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Improving Your 2p Battling Skills

by el_stoicador


Through my time battling and helping others I have learned a lot. Through this guide I hope that others can take my advice to become a better 2-player battler. 2p battling is player versus player not you versus a challenger from the 1p list. In 2p the two things that I think make a battler good are their set and strategy. I can't help you get a good set and to become strategical in 2p battles you will need to learn from experience. From starting off with a cheap set to having a very expensive set, I have considered my self to be a good strategist, so I have compiled a list of things that I have done that I feel made me a good battler and maybe you can use to improve at battling.

Battle A Lot and Challenge Yourself

Battle whenever you are online. The best way to get better is constantly practicing. Challenge yourself by battling people stronger than you. I have challenged pets much stronger that I could not beat but the challenge of battling them is good for you. Battle the guy that always beats you; even though you may lose, you will learn from your mistakes.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even if you are sure you got the best possible set, it is good to get advice from other people. Also ask the people that beat you for advice; most people are nice and are happy to give you tips. Don't ask the same person for advice every time; talk to a lot of people and generate different ideas.

Give Help When You Can

Help the newbies if you can give them a good answer. Not only is it nice but it makes you think about battling. Most battlers do 1p battling because they have not been introduced to 2p so helping them will lead to more battlers for everyone to battle.

Join a Battledome Guild

Join a Battledome guild that you enjoy being in. Look for a guild that is active and friendly. Don't choose the guild with the highest requirements and considered the best just for that reason. You may have to go to several guilds to find the one that is right for you. Guild mates can give you good Battledome advice and most guilds do Battledome activities.

Learn to Battle with a Cheap Set

I believe that people who start out with a low budget and work their way up to having a good set are better than battlers that always have had a rich set. My reason for saying this is because the biggest challenge is battling people richer than you are. I started out much poorer than most people and it was obviously much more challenging than battling now with a really nice set.

Change Your Set Often

After having the same set for a long time you should change it up a bit. So you will have to rethink and you will come up with new ideas. I would say at least once every three months you should make some sort of change in your set.

Don't be predictable

The best Battledomers will quickly see your habits. Have a lot of ideas before the battle and do something that they won't see coming. For example if you are doing the same move on the first turn of the battle they will notice and take advantage of that.

Make NP

Restock or snipe or do something that can make you neopoints. To become a really competitive battler in addition to being smart you will need a decent set. Gshield, Ftab, Gbomb, an effective healer, and at least one constant on the HT level is what you need to be one of the best in your league for most leagues. Once you have that, start improving you constants until you have 2 or 3 HT level constants. Then start getting back up weapons and eventually something really nice.

Have Back Up Weapons

You will eventually find that your set is completely getting destroy by someone else's set. You will need back up weapons, even if they aren't great you can have some 13 and 14 icon constants and some cheap 50% reflectors which I think are very under rated. If you can get stuff like Jhudoras Potion, Bent Fork, Pirate Captains Hat, different constants, etc. Changing your set around from battle to battle will give you a good advantage because your opponent won't know what to expect.

Know How Much Damage You Can Take and Deal Out

In a spreadsheet or word document, have how much damage you can take from common moves. For example, know how much damage Ghostkerbomb+Sword of Skardsen+berserk will do to you; also know how much it would do to you if you use Faerie Tabard. Knowing how much damage you can do is important. For example, if your opponent has 200HP, you need to know how much damage you can do on a freeze turn so you can get them down to that amount before freezing. Make sure you include resistance and stance, and learn how to do the correct math. Be familiar with these so you won't have to look during the battle.

Don't Over Think

If you are spending a few minutes every turn thinking, you are probably over thinking, which leads to mistakes. Often your first choice is your best.

Predict What Your Opponent Will Do

You need to make good guess what your opponent will do. Be observant and try to find patterns. It's so annoying to your opponent when you predict their moves. Also predict what your opponent will think you will do, but don't do this too much or too long because you will start over thinking. You take control of the battle, not them.

Stay Calm

Battling is supposed to be fun, so don't get frustrated about a loss; think positive and try to think what you can do better instead of getting mad. Being frustrated while battling can really mess you up. You won't make good decisions if you are not having fun. Remember what I said earlier; if you are losing a lot, then ask your opponent for advice. Often they will be very nice and want to help. If you are battling someone and continually winning, give them some tips.

Remember, battling is for fun. As you get better and better, you will probably have more fun because it will something you are good at. Also, remember to be nice to other battlers; say good battle or thanks for the battles after battling them. I hope this guide helped you and if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to send me a mail.

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