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The Neopian Tour Guide: Mystery Island

by rachxface


After a stressful few months for you and your pets, it surely is time to take a well-deserved break in Neopia.

Have no fear, because this is the Neopian Tour guide! With our knowledge of the vast world of Neopia, we’re here to help you find your perfect vacation location!

Aloha! My name is Rach *points to badge*, and I will be your tour guide for today. Today, I’m here to tell you about Mystery Island, the tropical infusion of sand and luscious jungle situated in the East of Neopia.

Why Mystery Island?

Okay, so the first question is: Why should I take my pets on vacation to Mystery Island this summer?

Well, before even arriving, the Island is situated, (and, I quote), ‘hundreds of miles from just about everywhere’. It is the perfect place to unwind, and there will be no disturbances from noisy passing boats.

You can escape from the hustle and bustle of life in Neopia Central, and as the island does not use modern industrial technology, the air is pollutant free! In fact, the air from the island is so clean and refreshing, some angry Krawks in the past have tried to package it into jars and sell it on the Trading Post! (Obviously, they were soon stopped by an angry Coconut JubJub).

The fact that the Island natives are so proud of Mystery Island means that they respect the land- meaning it is also litter free! The penalty for dropping litter means that hardly anyone dares to try it, and if such a courageous person does, it is immediately picked up by one of the Coconut people. Therefore, there is no danger of encountering a rancid bottle on the beach.

The weather on the Island is (almost) always beautiful! Take today’s forecast for example- ‘Boiling hot, droughts expected. Average temperature today is 41 degrees C (107 degrees F)’. Although droughts would otherwise be a problem with the dry weather- the fact that the Island is surrounded by gallons of water means it is never without for long! The warm weather not only means that your pets have a great excuse to wear some of those summer clothes you spent lots of neopoints on, it also makes it easier to do some great activities.

This brings me on to my fourth reason about why the Island is the perfect holiday spot to visit- because of the wide range of activities available! From a chance at winning the Tombola to an energetic game of Beach volleyball- there is something for everyone. As an added bonus- most activities are completely free! And, if you don’t feel like working your muscles any further, you can relax whilst sunbathing on the vast beach for as long as you need. You can do anything, or simply nothing at all- it’s entirely up to you.

The Island natives will be happy to help you learn some of the native language! The Island is a great place to take your pets to experience another culture- and hopefully, by following in the local’s footsteps, they will show respect for the environment in which they live.

Finally, the Island is a must for those photographers or scenic viewers. With its rare mixture of deep green jungles and soft golden sands- it’s also the perfect spot to encounter some of the rarest creatures in Neopia! Having said this, the amount of photos you are allowed to take is limited, as the locals dislike modern technology.

How to get there & Accommodation:

The only way to get to the Island is by boat.

You can take a boat from any of these places in Neopia: Krawk Island, Neopian Central, Maraqua, Roo Island or Kiko Lake.

Your boat will arrive in the Island’s harbour, and as soon as you get off- you arrive at the beautiful beach!

The only accommodation option on the Island is the traditional huts, situated within the marketplace. The rate is fairly cheap; however, it is not for those who hate missing their luxuries- as all bathing has to be done in the sea! To book, you must speak to the Coconut JubJub who is normally running the information hut at the Island Harbour.

What to do there:

Now that you’ve made up your mind- and would love to visit, you may ask, ‘What fun recreational activities are there for me and my pets to enjoy?'

Well, whatever age, species or colour- your pets will be overwhelmed by the amount of things that there are to do on such a small island!

To start your trip, and to almost mark your arrival on the Island, I recommend beginning your vacation with the famous Tiki-Tack tour! This tour gives you the whole Mystery Isle experience, as you are transported in a traditional vehicle and get to take a look at all of the famous sights! You can take a look at all of the places that you may like to visit, and along with our recommendations- you will have an action plan thought up in no time. Also, you may learn a few words of the native language if you're lucky, and you get to experience another culture. Make sure you’ve brought your purse however, as each tour costs 50 NP per pet. However, it’s definitely worth it, as you get some free goodies at the end!

One of the most-popular stops on the Island is of course, the beach. The first thing that many pets like to do is to slap on the sun block and sunbathe to their hearts’ content! Overlooking the Island Heads and part of the jungle, it is also a great spot for wildlife-spotting. However, if you fancy doing something slightly more entertaining, it is lined with various shops and activities.

To begin with, Mynci Beach volleyball. Although its name suggests that only Myncies can play, this common rumour is entirely false! (Its name comes from the fact that the Myncies took over the beach as their home-playing field, after winning the 2004 championships.) In fact, anyone can play this easy-to-learn sport, and not only is it fun, but it’s also great exercise and helps to keep your pets fit!

Secondly, as somebody with great knowledge once said, ‘The best things in life are free.’ So, why not try a spot of swimming in the refreshing turquoise waters?! This experience is perfect to cool off after a long match of volleyball or after soaking up the sun, and it’s perfect for aquatic Neopets such as Flotsams, Jetsams and Koi! If you like water sports, there is also the option to try surfing.

The most popular spot on the overall Island is probably the Tombola (and doesn’t the Tiki Man like to boast about this statistic!). Here, for completely nothing your pets can put their hand into the box and pick out a ticket- with a chance of winning some great prizes! (or Island Tack, which isn't worth a lot, hence the name.) From Island food to Tiki merchandise to the rarer codestones, there is something here to be taken home as a souvenir of your trip. And, on the odd chance that unfortunately, you may not win anything, you can visit the Tiki Tack Shop to grab your souvenir instead!

If you’re not that into the cheaper freebies offered, you can head on over to the Island market and experience goods of the higher quality. The market will sell anything, and so this is a great benefit if you’re feeling a little homesick- as you can buy some of your favourite Neopia Central foods here instead. Hey, it will be just like being at home- but with nicer weather! Also, if you like to enjoy a good book whilst on holiday, you can buy one from the marketplace that is not in the native language (so it’s something that you can at least understand!).

For avid walkers and hikers- there is only one place to go (other than Terror Mountain), and that is Techo Mountain! Situated in the centre of the Island, you can take a large walk up the mountain (which is in fact, an active volcano) and enjoy a delicious picnic whilst experiencing an unbelievable view.

Did you know: Techo Mountain is one of the 16 wonders of Neopia?

Also, if you have any codestones left- over from the Tombola, you can throw them in the volcano and for some unknown reason, they will be spluttered back out as red codestones! (Taking a red stone home as a souvenir will simply blow your friends’ minds!)

Other famous places are the Island Arena and the training school. You can buy a ticket to watch a fierce (or not so fierce) fight in the Arena, and if your pet enjoys an action-filled holiday, this is must-see spot! The training school offers athletic training for Neopets of all levels- in exchange for codestones. If your Neopet doesn’t mind a little bit of work whilst on holiday, they will certainly be pleased with the reward! Mr Nimmo, who runs the school, also wanted me to say that he has won over 20 awards for his excellent training, and that his service is ‘much better than the inexperienced school on Krawk Island!’ (Ooooh-err!)

Other optional sites to see include the Island Mystic, the Rock Pool and for the more-adventurous among us, the Lost City of Geraptiku!

Don’t forget to send your Neofriends a post card (in the form of a greetings card). It may be helpful to buy a Mystery-Island themed stamp from the Post Office in Neopia Central before you go, as the Island does not sell any.


Food is a wondrous and valuable treasure on the Island- and it is no wonder, as the native food is so delicious! It is thought that the warm sun causes the fruit to ripen slower than in any other place, making them overall juicier and larger!

Native food can be found from various sources, the Tropical food shop, the Cooking pot or by doing a Kitchen Quest. If you fancy a new experience, you can also try fishing for food on the beach- although it is not that reliable, as there are hardly any fish in the waters of Mystery Island.

As stated earlier, you can also visit the Island Market for less-traditional food; however, you must eat these types in your hut, as you don’t want to offend the locals! Who said doughnuts don’t taste good in the sun, anyway?

Packing essentials:

As with all of the ordinary things you may pack whilst going on holiday, there are some essentials that you need if you choose to visit Mystery Island!

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block
  • A camera (you wouldn’t want to miss the moment where you reach the top of Techo Mountain, would you?)
  • A volleyball/beach ball
  • A swimsuit
  • A fan
  • Sandals
  • A bucket and spade

Top tip: My top tip for Mystery Island is to never eat anything containing coconut! (The locals get very offended by this, being named the coconut people after all).

So upon choosing your perfect vacation destination, I hope Mystery Island has done it for you! If not, grab another copy of the Neopian Times and read next time where I will be covering a holiday in the Haunted Woods. After all, this month is the month of Running, and I might be running away screaming from some ghosts!

Until next time, aloha!

(As well as hello, this also means goodbye!)

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