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Mutant in Faerieland

by meimyself88


Pharaya soared. Her long Korbat ears picked up every sound, and she stretched her mutant wings as far as she could.

     “I'm gonna get you!” A glowing Eyrie whizzed up to Pharaya and grabbed her tail. They tumbled through the air, laughing.

     “I don't think so!” Pharaya squealed, wriggling out of the Eyrie's grip. She swooped down and landed on a twisted brown branch with gentle thump. Pharaya sighed. She was truly happy.


      Pharaya flopped onto her bed. She was so tired, her wings felt as though they would fall off. I probably shouldn't have stayed out so long. The thought drifted through her head on a drowsy breeze. Maybe I'll take a nap. The bedroom door burst open and Pharaya's owner strode into the dark room. Lulu stared at the mutant Korbat for a moment. Her long curly black hair was smooth and perfect. Perfectly perfect. Lulu seemed to dislike the mud that coated her fur. But she simply flipped on the light. Pharaya glowered at her. She hated the light that the rest of her family bathed in, but Pharaya was too tired to complain. Once light flooded the room, Pharaya could see that Lulu was extremely happy.

     “We're moving to Faerieland! Tomorrow!” Lulu blurted out. Pharaya fell off the bed.

     “W-we're leaving the Haunted Woods?” Her voice cracked.

     Lulu nodded. “Your sisters are so happy!” she cried, and swept out of the tiny room. The sickening violet scent of Lulu's perfume swirled around. Of course. Pharaya's sisters. A whiny purple Shoyru and a snobby faerie Ogrin. Lulu loved them more than anything. Pharaya always came second. Of coarse Lulu didn't think about how Pharaya would feel about moving away from the Haunted Woods.

     “To Faerieland!” she spat angrily. The Woods had always been her home. Pharaya's friends were there, and she loved swooping around Neovia, listening to Gypsy stories, exploring the maze of trees. She knew every shadow as well as she knew her own wings. It killed her to even think of leaving. But of course her stupid, babyish sisters and girly, oblivious owner hated every root that she loved so much.

     “It's too scary!” Sabrinia, the purple Shoyru, complained daily. Now, it looked as though Pharaya would never see the woods that cared for her when Lulu was too busy with her sisters. And the tears flowed like rain. She turned, and soared out her window to say farewell to her friends.


      The large grey door swung open with a bang.

     “What is i- Pharaya?”

      The gruff voice changed from agitated to concerned in a split second. Pharaya could hardly see for the tears that were streaming down her face. She had savoured every moment of the journey to her best friends house, taking much longer than she usually would have. A huge shadow Lupe stood in the doorway. He took her hand and led her into the house.

     “What's wrong?” he asked. His eyes glittered with worry. Pharaya gave a hiccup. Drike. Loyal, loyal Drike, who would go to any end to help his friends. This was going to be the last time she saw him.

     “W-we're moving to F-faerieland! Tomorrow,” she bawled. Drike just nodded, and sat her down on the couch next to a glowing Eyrie.

     “Mykel's here too?” Pharaya choked. She had been planning on heading to Mykel's house next. He had always listened to her constant babbling, understood her problems and explained what she didn't understand.

     “You're moving away?” Mykel asked quietly. Pharaya closed her eyes sadly. That seemed to be enough for Mykel. He grabbed Pharaya in a giant bear hug.

     “I'll miss you,” he whispered.

     Drike sighed. “Tell your owner what you think of the move,” he suggested.

     “And be grounded for life!” Pharaya whimpered.

     “My owner wants a new pet! You could transfer!” Mykel appeared to be serious.

     “Oh yes!” Drike laughed. “I can see that conversation. 'Excuse me, Lulu, I was wondering whether I could transfer to avoid being painted pink.'”

      Even Pharaya couldn't suppress a giggle. The three friends talked late into the night, joking about Faerieland and Lulu. Pharaya knew they were just trying to cheer her up. Yet through the brave faces Drike and Mykel put on to make her feel better, she knew they were just as upset as she was. Pharaya had a feeling that leaving the Haunted Woods wasn't getting any easier.


      “Here we are!” Lulu yelled excitedly. They were standing in the kitchen of a prissy, girly Faerieland house.

     “Great. Where's my room,” Pharaya said dully. She didn't actually care. Pharaya just didn't want her family to see her crying. She didn't need to be teased. Lulu pointed her into the smallest bedroom. Pharaya dragged herself down the long, lilac hallway and into the tiny room. It was a bright, sunny yellow that made Pharaya want to puke. She sat gingerly on the bed. It seemed all wrong, so wrong. Salty tears rolled down her cheeks, but Pharaya didn't notice. She had cried so much in the last night, that she didn't even notice the tears until they made wet stains on the duvet. She was used to it. Pharaya set her hand on her smiling purple Slorg.

     “I'll go back, Slimeball. One day.” But deep down, she didn't believe it.


      Pharaya began to deteriorate. She didn't care anymore. Faerieland hated her, and Pharaya loathed it with every molecule of her being. The reckless,bubbly Korbat that had lived in the Haunted Woods no longer existed. Instead, there was a silent, mentally unstable girl prone to furious outbursts. It didn't matter which doctors or psychologists Lulu brought Pharaya to. It didn't make any difference. Pharaya kept her hatred too close to her heart.

      “What do I care for your stupid faerie quest!” Pharaya yelled at Sabrinia, slamming the door in her face. Sabrinia hadn't actually mentioned the faeries, but that was all she talked about, so Pharaya figured she wasn't far off.

     “Lulu says to come into the kitchen right now!” Sabrinia called to Pharaya sadly. Pharaya could hear her sister's footsteps disappearing. She opened the bedroom door and stepped nervously into the hall. Another lecture, Pharaya thought gloomily as she slunk into the kitchen. She looked especially intimidating, being she hadn't brushed her fur for weeks. Pharaya was shocked to see Lulu and her two sisters sitting quietly at the table. She joined them.

     “I want you to meet your new brother,” Lulu said happily. Pharaya gasped. How come she didn't know about this? She checked her sisters' faces, but they seemed just as surprised. A Darigan Gelert stepped out of the living room. His thick scarlet fur shone, and his spiked wings barely fit in the kitchen. Pharaya noticed he looked miserable.

     “This is Chaydor.” Lulu clapped her hands happily. Sabrinia and the Faerie Ogrin, Olsa, looked shocked. Pharaya thought Chaydor looked out of place in the girly home. Just like me. His claws scraped the tile floor uncomfortably.

     “Chaydor, this is Olsa, Sabrinia and Pharaya.” Lulu tried to break through the awkward silence. Chaydor stared at the ground, avoiding eye-contact. Olsa stared at Chaydor with her mouth wide open and a stupefied expression on her face. Pharaya was used to Olsa staring at her, but it was unnerving anyways. She understood the nervous look on his face. His wings brushed against the walls as he stalked out of the kitchen.

     Pharaya slipped out of her seat. Sabrinia and Olsa were already in the hall, whispering urgently.

     “Chaydor's so ugly.”

      “Why didn't he say anything?”

      The mutant Korbat could feel her fur rising. He was different. Different because he belonged in Darigan Citadel, just like she belonged in the Haunted Woods. The same, because they were different. “Leave him alone!” she yelled. “Do you think he wants to be in Faerieland?”

      Olsa snickered. “What would you know about that?”

      Pharaya felt Chaydor brush past her to face the two snobs.

     “Everything. She would know everything about that,” he growled. He turned to Pharaya and nodded, then stalked down the hall. Pharaya soared after him, smiling. She had a feeling that things might be different from now on.

The End

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