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The Usuki Singing Stars #4: The Disco Dunces

by downrightdude


“That disco ball is totally groovy!” Sparkles said in a cool tone. The pink Bruce was admiring the rainbow ball that was now hung from the ceiling. Sparkles and the other girls were helping out with decorating the neoschool gym. Tomorrow was Disco Day, and everyone was excited about a disco dance that going to be held in the gym tomorrow afternoon!

     Lola was strutting up to Sparkles. “How do you like these?” The yellow Cybunny was pointing to her new disco Aisha glasses. The glass lenses were star shaped, and Lola was pleased with them.

     Sparkles clapped her hands and said, “Those are perfect for Disco Day! Look what I bought yesterday.” She pointed to the disco Aisha shoes she was wearing on her feet. The shoes were platformed, so Sparkles had a hard time walking around in them. But they went with her disco Aisha hat!

     Patricia was finished with the balloons and was now climbing down her ladder to meet with her friends. “This dance is going to be fantastic!” the faerie Shoyru declared. She was especially pleased with the disco Aisha chain she bought for tomorrow. Scary slid down her ladder. The purple Bruce approached Sparkles and looked at her shoes.

     “Are you sure you can walk in those?” Scary asked. Sparkles nodded as she took a few steps back. Scary just scoffed. She was also the only one without any disco Aisha amour.

     “Hello losers,” a brown Aisha said as she entered the gym. The girls shivered. It was Aubri: who was also, surprisingly enough, a member of the decorating committee. But as usual, she would never show up until the very end.

     Aubri looked at the decorations and scoffed. She said proudly, “I know I’m going to be the best dressed pet tomorrow. After all, I do have a pair of disco dancing shoes.”

     Sparkles just laughed. “Beat these,” she snarled as she pointed to her platform shoes.

     Aubri just laughed and said, “Well, at least I can dance. And because you losers can’t, you might as well just stay home tomorrow.”

     “We can dance!” Patricia declared. Everyone but Lola nodded their heads in agreement. “In fact,” Patricia continued, “I challenge you to a disco dance-off! Winner takes all.”

     “Okay, whoa. Don’t go too far,” Aubri said. “But as for the dance off: me, Sophie and Kira vs. you and the Bruces. See you on the dance floor, losers.”

     Patricia waved slightly as Aubri left the gym. But then a thought came to her mind. She didn’t know how to dance! Not even ballroom dancing or square dancing. And she definitely didn’t know how to do the disco!


     “I’m tired,” Sparkles moaned. “I don’t want to dance anymore!”

     Patricia sighed. The girls were in Patricia’s bedroom. Scary tried to run a routine with her friends, but Patricia and Sparkles were very hard to work with. They couldn’t dance as fast as Scary. They also complained about the Chomby and the Fungus Balls song Scary wanted to use for their routine.

     “I can’t believe I got us into this,” Patricia cried.

     “You can blame Lola later, but right now we need to work on our routine!” Scary convinced Patricia, Patricia sighed and nodded. Scary was thrilled and ordered her friends to take their positions. Because they were standing in a triangle, the group decided that Scary would dance in the front while they danced as background dancers.

     The moves weren’t easy to figure out. Most of the moves were from a Chomby and the Fungus Balls concert Scary saw a week ago. Whenever Scary would turn around, Patricia and Sparkles would have to turn around as well. The girls felt that the routine was probably being focused more on Scary.

     After fifteen minutes of intense disco dancing, Scary decided that they were ready to face Aubri tomorrow. But Sparkles and Patricia were still a bit unsure. Were they really ready?

     “Just don’t do anything stupid from now until the dance off,” Scary warned everybody. “Tomorrow is the dance off of our lives! Don’t injure yourself. And because this was your idea, Pat, you have to really step things up!”

     “Okay,” Patricia huffed. She wanted to take a nap, but she tried to pay attention to what Scary was saying. When her friends left her room, Patricia collapsed upon her bed. Now she regretted her decision to challenge Aubri once and for all.


     Disco Day was a bang at neoschool! Everyone, even the disco painted pets, was wearing funky lasses, wigs and medallions. Lola was still wearing her disco Aisha glasses. She was also going to be the judge for the dance-off. Patricia waited nervously for Scary and Sparkles to arrive. When they arrived, she sighed with relief.

     “This is for you, Pat,” Sparkles said as she handed a disco Aisha hat to Patricia. She was still wearing her disco Aisha shoes from earlier today. Scary was wearing a pair of disco Aisha glasses.

     “Let’s get ready to disco!” Lola announced. “First up are Aubri and her disco dancers!” Patricia sighed as Aubri, Sophie, and some green Shoyru she didn’t recognize, made their way to the centre of the gym. Patricia knew that the Shoyru was there as a replacement, since Kira got sick at the last minute. With a snap of her fingers, Aubri and her background dancers began their routine. Everyone gasped as Aubri glided on the floor with her back-up crew. Sparkles and Patricia were holding hands as Sophie picked up Aubri and twirled around. The speckled Draik looked as if Aubri was as light as a feather! When they finished, the whole gym was roaring with applause and cries for an encore.

     “Good luck, losers,” Aubri mumbled as she walked by Patricia. Patricia groaned and bit her tongue to hide the insults she so wanted to scream back.

     “And now for the next group: Patricia, Sparkles and Scary!” Lola announced as the girls made their way to the center.

     “Stupid Lola,” Scary snarled. “Always having to call my name last. At least I’m not a ninny.”

     “Relax, Scary. Just focus on the dancing, and then you can scream,” Sparkles said in a semi-calm tone. She was so busy trying to walk in her bulky shoes that her voice sounded a bit shaky.

     When the music began, Scary and Patricia immediately turned around. But Sparkles couldn’t! Whenever she tried to move, her feet wouldn’t move when she wanted them to. When she tried to spin, she accidently tripped over her left foot and fell on Patricia!

     “Sorry,” Sparkles sighed. “I’m having a hard time dancing.” But even with Patricia’s help, Sparkles couldn’t get herself up. Scary was too busy in her own Neopian world to even care.

     “Ouch!” Patricia cried. “Scary, you smacked me! Can’t you see with your glasses?”

     “Of course not,” Scary admitted. “But I’m starting to feel a bit dizzy.” And without a warning, Scary collapsed right in front of Patricia.

     Patricia groaned. “Scary, take off your glasses,” she exclaimed. “And Sparkles, take off your shoes! We can still win this thing if-”

     “And we’re out of time,” Lola announced. “I hope everyone enjoyed this little dance-off today. We will announce the winners in a few moments.”

     As the audience laughed at them, Scary and Sparkles got up, surprised that they had a time limit. Patricia was surprised and humiliated as she looked at Aubri’s smirked expression. She and Sophie were pleased that Patricia failed.

     “And the winners are... Aubri and her group!” Lola cheered. Everyone clapped and hollers as Aubri and her group strutted towards Lola’s judging table.

     “So, where’s the trophy?” Aubri demanded.

     Lola shook her head. “You didn’t say there were going to be prizes,” she said. “But at least you have your pride and good dance moves!”

     “Oh, who cares about those stupid things?” Aubri growled. She then snapped her fingers and said, “Sophie, we’re leaving! There is no way I’m going to stay here with a bunch of losers. I’m going home right now and finish my neo-magazine.” Sophie nodded and followed Aubri out of the gym.

     Everyone stared for a moment, but then the disco music began to play and soon everybody began dancing. Lola hopped from her table and ran towards her friends.

     “You guys must be so proud!” she exclaimed. “Your dancing was superb! Now come on, the music’s playing and dancing under the disco ball is really groovy!”

     “I’m not staying,” Scary declared. Everybody gasped and Scary said, “I knew this dance-off was going to be rigged. Did you really want Aubri to win, Lola? I’m going home to forget this nightmare. And take these stupid glasses back, Sparkles!” She then handed the glasses back to Sparkles and stormed out of the gym.

     “Come on, let’s dance!” Lola exclaimed.

     “Wait a minute,” Sparkles said as she took off her disco Aisha shoes. After placing them under a bleacher for safe keeping, she followed Patricia and Lola to the center of the gym, where they disco danced the night away.

The End

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