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It's Chomby Day! Now What?

by movie138music


You arrive at the outskirts of Tyrannia, which is surrounded by a desolate, rocky outcrop filled with gray pebbles, which are fatal if their sharp points meet your skin—oh, and the pebbles are being flattened, too, by your sneakers as you and your Neopets race across the field toward the huge striped tents, pennants, and Chomby balloons.

Did I forget to mention that the Chomby Carnival is opening today? Sorry.

Once you’re inside, the incessant chatter and bright colors start to overwhelm you. There’s just so much to do! If only there was a guide, so you could know where to go first... and now there is. When you go to the carnival this year, these ten tips will maximize your experience.

1-Reserve a top-of-the-line suite at the NeoLodge.

You wouldn’t believe how many owners forget this. Yes, it’s cheaper to lodge your Chombies at the Fleabag Motel, but this is their one special day of the year. You can blow a couple thousand Neopoints for that, surely. As a rich girl myself, I would suggest the Lunara Suite in the suitably fancy Presidential Palace. A stunning view of the faraway islands can be seen from the enormous bay windows. Another great option is Gorix’s Penthouse, a huge and well-decorated room on the top floor of AstroVilla. Your Chombies will certainly appreciate it.

2-Don’t eat the fatty carnival food.

The festivities might be fun, but stay away from the snacks, which are loaded with oil and sugar. I mean, just look at those hot dogs! They’re positively stuffed with grease, especially the Triple and the Megachilli. While a little celebration is never bad, eating the disgusting, unhealthy, and expensive food sure is. I’m definitely not advocating that you become a vegetarian and eat Chomby-shaped broccoli at the carnival, but try to make some wise health choices. I mean, seriously. Chombies need carbs, all right, but they’re not Skeiths. (No offense to any Skeiths out there, right?)

3-Say hello to Sssidney.

Yes, I know the Deserted Fairground doesn’t get a great reputation, and for good reason. But Sidney (and good ol’ Apple Bobbing Bart too!) is a good guy. His scratchcards have great value, and he’s a worthy Battledome fighter. He’ll even give you an avatar! In fact, the first time I ever scratched a card from him, I won five thousand Neopoints—quite a load to carry home, I might add. Although Sidney’s got a prickly personality, and he’s definitely part Hissi, under that fancy coat he’s a big old softie, just like you and me (hopefully). If you see Sssidney and his rickety scratchcard booth at the carnival this year, make sure to say hello and buy a card too!

4-Meet and greet.

Your Chombies will love to mingle with other purebred Tyrannians at the renowned Ugg Ugg Café, and you should talk to others too. Many guild members recruit on holidays, and you’ll certainly run into some fantastic people in the carnival. Check them out. Ask about the guild. And it’s not just guilds! Wealthy AC regulars have been reportedly spotted in and around the tents. If you get a chance to talk to one of these famous lenders, don’t be shy! Suck up to them for all it’s worth! Okay, just kidding, but you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to make new friends.

5-Check out the Tyrannian Arena.

Tyrannians are famous for their unending, insane love of the Battledome. Hopefully you aren’t a Tyrannian in spirit, but a good match is always fun to watch. Getting a ticket is expensive and difficult, and most likely you’ll be sharing elbow room with raucous, hairy Grarrls, but the fights are always top-quality. If your Chombies are up to it, you may even be able to enter them into the tournament! If they win, the glory and fame will make for the best Chomby Day of their lives. If not... well, a good game of Tyranu Evavu should be enough to lift any mood.

6-Don’t waste your time on the Wheel.

Many, many Neopians are snared into the Wheel of Monotony by the dreamy promise of riches. Don’t be one of them. The wheel, while also taking an interminable amount of time to finish, offers common results that are much less than stellar, and the Quiggle that runs it has a bad habit of forgetting to brush his teeth. Yep, not a good sign. While the Wheel does have a jackpot of 20,000 NP, the chances of getting that are predictably slim. The only reason you should ever risk your hard-earned money on that is the avatar, which looks fairly dull anyhow.

7-Play some games.

And not just the ones you normally play either. I’m sure your pets are sick and tired of you hogging Ice Cream Machine all day long just for the avvie. Why not go for something new? Something... Tyrannian? Ugga Drop has recently become a huge favorite with young Chombies. You may have some reservations about letting your beloved Neopets toss themselves off craggy cliffs into the mud, but throw them away for the duration of their special day. For the quieter Chombies out there, Kacheekers is the perfect game for smart—as smart as it gets out here—Neopians.

8-Go to a concert.

While you’re out and about during the carnival, take your pets to see Chomby and the Fungus Balls, performing live at the Tyrannian Concert Hall just for Chomby Day! Chelm Spike, the idol of Tyrannians across the land, will be belting out his new single, “I Feel the Rocks Move.” The 1,250 NP entrance fee may be pricey, but your Chombies will be grooving all night long. Just... stay away from the crazy wigs, though. Definitely stay away from the wigs.

9-Learn to speak Tyrannian.

All Chombies, no matter how educated, have the Tyrannian language in their hearts. The least you could do to show your appreciation is learn how to talk to them in their native tongue. Tyrannian is widely looked down upon by Neopians for its simple vocabulary, but in fact, the language has many subtle nuances not easily noticed by the untrained ear. Learning them will be difficult, but the look on your Chombies’ faces when you casually say, “Ugga ugga kal a-ugga mar” is priceless.

10-Just have fun.

The Chomby Carnival is a day when nothing but Chomby comes first. Therefore, they must enjoy the festivities as much as possible. If you decide to chuck this guide into the nearest trash can (recycle bin, you dolt!), that’s okay too. Anything goes, as long as you and your pets are kicking back and having fun. So what are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!

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