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Save the Economy!

by the_creator12345


Many years ago, you could often get a fancy paint brush for a mere 100,000 neopoints! And that was because there were fewer players, fewer games they could play, and therefore, fewer neopoints in the Neopian economy. Back then, earning 100,000 neopoints was a large feat for most players; these days, there are dozens of “100k per day” guides, which if followed correctly, often do result in you earning 100,000 every day! And that is exactly why some paint brushes these days cost 11 million! That’s because, compared to the amount of neopoints that players earn from games every day, the amount of paint brushes doesn’t change much, because they are a rare find, and because they are eventually used. And since people, on average, have more neopoints these days, they are willing to spend more neopoints on the paint brushes. And the people who sell them obviously don’t mind, and they increase the asking price for the paint brushes. This is where the Neopian inflation comes from. But there are a number of things that you can do, to, even if by a tiny fraction, reduce the inflation, or, if enough people join in, perhaps even slow it down to a halt! The process is simple. All you need to do is destroy neopoints! And this is a list of 10 fun ways you can do it!

1. Restock!

Yes, Neopian shops are one of the ways you can get rid of neopoints! In fact, it is also one of the most rewarding ways! The neopoints don’t just disappear, but you also get an item in return! So the next time you visit a Neopian shop with lots of junk items, do Neopia a favor, and buy a couple of them, thereby destroying a couple hundreds of neopoints!

2. Try to get the Wishing Well avatar!

The Wishing Well avatar is currently the only avatar that nobody has. It is thought by many to be the next Bonju avatar. So if you ever stop by the Wishing Well, drop some neopoints into it, and try out a theory you might have about getting the avatar. Not only will you be getting rid of neopoints, but you just might become the sole owner of the Wishing Well avatar!

3. Try to get more avatars!

Besides the Wishing Well avatar, there are many more avatars that require you to destroy neopoints in order to get them. These avatars include the Lever of Doom avatar, which is randomly awarded when you pull the Lever of Doom, the Bon Appétit avatar, which you get if you manage to take some food from the famous Kelp restaurant home, or even the Fyora – Faerie Queen avatar, which requires you to buy something from the Hidden Tower... if it is still intact and you can find it, that is.

4. Pay for games!

A lot of Neopia’s games require you to pay a small sum of neopoints, so if you try hard enough to lose at these games, you will actually be destroying neopoints! Examples of such games are Pyramids, Sakhmet Solitaire, Tyranu Evavu, Kiss the Mortog and Double or Nothing, the latter three of which can also give you yet another avatar!

5. Help the Tiki Tack Man!

If you visit the Tombola often (which you can refrain from doing, if you truly want to save Neopia’s economy), you know that every now and then the Tiki Tack Man runs out of neopoints for prizes, and asks for donations. If you go and donate a hefty sum of neopoints, then they will be destroyed, and the Tombola will be back in business again, meaning that it will run out of neopoints again sooner than if you had waited for others to donate. If repeated enough times, significantly more neopoints will disappear into the Tiki Tack Man’s pocket than usual!

6. Trade Neopets!

Whenever you trade your Neopet with someone else, you both must pay a fee, depending on how expensive the pet you are receiving is deemed to be. These neopoints disappear into nothingness, and you get a new pet in return!

7. Adopt a pet!

If you have any extra room in your account, and want a new pet, consider adopting one instead! They sometimes have slightly higher stats, they can have a petpet, they might even be painted or Limited Edition! And best of all, not only do you not receive neopoints as you do when you create a Neopet, but you also need to pay for it!

8. Pamper your pet!

Many owners find it more efficient to book their Neopets in the Cockroach Towers Hotel (which, strangely, is significantly more popular than the other hotels), but if you want to help destroy neopoints and make your pet feel even happier, then the next time you book your neopet’s stay, choose AstroVilla, and add all 12 extras, which will result in a 560 neopoints per day, as opposed to the 5 neopoints per day of Cockroach Towers, meaning that with a few simple clicks, you can increase the amount of neopoints you destroy with hotels by 11100%!

9. Buy from the General Store!

Unlike other shops, they are always stocked! So you can buy tons of items from it without fear of them running out! And if you don’t need them, you can always donate them to the Money Tree, if you want to do two good deeds at the same time!

10. Refrain from playing games!

This is possibly one of the easiest ways to slow down inflation. If you play lots of games and earn lots of neopoints from them every day, then stop for a few days! It’s as simple as that! For example, if you earn 100,000 neopoints per day from games, and then stop playing them for 2 days, 200,000 neopoints will not appear in the economy, not increasing inflation!

Well, that covers the 10 most fun and exciting ways you can help the Neopian economy! But there is one more thing you can do to help – tell your friends, because the more people destroy neopoints, the faster they will be destroyed and the slower the inflation will get!

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