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12 Tips for Neopets Boredom

by chestnuttiger787


So, you've all had those times. You know, when you're bored, and you're on Neopets, and you can't think of anything to do. You've played your games, done your dailies, and whatever else amuses you, and now, you're just . . . stuck. You've got nothing to do. You're bored out of your mind. You feel like you're going to go insane. I've got twelve, count them, twelve tips for when you're bored and simply can't think of anything in Neopia to do! Before you do any of these steps, however, here's the very first thing to do: crank up the tunes. Whether it's turning on a Neopets game you love and listening to the music on another tab or listening to music from your mp3 player, just use the music. It's a great way to solve boredom by itself, and when it's with something, it's even better. It's doesn't really count as a tip, though. So, without further ado, the tips begin. Enjoy reading and once you're done, don my tips as weapons and armor and go out and fight boredom! You're sure to win!

1. Read the Neopian Times

Hey, you say, I'm doing that RIGHT NOW! Yeah, yeah, but I mean go back. Old editorials, articles, and short stories can provide endless entertainment! And hey, it's not as if you're going to run out of issues . . .

2. Browse Those Names

Looking users up can provide endless entertainment. Start by looking up things on the shop wizard, trading post, the auction house, etc. Then click on user links galore! It can be lots of fun. You may discover some fabulous pet sites, or great stores, or the cheapest Draik egg on trading post. So keep browsing those names!

3. Sites, Sites, Sites!

Looking in site directories can be very fun, so when you find one, dig in. Go to all the sites that look interesting and prepare to be entertained. It's fun and it can be educational, too.

4. Do it Yourself

Try making your own site, or your own fancy user lookup, or descriptions for your pets. It's fun and it will provide entertainment for other bored people! We're all happy now, right?

5. Write!!

Oh, this one is the best by FAR! Write for the Neopian Times! Articles, short stories, series, write 'em down and submit them! 'Nuff said. Oh, and if you want a guide to writing, try mine. It's called Making Your Story Fly. Hope you like it!

6. Give your Neohome a New Do

Yep, let's face it, there are plenty of neohomes out there that are very dull. Now you may have piles of items sitting in your storage shed that you just haven't thought of using. Why not use them now? Try giving your home a complete makeover. And if you don't have a neohome, then leap into action and make one! It's very fun!

7. Customize Your Pets

You may think that your pets already have the perfect look, but they may have had "the perfect look" for months! It's time to start fresh and be creative. Poke through the deepest corners of your closet. You may just find an even MORE perfect outfit for your pet, and don't forget to be creative, like I said! Those fancy petpetpet tights may look dorky on your boy pet, and you may think they'll look awful on your pretty Uni, but you may be wrong. Besides, that Uni of yours may be tired of long dresses and skirts and very happy to wear some pants for once.

8. Guilds

I know that finding a perfect guild can be hard. The moment you find a guild that looks great, you find that it's been inactive for years! It's a fact, many, many guilds out there have owners who haven't been on Neopets for literally years, and it's simply awful! But there are a good amount that are active, so keep sorting through the guilds and find your perfect match!

9. History!

Reading old Neopets news archives can really show you some stuff about history! Or at least the Neopian stuff. It's entertaining and informative, so head on over to the archives!

10. The Neopedia

There is a lot of stuff tucked into the pages of the Neopedia, and reading that stuff is very fun. It can also inspire story ideas, artwork, and more! There's also a handy search engine.

11. Shop and Gallery

You probably can think of some way to make your shop better, and you may not even have a gallery! So get over to your shop and do something to it. Lower prices, restock, change the shopkeeper, and more! There's lots to do! And while you're at it, check your shop till. You may have an unexpected purchase! And as for the gallery, that's very fun! There's lots you can do and it's like a safety deposit box except your special items can be viewed by the public! It's great.

12. Clean your Inventory

Let's face it, sometimes inventories just get messy. I walked in once to find toys falling of shelves, dusty healing potion glass on the floor, and two tall, teetering piles of books. So do what you can to clean. The quickstock page is a great way to go, unless you want to interact with your pets (i.e. read a book to them). You may have thousands of neopoints that just built up!

Okay, so you've read the tips. Your ready to go have some fun, then! Go off and do as you please, whether it's peeking into the corner of your closet or reading old Neopian Times articles! Have a great time! Oh, and one more thing. I often get bored on Neopets too, so if you've got a great site, a fun user lookup, or great pet descriptions, please offer me a Battledome challenge. I may or may not accept the challenge, but I will make sure I look at your lookup and explore your work. Thank you, and enjoy not being bored! I certainly am, thanks to spectacular tip 5!

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