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Clearing the Storm - A Lutari Island Game Guide

by vanessa1357924680


Are you like me and are addicted to Neopet’s newest game, Clearing the Storm? Are you still confused exactly how to play? Or do you just want some pointers so that you can win that beautiful gold trophy? Well, don’t worry because I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you become a Clearing the Storm master in no time!


In Clearing the Storm, you play as Gadden, the blue Lutari wizard who was responsible for clearing the storm and forging the orb that helped make Lutari Island open to the public. But the job of the wizard never ends. The storm is threatening to come back, and it’s up to you to make sure Neopets who want to visit Lutari Island can get there safely.

The best thing about this game in my opinion is that it is divided into three distinct levels which are each completely different from each other. Each one is unique and takes place on a different part of Lutari Island. Although this makes for a very diverse game, it can also be a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry; I’m going to walk you through each one.

Note: Like a few of the games that take place in a fake world made of jelly, Clearing the Storm cannot be accessed by going to the game room. Instead, you actually have to have access to Lutari Island and then click the link for the game on the map. It’s the big blue/grey cloud in the top right of the map that says “Clearing the Storm” on it so it shouldn’t be that hard to find.

Level 1 – The Tower

The game starts off in the Wizard Tower, a tall stone structure in the middle of Lutari Island. On your computer screen, you can see the view from a window looking out over the island, in particular at the sky where a storm is brewing. As the game progresses during the first level, the composition of the sky changes. Depending on the colors, clouds, and number of lightning bolts that light up the sky, you have to click on differently lettered buttons on the bottom screen. It’s a bit complicated, but once you play a few times, the combinations become fairly natural.

Colors: Red, Green, Orange, Periwinkle

Clouds: Altostratus, Stratus, Cumulus

Lightning: Fast, Medium, Slow

Let’s say the sky turns orange, there’s a lightning bolt at medium speed (note: depending on the lag time of your computer, the actual time of each bolt varies), and a Cumulus shaped cloud. All you have to click the buttons that say O (for orange), M (for medium), and C (for Cumulus) as quickly as you can. It doesn’t matter the order, although some people claim you get more points if it’s alphabetical.

The tower level automatically ends and progresses to the next level after three minutes, so try to be as efficient as possible! There’s a magic hourglass in the bottom right of the screen, but I wouldn’t bother keeping an eye on it; instead just keep your eyes on the storm because after the few first combinations, things get really hectic. If the sky gets too full of clouds and lightning, poor Gadden will get zapped and it will be game over before you can even reach the other stages.

Level 2 – The Shore

This is no doubt one of the most difficult stages of the game to me, but I find it immensely fun; I’m sure you’ll see why in a second. After managing to keep the storm somewhat contained from your tower, you now must help guide a ship through the choppy waters so that all the Neopians onboard can arrive on shore safely.

You are positioned on the shore with an open spell book on the bottom third of the screen. The rest of the screen shows the ocean and a small red boat in the distance. It’s your job to guide this boat to the shore safely. This portion of the game is dependant on your typing abilities, so make sure to practice your typing skills!

The three things you need to keep an eye out for are whirlpools, waterspouts, and waves. Each of these is shown in your spell book by a picture; each of them is fairly identifiable. Next to each image is the combination of letters you need to type whenever the boat approaches one of these obstacles. The spell words change each game, but I have compiled a couple of the words I have encountered so that you can practice typing them at your leisure. The best thing about this stage in my opinion is that TNT apparently didn’t take themselves too seriously in coming up with the spells, which I find incredibly hilarious.

Here are some words:

QWERTYUIOP (fairly easy to do since it’s just the top row of your keyboard)







JELLYWOR- (you need the hyphen—first time I played I didn’t and lost on this level)

ALKJDHF (in my opinion, the hardest one to type)

If the ship encounters three of the obstacles without you typing to save it, it will splinter into hundreds of pieces of driftwood and it will be game over! But if the boat makes it to shore, you can advance to the last level...

Level 3 – The Jungle

The jungle level is definitely tricky since it is very action oriented, but a lot of people I’ve spoken with said that it’s their favorite stage of the game. Now that you’ve rescued the Neopians, you need to guide them through the thick Lutari jungle to a safe location.

Before I continue, I just want to add that one of my favorite features of this game and this level in particular is the brilliantly drawn scenery. Before you start this level, make sure to take a moment to enjoy the artists’ renderings of Lutari Island—it’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

Anyway, this portion of the game can be played either with the arrows keys/spacebar or your computer mouse. I personally prefer using a mouse, but it’s totally up to you.

This level is fast paced, but is actually fairly straightforward when compared to the rest of the game. You control Gadden who is currently being followed by about five Neopians. As you navigate the jungle with your mouse, which is difficult in itself since the screen is full of foggy cloud cover and rain, you have to combat wild petpets and a few magical Lutari Island vines that shoot out from the left and right sides of the screen. By clicking your mouse (or pressing the space bar), you can shoot a bolt of green magic to stop your attackers in their tracks. However, it takes a few seconds to recharge, so make sure to factor that in whenever you cast a spell. The bottom right of the screen has a bar that when full lets you know you can fire again.

The only thing that really makes this level is tricky is that sometimes the rain effects get really intense and it’s hard to see exactly where you are leading the Neopians. To combat this, you can type rainraingoaway once during the level and the rain will completely stop for about five seconds.

If you and your Neopet followers are hit three times, either from petpets or rogue vines, it’s game over. However, if you make it to the clearing in the middle of the jungle with the big sign that reads “Welcome to Lutari Island,” then you have won the game!

Getting the Trophy

I personally do not have a trophy for this game, but I spoke to two Neopians who have made it to the high score table and found out exactly how they managed it: with some skill (from practice) and a little bit of luck.

You see, there is a way to earn extra points in this game, and you should jump on this whenever you can. In all three levels, every so often you will see either a small yellow, blue, green, or red dot fly across the screen. These are Lutari Talisman Beads and are worth 1000 game points apiece. Unless you are about to be attacked by a rabid Meepit in the jungle level, grab the bead with a click of your mouse (or by pressing X on your keyboard)! Going for these beads are totally worth the risk and could possibly be your ticket to getting a Clearing the Storm trophy on your user lookup.

In Conclusion

I hope this guide helped you learn all about Neopia’s newest game on Neopia’s newest land! Even if you don’t win a trophy, this game is too amazing not to play at least once, so how about you swing by Lutari Island and give it a try? Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.

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