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What to Do With a Pet That Hates Advent

by kita271


We all either have that pet or know one who does; the pet that hates the month of advent, and more specifically, the day of giving. Those neopets’ owners have to listen every year from that one pet about how the month of advent is pointless and they don’t know why their brothers and sisters are prancing around in last advent calendar’s tutus and asparagus gloves. But what can you do about those poor neopets who just say ‘humbug’ to the entire month? Well, before the faeries were turned to stone, some owners would bribe them to show the scroogey neopet their past, present, and future, which scared them senseless during the future portion so seemingly overnight they love the month of advent just as much as they loved scaring poor baby neopets.

Give them all the scary presents, so they’ll feel like Halloween hasn’t completely left them. You remember those presents, and when you got them. You were just waiting in line after a long hike to Happy Valley, sipping a nice hot cup of borovan, and it’s finally your turn to obtain your advent gifts. You’re so excited you can’t contain yourself. Will you get another usuki to add to your increasing collection? Or maybe you’ll get the toy train that little Rexi wanted? You are handed your bag of gifts and you happily pull out the first item. A Hex Doll. Of course, you scream and drop it, forcing all the attention of anyone within a mile radius to look at you funny. You don’t know what to do with this gift. You can’t possibly give it to little Rexi with sneezles, can you? So what are you going to do? Give it to your neopet that hates advent, of course! They love Halloween, why not creepy presents as well? They’ll be so delighted that you got them a scary gift, they’ll forget it’s all because of the month of Celebrating.

Let them destroy their portion of the gifts. After all, you didn’t pay for them, and they are their gifts. So don’t scold them and send them to the corner for ripping apart that Christmas Bruce Plushie. Set up a deal with them that as long as they don’t make too much of a mess and they don’t destroy their brothers’ or sisters’ presents as well, they don’t get in trouble. That will definitely keep the peace for at least this giving month, if not longer.

Send them to their great aunt Wock's house for the month. She doesn’t fancy the giving month either, with the fact that her poor back isn’t what it used to be, nor are her gift wrapping skills. They can stay with their aunt in the cozy cottage she lives in that’s nestled into a hillside in Meridell. It hardly ever snows there, so the weather isn’t a problem, and they don’t have to deal with the month of Celebrating unless they truly want to, which they obviously won’t. It’s the perfect plan! They’re happy because they don’t have to join in on the festivities, and you’re happy because you don’t have a scrooge in the house while you’re trying to put the star on the top of the tree.

Have a few pets do the job that the faeries once did. All you need is three pets: an adorable one, a big happy one, and a scary one. The adorable one goes first. They come into your pet's room at night and remind them of all the happy times in the past they’ve had during the month of Celebrating. The happy one comes after and tells them that the day of giving really isn’t so bad after all. They get to drink as much hot chocolate and borovan as they want, and delicious food is everywhere! And if that doesn’t change them, the scary one comes in. They tell them how sad and lonely their life is going to be if they continue hating the month as they do. They’ll be so touched that you care about them that much, they won’t even care you scared them.

Bribe them. We all know that we do it every once in a while. You and your pets are all in the General Store picking up some groceries, when out of nowhere, the “problem pet” starts screaming and running around the store, sending the rest of the shoppers into mass hysteria. The only way you can get them to behave is to give them so neopoints to go to the toy store, or buy whatever food they were screaming about. So why can’t you put it into this situation too? Promise them that if they behave for the entire month, you’ll get them that shiny Usuki Dream Castle or the Destructo Shield they’ve been wanting since they saw the shop keeper set them up in the store. Although you’ll end up spending a few hard earned neopoints for this, it almost always fixes the problem. But when that doesn’t work...

Send them to the Darigan Citadel or the Virtupets Space Station. They don’t even celebrate the month of Celebrating there. Lord Darigan is so busy trying to keep the peace with Meridell that you could easily just find Lord Kass somewhere and tell him your pet has some plans of destroying Meridell. Trust me. He’ll listen very carefully. Or send him to Dr. Sloth, who is essentially Neopia’s Grinch. He’s even green and everything! Just be sure to pack their lunch in a Sloth Lunch Box and have them wear their I Love Sloth T-shirt, and they’ll be perfectly fit for arriving at Dr. Sloth’s doorstep, head full of evil plans to overthrow Neopia; that is, as long as they can destroy the month of Celebrating, and officially deem it the Month of Sloth! This is ONLY meant as a last resort however, and should be considered if all else fails.

You could also send them to live with the meepits, but that’s most likely not a good idea either, as they are... *sees a meepit looking in the window* they are perfectly wonderful petpets who are wonderful and are more than happy to have another minion... er... friend. Thank you and this is Kita bidding you a very merry advent month!

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