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Tyranu-Whatu!? Tips For a Classic "High/Low" Game!

by hamzandrilez


Greetings, and welcome to yet another game tip by me, Hammi! So far I've gone over tips for Gadgadsgame and Usuki Frenzy, which I hope both seriously helped players in getting trophies or avatars (though with Usuki Frenzy, that will only happen in a Better Than You competition). Now, however, let's move just a little further up North to get tips for our next game. To Tyrannia- the land of Giant Omelettes, enjoyable concerts, and so much more! This time, we'll go for yet another avatar-gaining game.

If there's something I've noticed, it's that Tyrannians really like their games. We have Go! Go! Go!, for example, and we have Kacheekers, and Grarrl Keno, Mini Golf, as well as TWO wheels that one can get an avatar from- each! I'd certainly say Tyrannia's a place of fun, games, and other things such as dung furniture. Now, one may be thinking at this point, "But so many of the games are luck here! How on earth can I get an avatar or a high score on any of them?". Well, there's no need to fear! One of my favorite Neopian games labeled "Luck and Chance" is a bit more simple, however, as you'll soon see.

Guess what? As it turns out, luck games don't always need luck to win them. Certainly not in Tyranu Evavu- there's lots of skill involved, and ratios and even more. Luck can be an important factor as well, though. Did I mention there's also a spiffy avatar if you can string together tons of guesses? I don't think there's such thing as too many avatars, that's for sure, so that's a double bonus along with Neopoints! Now, let's get started on the gameplay!

First off, you may be wondering why it has a funny name. Well, it's Tyrannia, and they have their own language. It translates to "Higher" and "Lower", if you're curious at all about it. Basically, what you do is challenge a Tyrannian citizen to the game that's already hanging out there, and they will show you a face up card and a face down card. Your objective is to guess whether or not the face down card is going to be higher or lower than the card facing upwards. Seems kind of simple, right? Actually, yes, it really is- but to getting a higher score, now that's going to be more tough! Keep these things in mind while playing, as well as some handy tips while you're learning.

1. Aces are the highest cards, so don't ever say 'Tyranu' when one's facing up unless you're deliberately trying to lose your game. Naturally, 2s are the lowest cards, so don't say 'Evavu' with them. Even though in some card games, depending on the rules, sometimes an Ace can be a wild card, it's not the case here. No- it's strictly a high card.

2. Sometimes, Tyrannians get their directions confused. Hey, it happens even to the best of us! My point is, don't always count on the Tyranu option being on top of the Evavu one. Look before you click! Otherwise, you could make a mistake by accident. Paying attention is one of the key principles about playing this game- not just with directions, but with the face up and face down cards as well. This will be very vital in getting you a higher score. Don't just click randomly and hope that the odds will be in your favor without even knowing what the odds are!

3. Practice helps- a lot. By practicing over and over again, you can get a feel for some cards that it's trickier to guess on, like the card numbers 7, 8, and 9. Occasionally, 10 and 6 can fall under this category, but usually the face down card against a 6 is almost always Tyranu, and the face down card playing against a 10 is almost always Evavu. By practicing, you sort of get another sense after a while as to what will be next. For example, if you play Tyranu Evavu for about 100 times, and out of those times 60 of your face down cards were higher than the 7s or 8s that came face up, then you might want to say 'Tyranu' when a 7 or an 8 appears as your face up card, based on the results you got previously. I'm not saying you have to, but that worked for me in getting my avatar.

4. Remember the odds! If you have a card with a number between 3 and 7, it's more likely the face down card will be higher, or Tyranu. If you have a card with a number between 9 and a King, then it's more likely to be lower, or Evavu. Once again, practice is seriously important in this. Which brings us onto the next tip, and by far the most complex out of all I've listed so far!

5. For those who are a bit more advanced at this game or have been practicing, I'll give you a bit of a tip- keep track of the cards. Either make a chart or mentally keep track of the ones you've seen. In Tyranu Evavu, once you guess the face down card higher or lower correctly, that becomes the next face up card. The game only focuses on one deck of cards. This will help with the cards with the numbers between 7 and 9, and increase the odds of it being higher or lower. It may seem difficult, or just plain insane because you'd have to start all over again if you get a card wrong, but if you work really hard, then you can master the charts and get a higher game score- and potentially an avatar, too!

So there you have it! You'll need 15 guesses correct in a row to get the avatar, so just work hard and do your best and you'll be walking off with yet another (or maybe your first) spiffy game avatar! :) Happy hunting- and have a good day!

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