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Zapping For Good

by chestnuttiger787


So you got your Secret Laboratory Map! Maybe you already have a pet, adopted from the pound or created from the create-a-pet page, that you are going to use as your "labrat." That's all good and fine, but after that pet gets zapped a beautiful color you love and want to keep, you should look into doing a rescue project instead of getting another labrat. Are you getting this now? This is a little project I like to call the ZFG program, or the Zapping For Good program, because there are so very many pets out there that have such bad names, such unwanted colors, that they will sit bored and lonely in the pound for so long they can't remember the last time they got out. So those of you who are saving for the lab map, listen up and don't fill up all your pet slots. Those of you who have the lab map, listen up and prepare for action. Here's how you can use your laboratory access to help out those poor, starving pets in the pound, more than just one poor starving pet, in six easy steps!

1. Have an empty space for a pet on the account you have your map on.

You can give one of your pets to a side account if you already have four, and if you don't have four, then yippee!

2. Go to the pound.

Browse the cages for the most unwanted pet with the worst name and the most unwanted species and color combo. Maybe you should go for a female Skeith or Grarrl, or maybe a male Usul or Uni. Make sure they are the kind of pets nobody will adopt. They have to have a bad name and a plain color, and possibly be one of those female Skeith or male Uni kind of combos that not many people want. Then adopt that poor, unwanted pet. Tell the pet that you're adopting them for a short while only, and that when they return to the pound, they will be a lovely new color and they will be adopted by a new owner. Explain that you are going to help as many pets in the pound as possible.

3. Make them comfortable.

The pet may be in your home for a long time. First off, feed them up until they are no longer starving. Then give them a bath and brush their fur. If they are sick, take them to the Healing Springs every half hour and try to get them cured. (The cures that you buy in the shops these days are so very expensive!) Show them their room, and make sure it is a comfortable room that will suit any species or gender. Bring out some of your other pets' toys, and introduce them to your other pets. Maybe even give the poor dears an inexpensive petpet to keep forever. I would take them on a tour of Neopia (it's not that expensive) and buy them a trinket from each place to keep when they are in the pound and remember all the great things they saw. No matter where they go or what happens to them, they will remember you.

4. The Lab

After taking them through Neopia and giving them a night to rest, do the real thing that will make them be adopted. Go to the Secret Laboratory. Hold their hand if they like while they get zapped. It is likely that it will take much more than just one zap until they change into the perfect color or species. If the pet's gender changes, or they change into an even more unwanted color or species, console them and remind them that no matter how long it takes, they will soon be a beautiful color. Also remind them that even if they don't get adopted from the pound, if they don't get adopted within a few weeks you will personally adopt them and either keep them or find them a great home with another user.

5. Remembering the pet always.

When you first get the pet, have a picture taken of them with you and your neopet(s). Print the picture in three ways: one big, framed picture to go on your wall (make a wall of all the pets you rescue), one smaller, but still framed picture to go with the pet, and one small picture to put in your wallet. Then take the same picture after they are zapped a different color and print it those three ways again. Before the pet goes to the pound, write down their name in sharpie on the frames of the pictures on your wall, and write before and after underneath the frames. (You can tape pieces of paper on the walls under the frames saying before and after if you don't want to write with sharpie on your neohome walls.) Write down their name on another piece of paper above the picture wall on a list of the rescued pets. Then write down your username and your pet's names on a piece of paper and pack it up for the pet. Search their name in the search bar after they are in the pound as often as possible, and when they are with a new owner, check out their new conditions. Write them down on the rescued pet's piece of paper above the picture collection. Always remember every pet you save.

6. Pound Preparation

Pack up the things the pet will need in the pound. Put their petpet in a petpet carrying cage. Pack some things up in a duffle bag for them. Here is a simple list of things you should pack.

A few slices of omelette

A few apples

A water bottle

An Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack

A petpet collar and leash

A plushie and a toy

A book or two

You may also want to donate some things to the pound when you drop them off. Remember to pack the picture and the paper with you and your pets' names. Then take all your pets with you and take the pet to the pound. Explain what you did to the pink Uni and Dr. Death, and then drop the pet off along with your donation of neopoints and/or items for the pound. After you've looked the pet up, found that they have a new home, and written down their new conditions, adopt another sad, lonely, unwanted pet from the pound and start the cycle over again.

Please Note: If the pet is not adopted from the pound within the next few weeks, go and adopt them again yourself as soon as possible, make them comfortable, and take them to the lab again to zap them a more wanted color.

Well, that's all the steps for helping all of Neopia using the ZFG program! I'm currently trying to purchase the lab map so I can use this program that I invented. I hope you are all inspired to try out the program.

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