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Jhudora: Always So Dark?

by _akira_10


Before I begin this article, I would like to state something. Though oftentimes we don't understand such mysteries about certain Neopians or Faeries, do not be troubled. This is just a part of life. Without mysteries, our lives would be boring. Not to mention we would all be fat. We would be sitting around eating food, with no adventure or excitement in our lives. Also, do not be discouraged that there are no mysteries in your life. Mysteries do not always appear on your front door. You must go out into the world and discover them for yourself. Now, to begin.

Everyone knows that the Dark Faerie, Jhudora, is not always the best person to go to for advice. She’s temperamental and bossy. She rewards your faithful questing with poisonous candies and does not always fulfill her promises of great and dark power. Yet her own power is enough to keep all her little loyal questers faithful to her. The question that I have been mulling over for quite some time is this: Was Jhudora always evil?

No one exactly knows for sure. There are several theories. I however, delved deep into her past, and, through several private interviews with Neopians and Faeries whose names I will not mention, I learned some of her darkest secrets.

Jhudora herself even revealed some to me. After I promised her a special item.

From piecing together everyone’s very different stories, I came up with something that I’m quite proud of, and it is probably the most accurate of all the stories. Jhudora was once a very loving faerie. She had great power and was a most dedicated student at the Academy. She was very kind and patient with all Neopians. I learned that Illusen went to the Academy at the same time Jhudora did.

“She was always tutoring other Faeries and helping them with all their little problems. She was so brilliant and kind. Everyone followed her around. Yet she never let the popularity get to her head,” Illusen states.

Jhudora, after much prompting and bribing, groveling and begging, also spoke a bit about her childhood. “It was all fine and perfect. I was loved by everyone. I was really smart and did really well. Then that stupid–” Jhudora growled in anger and retreated back to her cave.

I wondered about Jhudora’s sudden change in mood. Puzzled, I travelled to the Academy to find out some answers. Unfortunately, unless you attend there or are an alumnus, you are not allowed in there. So I stood outside, waiting for some huge revelation to come to me. Then, I had it!

I raced to the Town Hall. It has the records of everyone in Neopia and their life stories. I flipped through page after page after page of folders. Finally, I found it.

Name: Jhudora. Age: Unknown. Status: Dark Faerie. I opened the folder carefully, as though it would break in my hands. I sat down slowly in a chair and began to read.

Not much is known about the Dark Faerie Jhudora. She was a bright student and did very well at the Academy. One day, however, a hooded figure was seen outside the gate, beckoning Jhudora to them. She was wary and ignored the figure for several hours. Late that night, Jhudora was seen creeping out of the dormitories and heading towards the Academy gate. The hooded figure was waiting for her there. The figure chanted something, then there was a bright flash of green light. The figure had vanished, taking Jhudora with them.

A year later, Jhudora returned. She was not the loving, kind student that she had been before. She was replaced by an angry and troubled Faerie. She possessed powers that no one could have even imagined possible. After she had frightened everyone at the Academy, the school board asked to her to leave. Not knowing where to go, Jhudora went to her quiet and private older sister, Kaleon. Kaleon went to Fyora and requested that Jhudora be given a small cloud near Faerieland. Fyora, being a kind and generous faerie, granted this request. Jhudora was given a small purple cloud on the north-western side of Faerieland. She still lives there today, using willing Neopians to bring her items of power.

At the end of the folder, something small was added.

After recent events, such as Faerieland falling from the sky and making its home not to far from the Haunted Woods, Jhudora was given a small clearing in which to make her home while Faerieland is recovering.

This was interesting. When I went to politely confront Jhudora once again, she grew angry and threw things at me. I retreated away from her cave. I suppose we will not know why Jhudora became so angry and closed off. Nor why she possesses such powerful forces. The question that I puzzled about is now answered. Jhudora was not always evil. She was once beloved by everyone. Perhaps she will be like that again one day. Perhaps Neopia is in for a big surprise.

There was something that puzzled me, though, and I could not stop thinking about it: Who was the hooded figure? And why did Jhudora become angry when she began speaking about them? I began a theory. Do not take my word for it, because it's just a hunch. But perhaps, even though Jhudora went to the hooded figure willingly, she did not anticipate the power she would eventually possess. Perhaps she did not want to be troubled. Maybe the figure forced it upon her. Until Jhudora gives more answers, we will probably never know.

However, if any dedicated and faithful Neopians are reading this, maybe you can help me. If you find anything helpful and/or answer any of my questions, please send a message to me. And, if you perhaps want to go to Jhudora for answers, I hope you will have better luck than me, and that you will not get fried.

I would like to thank Illusen and others for their willingness to answer some of my questions. I would also like to bring recognition to the Town Hall archives, from which I received helpful information. I would also like to thank Jhudora for her small, but important input. Perhaps we will find out the mystery before the hooded figure strikes again.

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