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The Super Smart Snot Splatter Strategy

by bartdrunkeys


THE GAMES ROOM – After the release of Barf Boat, the Neopets game designers decided that it was time for another nasty game: Snot Splatter! While Barf Boat was more of an action game, Snot Splatter is a puzzle/strategy game. Since Meuka likes to put other Neopets passing the Haunted Woods in a sticky situation, you had better play this game to end his tyranny. How do you get started you ask? You have come to the right place! ;)

Basic Instructions

To play, click on a green blob (snot, EWWW) to make it grow. When the snot blob gets large enough it will explode, sending snot blobs in all four directions (up, down, right and left). Sometimes the snot drops will cause other snot blobs to explode, starting a chain reaction. Your goal is to clear the web of all snot blobs without running out of snot drops.

Specials and bonuses will be awarded for chain reaction explosions and other good gameplay. The buttons on the left side of the screen allow you to use your bonuses once you've earned them.

The bonuses:

- 3x3 block: This block will clear the snot in a box shape. (5-9 chain reactions)

- The vertical arrow will clear all the snot in one column. (10-19 chain reactions)

- The horizontal arrow will clear all the snot in one row. (10-19 chain reactions)

- 2 snot drop: When this bonus is dropped on a snot blob, it will act like 2 snot drops. (40+ chain reactions)

- 2x multiplier: This multiplier will double the points for all the snot blobs cleared (20-29 chain reactions)

- Whirlpool: This bonus will provide 2 portals to drop on the grid for snot shots to travel through. (30-39 chain reactions)

Listed after each bonus are the number of chain reactions required to obtain said bonus.

Points Breakdown

You get points for every snot bubble you pop. For chain reactions you get 1 point more for every snot blob you pop after. For example: you made a chain reaction of 5 snot bubbles. Your points in this case would be: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15 points. Looking at this example, you can see why it's so important to get as many chain reactions as possible.

The Smart Snot Splatter Strategy

Now onto the strategy for this game; there are two bonuses that are most important: the 2x multiplier and the 2x drop one. They are the ones that get you big points and the 2x drop comes in handy especially for levels 4 and beyond.

Level 1 is the key to get the most points in this game and needs a bit of planning/luck. Looking at the points list, you need 20-29 chain reactions to get a 2x multiplier bonus. In level 1 you have 49 pieces of snot bubbles to clear (if you don't place any new ones, that is). Which means you can get two 2x multipliers if you execute two 20-29 chain reactions. If you manage to do this on level 1, the basics for a high score are built. You may need to restart a lot, but in the end it will be well worth it.

Level Walkthrough

Snot Splatter has 20 levels. Short instructions and strategies are given for each level or level range; keep in mind these instructions are for strategy alone, and it will take a lot of practice on your part for smart placement in the game. I can't tell you all my secrets, now can I?

Level 1 – strategy level

Reading the strategy above, you should know what to do in this level. You have 10 snot drops at the start, so use them wisely. You should have the two 2x multipliers at the end of this level.

Level 2 – big point level 1

First, add a few snot blobs to get a higher chain reaction. Build a few ready-to-explode snots in the middle, and use the 2x multiplier when you have 1 snot left to place. You'll most likely complete the level that way with around 7,000-8,000 points. How many snot blobs you have at the start of the level depends on how well you did in the previous round. This goes for all levels.

Level 3 – big point level 2

Just like level 2, build a few new snot blobs to make a bigger chain reaction for more points and make sure you build a good starting reaction. When you have one snot blob left to place, use your second 2x multiplier (make sure you don't use the 2 drop bonus, which you just got in level 2 for making a 40+ chain). If you did it all right, you should have around 20,000 points now, just by playing the first three levels!

Level 4-5

Now it's time to use the 2 drop bonuses. After each level, you will regain the bonus if you clear the level in one shot (which is usually the case in these levels). You can take some risk and put a few new snot blobs on the grid and try to gain a higher score with the chain reaction. Also keep in mind that if you put a new snot blob somewhere it only needs three shots to pop with 2x drop. I like to put one snot blob on one of the new snot blobs I created, since they only need two snot blobs to clear. Planning and strategy is everything. After level 5 you should have a score of 26,000 – 27,000.

Level 6

This level is divided into two compartments. I don't use a 2x drop here, because it seems like you are wasting them (since you aren't getting one in return for using them on one compartment). Just clear each compartment with one shot and be happy with the extra 300 points in this level.

Level 7 -10

These levels have the same principles as level 4 & 5, just that there are more obstacles in each level. But with the 2 drop bonus you should be able to clear them all with one shot which can results in a 33,000+ at the end of level 10.

Level 11

Level 11 is somewhat more difficult than the previous levels. You've got two compartments here, but you can link them to each other using the wall in the right lower corner. Make sure you do this and clearing the level shouldn't be that hard.

Level 12-15

These levels are a bit harder; you might need more shots to complete these levels. Just make sure you get at least one 40+ chain for the 2x drop bonus. In most occasions it is possible to complete the levels with one 2 drop powerup, though.

Level 16

Level 16 is divided into four parts with a big block in the middle. This level needs good planning and be certain you activate a good combination of combos in each of the four parts of the level. You should have more than 40,000 points at this point.

Level 17

This level has a center that's hard to reach with the snot shots, so make sure you take care of that when you anticipate the chain reaction. This level also has some other hard to reach snot spots, so you may have to use more than one snot drop.

Level 18-20

These levels are very complicated. Level 19 you can't even finish with a 40+ chain reaction without the use of whirlpools. Levels 18-20 are for the real experts and you might not even complete them. If you have some other bonuses, make sure you try to use them. But you've already got a very nice score, which is what you were aiming for, right?

I really hope you will all manage to end Meuka's tyranny, but with the Super Smart Snot Splatter Strategy, that shouldn't be a problem. What are you waiting for?

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