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Habitarium - Level 50 Starting to Bug You?

by dawwetje


Also written by penury

Reached Level 50 in your Habitarium? So what now?

If you are reading this, then you have probably reached level 50 in Prof. Milton Clodbottle's Astounding Habitarium (beta version), or as they say, you have maxed out. There is no need to tell you about how to play Habitarium, what P3s are and what they are capable of; you have made it this far so you are no doubt well versed in the mysterious ways of the game. You already know all of your basics, being the Habitarium master that you are (you sly, handsome, Habitarium master you). If you have not reached level 50, well, you'll get there eventually - this guide still be potentially useful to you, read on to find some tips and tricks you may not have known about petpetpet Habitarium, beta and beyond!

Didn't you just love the neopoints that were added to your account while leveling up? Well, since you have reached level 50 (the max level for the time-being) that source of income has gone. How sad... Now, the game still has a status bar at the top that you need to fill, and for every full bar a purple gem will appear (valued at 200 neopoints). That's not a lot, you say. Well, yes and no, 200 neopoints doesn't buy you all that much these days (especially that Draik you've always wanted); luckily your "MAX LEVEL" bar will fill up far faster than it did as an experience bar. You will be able to get that purple gem easily, and often. Those 200 neopoints will add up over time, all you really need basically is a solid strategy to help them along.

How to get that bar full? Harvesting, hatching and discarding eggs, constructing and fixing buildings, dying P3s, and pest invasions, all of these will all give you XP (as I'm sure that by now you know). But first, your Habitarium needs to be properly set up. I'm sure you all have your storages, houses, nests, etc. neatly built-in, to keep pests from damaging your buildings and your workers from running all over the place. If you haven't already, then do so, it makes the game quite a bit more manageable. If you have just reached level 50, then you should aim for upgrading everything you own. At the current game setup, don't bother building a barracks; it isn't different from a house or a hospital and the latter does the job faster too. It is even arguable if you even need the hospital, since level 2 houses are pretty fast in healing, feeding and awakening your P3s. Anyway, you basically need a few storages, nests, and a couple of houses to hold all of your P3s. Please don't buy food to feed your P3s; seriously you really don't need it – your houses will do just fine.

The strategy basically entails that you keep doing what you were already doing - some strategy eh? Well, all right, the Habitarium is a relatively new feature; you decided to try it out, and as it turns out you thoroughly enjoyed it - so much so that even though you have reached the maximum level currently available and excitement has grinded to a halt, you are still ready and willing to keep playing. One day TNT will update the current Habitarium; this will introduce higher levels and with any luck, more P3 features and fun! Until then, all one can do is prepare for what is to come in the hopes of staying ahead of the curve.

Looking at the current trend of Habitarium game-play, resources are, and will probably continue to be essential. Therefore one of your current tasks should be to increase the number of resource storage buildings you have while filling them up concurrently. Currently resources are your bread and butter; they are essential for buying and upgrading buildings (more storage to stockpile resources for the future, houses to recover, and nests to accumulate eggs), supplies, as well as ink and decorations (just for fun items). When new shiny items and upgrades are introduced you will be incredibly grateful that you have saved up to quickly purchase them and stay ahead. Harvesting and collecting resources can go on forever and ever. However, at some point in time your storages will be full and there is really no space anymore for storages; what to do now? Buy extra buildings you don't build (but may need when expansions are again available), buy decorations, buy ink, and buy food if you feel like. What, you said not to buy food to feed the P3s? No, not to keep them well-fed, but since your storages are reaching their maximum capacity, you need to spend those resources one way or the other in order to continue harvesting. So, on the one hand you want to save up resources to buy stuff in the future when the game has expanded, but on the other hand, you want to keep on harvesting, because that is the most effective way to get purple gems now. Due to houses, food is currently a commodity; if you don't wish to stockpile food, then upgrading P3s will expend the same three resources (water, grass, and pollen). On the one hand, food may one day become worthwhile to own and you will have been glad that you have some saved up, on the other hand upgrading your P3s will allow them to perform their tasks faster. However, this upgrade is not yet practical enough to perform, unless your harvesting is at a standstill. It will be up to you to decide how your resources are best "wasted". Keep in mind: your main objective is to be able to keep on harvesting!

Before level 50 collecting resources provided consistent experience points and will continue to be as you remain at level 50 collecting the 200 neopoint purple gems. As you gather resources, experience is directly added to your status bar - this is also the case as workers and soldiers construct and repair structures, and as other tasks are performed though the experience that is added is at a lesser degree.

However, there are three known methods in the Habitarium that provide a large portion of experience, but the experience can be stored for later use (perhaps for when more levels become available). As you probably already know, nesters are able to both gather resources and create eggs; it is optimal to put a few nesters aside at all times to produce these eggs (even if you feel you are getting more eggs than you need). Message here is to keep on nesting. Your P3s will eventually expire and will need to be replaced, but these eggs can also be used to generate a pure 200 experience points. The great things about these eggs is that they can be placed in storage so that they don't clutter up your Habitarium.

The other two forms of stored experience do not allow such a commodity; they come in the form of red and white gems. Red gems result from pest invasions. They appear at the site of a defeated enemy and when collected are worth a pure 30 experience points. Place some food, because this attracts the pests. And since they go for the food, they will leave your buildings alone. As you see, pests are your friends in this stage of the game. Do make sure you have some soldiers fighting them, of course. White gems are worth 150 experience points and appear in place of one of your P3s once its life cycle has concluded. Though these gems cannot be stored, they will remain scattered in your Habitarium for an indefinite period of time. Luckily they don't get in anything or anyone's way; they will wait there until you see fit to collect the experience points (save up enough to get ahead of the game once new levels are introduced or trade them in now for purple gems).

Who knows what's next for the world of the Habitarium? One can only imagine what new features could be added as soon as tomorrow. Perhaps an avatar, trophy, or site event will someday be associated with this new feature. Either way we have an excellent addition to Neopets on our hands here with plenty of potential to grow. When it does once again get off the ground, hopefully after reading this guide, you will be ready to face anything new Prof. Milton Clodbottle throws at you.

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