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Gifts for your Chomby!

by xbebedawlx


Also by retrean

What's big, has four legs, and originates from Tyrannia? You probably guessed it, the Chomby! The Chomby has been around for many years now, and once a year, we all gather around and make sure to do anything we can to celebrate their day! Although Chombies are a rare, limited edition pet, this does not mean that they are different from any other neopet! Many owners may feel stumped when it comes to the thought of what gift to get their Chomby, but with this guide, we are hoping that these owners no longer feel this way!

(Just because they’re from Tyrannia doesn’t mean they don’t have any taste!)

Baby Chomby Plushie

This pastel coloured Chomby plushie will make the perfect gift for your Chomby. This small and fuzzy plushie is the perfect addition to your Chomby's plushie collection - any collector would simply adore this unique item! Of course, it’s not just for a collector; give this adorable plushie to any young Chomby and they’ll take it everywhere they go!

Chomby and the Fungus Balls Ticket

Did someone say Chomby and the Fungus Balls?! That's right! This band is infamous in Tyrannia, and plays at the concert hall. Chombies love to rock and roll, and being at a concert that is lead by a Chomby is the perfect gift. Get ready to rock!

Chomby Diary

This book is all about the life of a female Chomby; although this book might be slightly more directed toward the female Chomby fan-base, male Chombies will also enjoy this book (it all counts toward raising their intelligence after all!) – That is, if they’re not too busy grazing in the Tyrannian plains!

Chomby Knit Turtleneck Sweater

This sweater will keep your Chomby warm and toasty -- especially in the winter! This wearable looks great on Chombies, and fills out their large body types fairly nicely. It has very nice colours, and goes well with many other Chomby wearables! Fashionable and practical!

Chomby Prehistoric Spear

Since Chombies originate from Tyrannia, it is pretty much a given that this prehistoric spear would make the perfect gift. Just be sure to monitor your pet; this wearable is a nice one but can be a bit dangerous – it is certainly not recommended for younger, or clumsier, Chombies! You do not want anything to be skewered by a boisterous Chomby!

Lime Chomby Cake

This cake is a bit on the pricey side, but this cake is a necessity for celebrating a Chomby's day. This delicious lime cake will have your Chomby digging it, making sure that your money was well-spent! Just make sure to get a bite of it yourself, because there won't be any left for very long!

Blue Chomby Float Ring

The large feet and heavy body make swimming quite hard for a Chomby! This adorable float ring features a happy blue Chomby that will brighten anyone’s day. This adorable little inflatable is not just for Chombies, though; any pet would love this cute little float ring!

Chomby Flower Child Wig

This wonderful wig is adorned with lovely flowers that will make any female Chomby look lovely; whether going out shopping or just spending a day at the park, your Chomby will look and feel fabulous!

Chomby Gnome Making Kit

This gift is a particular favourite of young Chombies, who will love to spend hours painting and decorating their own little gnome! This kit features a plain, white Chomby gnome ready to paint; it also comes complete with paintbrushes and little pots of paint: a perfect little package! Just be sure to cover all valuables... This could get messy...

Chomby Sleuth Magnifying Glass

This magnifying glass has many uses, whether your Chomby wants to solve a mystery or take a close up look at their Habitarium – a close up of anything is always available! This small and handy magnifying glass is always ready when you need it!

On Tour with Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Awesome, a book about Chomby and the Fungus Balls! This book features photos of the band on tour, exclusive interviews and also lyrics to the Neopia-famous songs. This book is a great collector’s item and also an ideal gift for any Chomby and the Fungus Balls item!

The Blue Chomby Burger

Don’t worry, this burger isn’t actually made of Chomby - this was made for Chombies, not from them. This tasty burger looks just like a Chomby head and tastes amazing. Any Chomby would love to eat this delicious little thing!

Speak Tyrannian

Just because Chombies originate from Tyrannia doesn’t mean they know how to speak it! This book is the ultimate guide to Tyrannian phrases and pronunciation. Whenever they next venture into Tyrannia they will be speaking with the locals like a pro!

Full Chomby Armour

This awesomely good looking armour will serve well in the Battledome; with its flexible chain link and spike guards; it will keep your Chomby safe from harm and protect them from any attacks. Just because Chombies are big and strong doesn’t mean they couldn't do with a little extra protection. Although pricey, it is an ideal investment and will last a lifetime!

So there you go, your guide to what to buy your Chomby this upcoming Chomby Day! Hopefully your Chomby will be delighted with their gift!

Chombies are limited edition, which means they are only available one day a year to adopt; there have been only 387,801 created out of the 270 million created - how special! (Of course, you could always zap your pet using the Secret Lab Ray in the hopes it changes into a Chomby... but could you really be that cruel and put your Chomby through that?!)

So this Chomby Day why don’t you grab a steaming cup of dung (Tyrannian special *gag*) and try to create one? Once you have a Chomby you have a great big friend for life, and who doesn’t want that?

Have a fabulous Chomby Day, filled with cake, gifts and most importantly: love for your dear Chomby! :)

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