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Another Day to Fish

by midnight_009


Also by icanhaskaila

My owner has been taking the whole “I can swim forever now that I have been zapped into a Maraquan pet” thing way too seriously. I mean, it is great for her to finally be able to stay underwater for longer than five minutes before we enter the drowning phase, but still. We had been in Maraqua all day. What is a little Nuranna to do?

     “Oh, just one more fish and we can go!” she said, her Aisha fin flopping around excitedly. Apparently, she had not learned fish only bite every, oh I don’t know, 12 HOURS. And does she not see how this is kind of offensive? Most people would see that, when bringing the cousin of a fish to a fishing hole, where you catch fish and occasionally EAT THEM. If only I could give her a piece of my mind, before she takes another piece of that fish there!

     Well, there was nothing to do but wait. I flopped down on the jetty and peered over the side into the water. It was a bright cyan, an odd color for water in a dark cave. I could see nothing beyond a few meters. Well, that is exciting. But then I did notice something: a shadow. It moved slowly below the surface, but I could not make out what it was. If only I could yell at my owner, who was happily casting her line on the other side of the dock.

     The shadow became darker. I wiggled back, though not much, for my lovely owner put me in a bag of water to stay alive. Suddenly the shadow was no longer a shadow, but a titanic giant squid! Its eye came up and looked at me. I nervously laughed and acted as natural as possible, but he did not buy it. Instead, a large reddish tentacle came out and swiped me down into the water. I freaked out, wiggling around in my bag, which now had no actual use.

     The tentacle then got a hold of me, and dragged me to the side of the squid. He... well... it seemed like he was... hugging me? I tried to wriggle free, but it was no use. Instead, the bag broke and he just held onto my shaking body.

     And down we went. It got darker and darker the farther we went, until it was completely blackened. The squid looked at me, and gave a little chuckle. I thought, “OH, YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?” but I did not dare say that. Who knew what would become of me if I did. Then I noticed a light. It was pretty far off, but the squid kept pushing forward to it happily.

     Off in the distance I could see more Squids, MUCH bigger than this one. I was almost sure I was about to get eaten. Or something. Do squids even eat Petpets?

     I closed my eyes and wished I was somewhere else. Maybe if I clicked my fins three times I would be back at home! Then I was like... wait. My fins cannot even reach each other. DANGIT!

     When I opened my eyes again I was in some sort of park. An underwater park? Whaaaaat!? It seemed abandoned.

     Once the Squid let go of me, I wriggled as far away as I could, turned around and angrily asked what the heck he thought he was doing.

     This seemed to upset him.

     He was... starting to cry? WHAT.

     I swam back over to him, put my fin on his tentacle and apologized. I really did not mean to make him upset. He just really freaked me out! I thought I was being kidnapped!

     I realized at this point that he was only a baby Squid. THAT was why all the other Squids looked so much bigger. He had a shell in his mouth that he seemed to be using as a pacifier. His eyes were wide and tear-soaked (though we were underwater, so it was not that obvious).

     He was holding a Baby Rattle in one tentacle. He outstretched it to me as if to share. I declined and insisted he’d tell me what we were doing.

     He did not seem to know how to talk well, but he said something along the lines of “I juss wawna pway!”

     It all became clear to me at this point: this baby Squid had no friends his own age and since I was smaller, he thought I was young too!

     Frankly, this was a very flattering thought. I happen to be some 437 *COUGH* days old.

     I patted him again, and said lightly, “I would love to play with you! But you see, my owner has probably noticed I am not up there by now. I really should be getting back.” The squid gave me a very sad look, so I added, “BUT I WILL COME BACK. I SWEAR.” I would not want his parents finding out about this and coming to find me.

     The squid did a small flip in the water and grabbed me with a tentacle. Up we went past the bigger squids, away from the park. How worried my owner must have been! We swam at a slightly slower speed than we did going down. The squid was still sad to leave me. I comforted him with a little hug. He giggled.

     Finally, we got to the surface. The squid hoisted me up to the dock. I thanked him and reassured him of my promise. “I will be back soon,” I whispered. He then smiled a squid-like smile and floated away.

     I flopped over to my owner, realizing I had no water. I quickly jumped in the water and back out. She was pulling something heavy - I could tell. She... she did not know I was gone! Of course.

     “Oh hi,” she said, “I think I caught a giant squid. THE AVATAR IS MIIIINE.”

      I suddenly became worried. I looked around in the water in front of me, and there he was. The little squid was tugging on the line as she pulled him out of the water. Luckily, squids can live out of water.

     A taller Krawk came over and examined him. “Yup,” he said, “that’s a giant squid!” He then handed my owner a paper saying she got the avatar. She then got up, jumped for joy, and ran off. Of course, forgetting me and the squid. The squid wiggled back into the water, and looked at me. I told him, “She always forgets me.”

     He gave me an understanding nod, then said as well as he could, “Yo wiv wiff us?” I thought about this for a moment, then agreed. I hopped on his back once more, and we went down into my new home. His parents greeted and accepted me, and ran off to the furniture story to buy “tiny furniture.” The squid and I went off to play in the park outside. My owner would never even notice I was gone.

     This completes the story of how I started my new life, among mystical creatures rather than Neopets. I am so thankful for my new family and I would never wish for it any other way.

The End

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