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Top 10 Gifts for the Chia in Your Life

by gloomyparadise


Also by jordyvaughn

With Chia Day here, now is the time to honor the Chia in YOUR life! These bouncy little creatures come in a variety of colors and flavors – oops, I promised my Pea Chia I would stop referring to her as part of a salad topping. But who can really resist that shiny round Apple Chia or the spiky Pineapple Chia? If you would like to make your Chia’s day a fun and exciting celebration, I have the top 10 must have gifts for a variety of Chia personalities.

1. The Chia Chocolatier outfit

It is no surprise that many Chias enjoy the culinary arts – after all, when you’re made of custard, it’s kind of hard to avoid the kitchen! Although not all Chias enjoy baking, this outfit is sure to please even the most food-averse Chia (maybe those with some bad Lupe experiences). The outfit contains four components: the Chia Chocolatier Hat, the Chia Chocolatier Jacket, the Chia Chocolatier spoon (also ready and covered in chocolate!), and finally, the Chia Chocolatier Trousers. Your Chia will be ready to hit the kitchen in your Neohome in style and whip up some cookies or cakes to entertain all your neighbors. If all else fails and your Chia’s culinary creation looks more like a pile of dung than a truffle, never fear! The hat looks like a chocolate dessert and can be used as a decoration. The spoon can be used to swat at aggressive Lupes. Most importantly, the jacket and trousers can be worn as separate pieces and still make your Chia look as classy as ever.

2. A History of Chias

For the studious Chia in your family, this book will be sure to please. It contains information on all of the important Chias in the history of Neopia, such as Nigel, the Chia in charge of the Stock Market, Florg, the mutant Chia who eats petpets, the Chia Clown, the Chia who brings fears into the hearts of many in the Battledome, and many others! Whether your Chia is a financial guru, a sloppy eater, an aggressive trainer in the Mystery Island Training School, or many others in between, this novel will be sure to inspire and motivate even the laziest Chia to get up and make a name for himself in the world of Neopia. If anything, reading this book may just inspire your Chia to become the smartest Chia in Neopia and win a Booktastic Book Award!

3. Milk Chocolate Lupe/Asparagus Chia Treat

Let’s face it – some Chias are downright vengeful! Some Chias are also watching their waistlines. If your Chia falls into the category of both of those, then I have an option for them as well! It is a long-standing fact that Lupes and Chias do not get along. In fact, one might say this animosity has some BITE to it! For those Chias seeking to exact revenge, there is a healthy and unhealthy version to suit their needs. The Milk Chocolate Lupe is a tasty chocolate treat that resembles the Neopet its name is based off of. Anger will melt as soon as your Chia takes that first bite! A personal recommendation – do not engage in said consumption around the presence of a Lupe as they are prone to attack and are threatened by Chias eating one of their own. As I mentioned, for the Chias out there that are on a health food craze, here is an Asparagus Chia Treat! Contrary to its name, it is actually a Lupe-shaped piece of asparagus. Yum!

4. Blue Chia Biscuit Jar

This silly container has many purposes and a cheerful exterior ready to light up any kitchen in style. The top of the Chia’s hair serves as the lid, and the rest of the Chia is the actual container. Contrary to the name, the biscuit jar can store anything. Perhaps your Chia is an avid plushie collector – this jar can house plushies just as well as flaky biscuit goods. Most importantly, your Chia will be able to show off her Chia pride with this delightful smiling Chia in your Neohome’s kitchen.

5. Carrot Chia Costume

Does your Chia yearn to dress up on occasion but you cannot afford a new outfit for every day? The Carrot Chia Costume is a perfect way to shake up any Chia’s wardrobe! Even though it is intended for Halloween, certain Chias like to dress up no matter what time of year it is. If your Chia is unembarrassed to roam the lands of Neopia dressed as a pointy vegetable, then this costume is for you! It is extremely easy to get any Chia into this kind of outfit, except of course, for Chias that are already carrot, of course. On a positive note, other Neopets will fit into this costume as well; please, however, do not attempt to experiment with Skeiths as it will end in tears, frustration, and potentially a partially eaten costume.

6. Chia Pencil Holder

If you have a motivated Chia who is interested in writing for the Neopian Times *cough*, I could not do more than recommend this pencil holder. Although there is a variety of Neopian Times themed items out there that really do help stir up the creative flow of ideas (now would be the time to shamelessly advertise my Neopian Times notebook and quill), this pencil holder is especially designed for Chia usage! Don’t believe me? May I direct you towards the Battledome where species have species-specific garb for the most effective battling? To become well-educated or published is a battle in itself, and if we are traveling along with this analogy, the Chia Pencil Holder is to a Chia as a Kacheek Life Potion is to the Kacheek in the Battledome. Of course, if your Chia is not a writer or an artist for the Neopian Times, never fear! This pencil holder can also double as a biscuit jar for those of you not interested in number 4 on this list. ;)

7. Chia Rock Star outfit

Early on in this article, I mentioned the Chocolatier Outfit for the kitchen-bound Chias. However, not every Chia wants to be relegated to kitchen duties, of course. Some Chias have a need for drums, and I’m not just talking about oddly shaped chicken drumsticks, of course! Some rebellious Chias will be delighted at being able to play the role of the rock star. This outfit includes the Chia Rock Star Bandana, Chia Rock Star Shirt, Chia Rock Star Shoes, and Chia Rock Star Trousers. Your Chia will be ready to hit the Tyrannian Concert Hall and may even be mistaken as a member of Jazzmosis! Although not a requirement of the outfit, it might be beneficial for your Chia to obtain a pet Rock for a truly “a-stone-ishing” experience.

8. Happy Chia Mask

Has your Chia been under the weather lately? Perhaps she keeps coming down with the Sneezles? This mask will cheer up any forlorn Chia! Even if your Chia is not ill or sad, maybe your Chia is a bit of a prankster and likes to scare you. We all need a good scare sometimes, and not just on Halloween! Treat the prankster in your life to delightful peppy mask – and prepare to see it every morning when you first crack your eyes open and are terrified.

9. Plushie Trampoline

Chias are notorious bouncers – at times, they may even rival the Blumaroo except they have no tail. Due to their lack of natural bouncing support, the trampoline is the perfect accessory for any Chia to engage in aerial gymnastics. The trampoline is made soft to ensure that some of the less agile Chias to not fall and hurt themselves (safety first!) but even the most experienced tumblers will appreciate the soft surface of the plushie trampoline. One great example of a bouncing Chia is Thyassa of Gormball fame. He leaps and ducks to avoid the Gormball exploding all over and is well-known as a champion in the Gormball community. Many young Chias can use this trampoline in their aspirations to become just like Thyassa! In addition, this can be an entire family activity, or Chias can invite their friends from the neighborhood for some friendly competition.

10. Blue Sandcastle Kit

Last, but certainly not least, is the Blue Sandcastle Kit! Chias are known to love their time on the beach. Many Chias will be seen lounging around Mystery Island, playing in the water or with the sand. The most advanced sandcastle builder must have this kit with him on Mystery Island in order to show off his sandcastle building skills, of course! However, at the end of the day, going to the beach is all in good fun, so your Chia will definitely enjoy having the time off from completing jobs and training for the Battledome and having a nice relaxing architectural build.

That completes my list of gifts for your Chia. However, I will also include a short list of definite no-no gifts for Chia Day, since many people often have the wrong idea of how far to take a gift as a joke.

Under no condition should you get your Chia the following gifts:

1. Annoying Chias - This should be self-explanatory and common sense. What kind of Chia would like to read about ways to make himself mad? He will, undoubtedly, become mad and then wreak havoc. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I want to come home to an angry Chia and my Neohome in bits.

2. Anti-Chia Cake - This is quite similar to the novel – no negativity allowed on Chia Day, of course! If anything, this should be given to a Lupe.

3. Blue Lupe Chia Plushie - This item is purely frightening! It is a Blue Lupe inside of a Chia costume. This brings back too many thoughts of Lupes and their enjoyment of consuming Chia-shaped treats and may cause panic in your favorite Chia. Chia Day is about enjoyment, not mayhem!

This concludes my tips to making your Chia’s day of celebration super fun. No matter what you decide to give your Chia, make sure he or she knows how much you appreciate his or her presence in your life. After all, the most important gift of all is kindness and caring.

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