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Ten Wonderful Winter Outfits!

by kaylaftw


Fall has brought us cooler air and changing leaves. Everyone has put away their T-shirts and shorts in exchange for long sleeve shirts and pants. Now the seasons are about to change once again! The crisp cool breeze of fall will soon turn into freezing temperatures and blizzards. (Unless you’re in Terror Mountain – then the weather is always like that!) Neopets as well as their owners need to bundle up to keep warm in winter, but who says you can’t look super cute while doing it?

I have taken some wonderful clothing pieces for winter and put them together as outfits for those who have trouble coming up with outfits for their pets. I’ve put together seven Neocash ensembles, which have items you can buy at the Neocash mall. I personally love the NC mall, so I primarily used NC items. However, I do realize many users may not have all or any of these items, since many are retired. You may also be a user who can’t get Neocash at all because of where you live or because you can’t afford or aren’t allowed to buy NC - for you I also included three Neopoint outfits. Those outfits consist of items you can buy with Neopoints. Of course, you can mix and match any and all of these outfits, since these are just guides!

First up are some general winter NC outfits.

Outfit #1:

This first outfit is a combination of some of my favorite winter NC items. The first item is the Gloomy Winter Day Background. The name is pretty self-descriptive; it really looks like a gloomy winter day after a fresh snowfall. For actual clothing I recommend the Warm Puffy Jacket and Big Fuzzy Boots with Leggings. These two look warm and cozy to match the winter scene from the background! It looks like your pet is all ready to play in the snow. I paired the outfit with Sparkling Snowflake Wings, just to give the simple gloomy look a little glitter. For the foreground, I chose the Winter Snow Drift; it covers the rocks in the front of the background. This makes the ground look completely covered in snow, adding to the “snow day” kind of look. Finally, I picked the Snowy Day Cloud to fill in some extra space in the top left hand corner; it also ties in with the rest of the outfit.

Outfit #2:

For the next outfit I chose the Cold Winter Night Background which is a winter scene with a really pretty dark pink sky. For the outfit try the Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress, Dark Princess Shoes, and a Winter Flower Hair Pin. The dress and pin look very nice together and match the wintery theme. The shoes tie in with the blue, and they sparkle! The MME4-S6: Magical Winter Wand ties the outfit together and fills in some empty space from the look. You can also add the Snowball Fight Shower and the Ice Skating Bruce Toy just to give the scene a little bit more going on to it.

Outfit #3:

Outfit number three starts out with the Snowager Background, plus one of my all-time favorite clothing sets: Nutcracker Hat, Nutcracker Jacket, and Nutcracker Slacks and Boots. Your Neopet will look adorable and be comfy in this set. I would include the Nutcracker Toy Soldier as it will fill in some empty space in the lower left hand corner, as well as add any wearable plushie (I’d pick the Commemorative Jordie Plushie) to make it look like your pet managed to steal something from the Snowager!

Outfit #4:

This outfit is for more sporty, active Neopets. I’d suggest using the Snowball Fight Background, along with the Snowboarder Hat, Snowboarder Sweater, and Ski Trousers and Boots. The idea of this look is to show how your Neopet is playing in the snow. I’d add an Abominable Snowball Bopper as it’s a toy and will fill in some extra space. A Steaming Mug of Hot Borovan and Holiday String Lights will finish off the look.

Next up are a couple holiday outfits!

Outfit #5:

A lovely holiday outfit might start out with the Cosy Cottage Holiday Background. It might sound a bit weird, but the Prissy Miss Valentines Dress really goes great with it. It makes a really nice holiday dress, even with the hearts. As for shoes I would go with any pair of black shoes, such as the Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights. The Winter Poinsettia Staff would make a nice handheld to go with this look. Holiday Hat Wind Chimes and/or the Festive Mini Holiday Tree add to the look by making it look even more like a cozy home during the holidays!

Outfit #6:

To get your Neopet ready for New Years, why not try this outfit? First I recommend the New Years in Mystery Island Background. This is by far my favorite of all of the new years backgrounds that have come out. The Golden Ball Gown looks very nice with it; I would put it with the Shimmering Ring of Generosity and/or the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon. (Only Kacheeks can wear the two together at this time!) Again, I would go with any pair of black shoes for this look. There is a lot going on with the background, so all I would add besides the clothing items is a Festive Sparkler!

Outfit #7:

Another cute outfit for new years would start off with the New Years in Shenkuu Background. Then add the Butterfly Dress and Sugar Plum Wig: these two complement each other really well, as both have similar shades of purple, as does the background. Any simple pair of black shoes will complement this look. Again, this background has a lot going in it, so I would just add a handheld item like the Garden Tea Parasol and/or Pretty Little Daisy.

Now we’ll move onto the Neopoint outfits.

Outfit #8:

A nice wintery Neopoint background is the Winter Landscape Background. You can pair this with your favorite species-specific clothing (The best Neopoint outfits are ones that are made especially for use by one species!) or you could just use the Snow Roller Item jumper and Khaki Trousers. Add on a Brown Winter Hat and Brown Winter Scarf for extra warmth in the winter scene. You can also add in the Ice Garland to fill in some empty space!

Outfit #9:

The Holiday Home Background may look a little bit plain at first glance, but with the right outfit it can be pulled off! Try a basic White Shirt and Holiday Tutu (or a nice species specific clothing set!) along with a pair of Seasonal Wings. A Seasonal Designer Purse will add an extra bit of holiday cheer. You could also add a Borovan Press and/or Seasonal Altador String Lights as trinkets if you feel there is empty space, or just to add a little bit more to the look.

Outfit #10:

For the final outfit I’ll be using the Snowy Igloo Garage Sale Background. Once again, you can use your favorite species-specific outfit, perhaps paired with the Abominable Snowman Hat, Wellington Boots and Holiday Belt. The finishing touch could be the Brucey B Holiday Mug, which will fill in some empty space and will make it look like your pet just bought some hot chocolate at the igloo garage sale!

Those are all the premade outfits I have for you guys! Remember, these are just guidelines and you can mix and match to create your own wonderful winter outfits. Also, it’s still early in the season and I’m sure TNT has some awesome new winter themed clothes planned for us! I hope that this article was helpful in finding the perfect outfit for your Neopet this winter season!

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