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How to Grab Goodies from The Attic

by djhanky222


If you are reading this, then you are curious about a special shop in Neopia (or this paragraph has been turned into a blurb and you're reading by accident!).

The shop in question is "The Almost Abandoned Attic". If you have never heard of it, then I'll divulge some information for you.

The AAA is a shop located in Neovia (which in itself is located within the Haunted Woods). To get to Neovia, look for the Gypsy camp and follow a creepy path...

The Attic is reached by clicking on a door to the southwestern side of the map. (It's not hard to find; just hover your mouse over a few doors till you find the clickable area.)

Now what happens next will be determined by your account age. If your account is 3 years (36 months) old, then congratulations! You are worthy of accessing the Attic. Unfortunately if your account is less than 3 years old, you will not be allowed in yet. :(

So... Assuming you've got in, you're probably wondering what to do next. A ghost Aisha will have greeted you, telling of how she's all alone and no one visits her anymore... She is a LIAR! So many people visit her that it would be better named "The Overcrowded Attic" instead. You also may be curious as to why there is nothing to buy (or perhaps why one or two baggusses sit there on their own).

Well to explain, the Attic restocks on a 7 minute basis, at 53 seconds past the minute. It won't restock every single time, but if it does, it WILL be at 53 seconds past the given minute.

Confused? Here's an example:

A potential RS is at, let's say, 10:11:53 AM NST. You wait until then and refresh your page at 53 seconds past the minute... But you then notice that the shop is still empty... Instead of going on an angry rampage of broken promises, consider that it was only a potential RS time. The next POTENTIAL RS time would be at 10:18:53 and then after that it would be 10:25:53, and so forth...

Sometimes the Attic can go hours with very infrequent restocks; other times there can be a long string of em'!

So, eventually you will refresh and the Attic will be magically filled with items galore! What to pick, what to pick...

There are all sorts of items in the Attic, but they all share one thing: They're all between rarities 80 and 99. :)

Now the attic doesn't work like the rest of the Neopian shops. First off, as mentioned, it restocks at specified times, but it also doesn't require haggling...

All you have to do is click and hit enter, and the item is yours... Well, actually, it's not that simple (it never is, is it?).

As there are many people in the Attic, the good items will go FAST! Say there were a morphing potion in the attic, it would be gone in a second (if not less). If there were a Draik egg in the Attic, then you'd be lucky to even see it!

Now what I would suggest is that, you lurk the Attic for a while and get a bearing of where what sorts of items stock. Whether the layout for each user is different I do not know, but some types of items stock in the same area. For example wearables tend to appear at the bottom of the page in small clumps, furniture can be near the top and food is everywhere! It may have a different layout for you, though...

Now there are really good items to get here, but there are also REALLY bad and overpriced items too, so be wary. Don't assume randomly clicking obscure items will always be a good tactic.

What I would suggest is you pick a category or two of items and be on the lookout for those particular items, for example stamps and furniture. This by no means should stop you from lunging for the morphing potions if you think you have a shot. :) Just don't go solely for the most obviously valuable items (like morphing potions) because you'll almost always end up disappointed.

Now to judge whether something is worth clicking, consider a few things:

  • Price: If there is a stamp and it costs 7k and upwards, it often will be a good click.
  • Supply: Items that have 1 in stock can also be good buys.
  • Price & supply: If it has low quantity and high price it could be a good item.

(Warning: Like stated before, there are oddities in the Attic that can show the tell-tale signs of being valuable, but end up being worthless... Be careful!)

  • Site characters: If you see a plushie or item with a well-known site character featured or based upon (like Illusen or Jeran for instance...) It almost always is worth a shot.
  • All-Species wearables: Now this doesn't mean that species specific items should be ignored, but All-Species wearables like backgrounds (especially if they have a Neopian landscape featured) are quite often very profitable.
  • An obvious one is if you know of something's worth, click it. :)

To tell if you have or have not got an item, wait for the page to reload and if "sorry we just ran out of that" isn't at the top of the page, then success! If you didn't get it, then that message will appear. (It will also appear if you don't have enough money on hand.)

The amount of money to have on hand depends on what you're aiming at...

A good amount to have is ~50,000 NP, but if you think Draik Eggs are not mere dreams, then have 750,000 NP instead (the price of each DE is different; basic ones are MUCH cheaper than 'exotic' ones).

Another thing is that you are limited to 5 buys from the attic each 24 hour day, so choose wisely and don't buy too many items on a whim. :)

Hmmm... Is there anything else to add... Oh! Some people like to get up, or stay up earlier or later, in the attempt to grab items with less competition. Personally I believe this to be a waste of time, as the fewer people at the Attic means fewer restocks (and when it does eventually refill its shelves, the items can be crummy...).

Watch out for "irregular restocks" too. Basically if you refresh TOO early (in fractions of seconds) then you risk being presented with only a portion of the actual restock. However, if there is a much sought after item in your irregular restock, then it can be to your advantage.

If you would like to find the Attic restock times, then go to the AAA thread on the games board, and they will almost always be posted there (along with a bunch of friendly, chatty people!).

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this; I hope it was helpful. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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