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Ultimate Bullseye II: A Sure Shot

by xilimirg


*Eyes target with one eye closed and tongue hanging half out...* Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there!

Take a trip to Meridell and you are going to pass Shapeshifter, Kiss The Mortog, Turdle Racing, and a few others. You are going to hook a left toward the carnival looking tents to play this awesome game called Ultimate Bullseye II. Yep, II. This game was revamped a while back, and the new version rocks (in my opinion). This article will give you a little insight to the game, and hopefully help you improve your score and maybe even get a fancy lookin’ avatar.


You start with a total of ten shots that you get to catapult towards the wooden bullseye a little farther down the grasses of Meridell. To make the arrow have more of an arch, you press your “up” arrow key until you see fit. Likewise for less arch (your “down” arrow). Next, you are going to take your best shot and hold down the spacebar. This gives your arrow the power to get to the bullseye. You will see a Buzzer fly on the screen and move your bullseye before every shot. Your goal is to hit that bullseye.


In basic conditions starting with the outside of the bullseye (the brown part and beyond), you will receive 0 points. The first ring will get you 1, second 2, third 3, fourth, 5, and the center will earn you 10 points. These are all in basic conditions. Next we will discuss power-ups.


In the game, there are five different power-ups that you can receive for hitting the center of the bullseye. They are:

1. Bouncing Bull: You will find that this bullseye will grow bigger, and then grow smaller. Time it just right to get the largest bullseye possible in order to get the best score.

2. Fire Hoop : This is exactly what it sounds like. A ring of fire will appear between you and the bullseye. Your goal is to aim the arrow through the fire hoop. Whichever you land on, you will get double the points (e.g. you land on the first outer circle – 1X2 = 2).

3. Moving Target: Once again, you get what you read. The target moves around, and it continues to move until you hit or miss the target. I’m not too fond of this power-up, as it doesn’t seem to really... help.

4. Three Shots: This power-up comes in handy when balloons are present on screen (we will talk more about balloons later). Three arrows appear at different angles and all three will take fire when you give them power. Aim it just right to try and get more than one on the bullseye.

5. Inverted Target: This is a good one for those that aren’t that good! This bullseye will turn blue so you know that it is inverted, and the scores are completely flipped (e.g. Hitting the brown part of the bullseye gets you 10 points, the center gets you 0).

Also during the game, something tells me that if you focus really hard on how to spell ‘catapult’, you might get something special. ;)


Another interesting aspect of the game and scoring are balloons. There are two different types of balloons. There is a red balloon with the Meridell logo, and a golden balloon with King Hagan on it. They will appear between you and the bullseye. Your goal is to hit the balloon as well as the bullseye for an increase in points. This increase will drastically improve your score so make sure you hit it!

Punchbag Bob:

Punchbag Bob has returned, and if you hit that small apple on his head, you will receive 20 points. If you hit him, but not the apple, you will receive 5 points. Punchbag Bob was a power-up in the original Ultimate Bullseye game, but now appears at random which can really boost your score if he chooses to come visit you while you are playing.

Super-de-Duper Combination Point Getters:

The key to getting a high score in Ultimate Bullseye II is getting a good combination. If you are lucky, one of your shots will have a balloon, or maybe even two. If there are two balloons on your screen, this is your best shot at getting a lot of points. It doesn’t happen very often, so if you are playing and it does, make sure you make the most of it.

Different combinations get you an increase in points. You can use more than one power-up at a time to get maximum points (e.g. Fire Hoop + Inverted). If you are a really lucky, you might even get two balloons when using the Three Shots and a Fire Hoop power-up (don’t expect this to happen more than the fingers on your left hand). If there is a balloon on your screen, try your hardest to hit the balloon as well as hit some part of the bullseye because you will get a good chunk of points.


It is possible to get an avatar that will represent you as a well-rounded player of this great game. It is important to not get discouraged if the first couple shots do not get you a lot of points. There is plenty of time to make those clutch shots as well as plenty of opportunities for you to get power-ups and balloons. It is possible to get the avatar without getting a bullseye on every single shot (that would just be impossible!). Don’t get too frustrated, but this game is one that requires some time and practice to obtain the avatar.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to shut one eye and stick your tongue out when shooting the arrows, but I like to imagine myself in the grasses of Meridell facing that evil little Buzzer that moves the bullseye around to try and make this game more difficult. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope that it helps you understand more about the game and can hopefully help you improve your score!

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