall on the first of next month, or purchase a “Twisted Roses” speaker from Neopian Furniture. Be warned, though; their music is not for the faint hearted. If you’re easily frightened by shouting or other loud noises, perhaps you might be better off going to see a different band. As Sho herself said, “Jazzmosis” is quite popular at the moment.

But, for all you devoted “Roses” fans, there’s that Neopian wide tour to look forward to. So hunt down that purple or red eyeliner, bust out those gothic clothes, and make sure you’re familiar with their songs. It’s going to be one tour you won’t want to miss!

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