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Winter Wear - What's Here And There

by ilovemycatembers


Fuelled by the positive responses to my article, Falling Into Fashion, I’ve decided to return with a new article for winter! After all, it isn’t easy to dress warm and fashionable without some sort of guide, right? My quest to bring you the best in winter fashion took me first to the top of Terror Mountain, where I found Taelia, sadly, still turned to stone. So I turned my attention to the people, asking them what they found most practical. Of the items that were brought to my attention, I have selected the top ten to share with you. Hopefully this will set you on the path to a cozy, trendy look for the snowy months.

#10: Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress

Let’s start with NC items, shall we? If you aren’t privileged enough to be able to get NC, please head straight on down to #6, as these first few aren’t for you. And if you’re not female in gender, please skip to #9, as this item isn’t for you either.

Now onto the important thing, namely, the Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress. It doesn’t take a genius to see why this made the top ten. The pale blue is one of the ideal colours for winter, and of course, anything with snowflakes is an instant plus. The fur lining, while being practical, gives it that little something to make it perfect for just about anywhere you could possibly go this winter! Sadly, because this item is gender specific and a retired NC item, it is only number ten on our list.

#9: Snowflake Shower

This is easily one of the most flexible items I have ever come across. The large, crystalline snowflakes and faint mist can add a hint of mystery or even danger to any look. Better still, if the background you want to use is a little, how shall we say, not seasonally appropriate; simply add the snowflake shower and voila! Instant winter! Snazzy, no?

#8: Charming Snowglobe Background

What is more whimsical than a snowglobe? If you said nothing, you’re right! There is a reason this background is called charming. Putting your pet inside a snowglobe that is festive and classy is guaranteed to bring you hours of enjoyment!

Warning: Please make sure pets are warmly dressed before entering the snowglobe, as temperatures inside tend to be rather frosty.

#7: Steaming Mug of Hot Borovan

Here we have our top NC item. It’s blue. It has snowflakes. It’s warm. What more could you possibly ask for on a cold, winter day? Perhaps one of the best things about this mug is that it never runs out of borovan! How? No clue, I don’t question the mug that keeps me warm. A must have for every pet, I fully endorse this practical little accessory.

#6 Fingerless Asparagus Gloves

Onto the neopoints wearables!

What better to go with borovan than asparagus? And of course, we know nothing could be more festive. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, how are fingerless gloves going to keep you warm? Well, in truth, they’re not, that’s why they’re only #6 on our list. But you have to admit they’re cute! Well worth it, even if your finger tips freeze a little.

Disclaimer: The author does not take responsibility for any fingers frozen in the name of fashion.

#5: Asparagus Scarf

Hooray for matching sets! Here we have a lovely scarf to go with your asparagus gloves! I wholeheartedly encourage the use of green accessories in all your winter looks. After all, since blue is the top colour, everyone will be wearing it. A touch of green will help you stand out in a crowd and keep your outfits from blending together too much.

#4 Tiny Snowman

Because we’ve already established that I like sets and matching things, I bring you a trinket that’s every bit as fashionable as you are! Put on your asparagus scarf and you’ll look like twins! How cute is that? And with his little top hat... *coos over him* Ahem, yes, anyway, back to the point. This trinket is not only fun, and exceptionally adorable, but is the perfect accessory to any winter background.

#3 Winter Landscape Background

Speaking of winter backgrounds... this one takes the cake. As far as backgrounds go this one is extremely versatile. Its advantage is in the simplicity. The trees in the back make great places to play hide-and-seek, tag, or even find that perfect tree to decorate! And the gentle slope of the land allows for skiing, sledding, and best of all, snowball fighting! Wheeee!

#2 Woolly Jubjub Hat

Not what you were expecting for #2? Frankly, neither was I. I had just tossed this plain old hat aside when I noticed the little JubJub on top. I tried it on. Not only did it keep my head toasty warm, but it kept a smile on my face. How can one not smile with a bouncy, smiley little JubJub on their head? This season isn’t just about dressing right, you know; it’s about having fun doing it. And this is easily the must entertaining item I’ve come across. Perfect for any age and temperament!

#1 Seasonal Turtleneck

Amazing how the best items are always the ones you forget about. This little gem has been sitting at the back of my closet all year. I pulled it out, dusted it off, and was reminded of why one should never leave anything in the back of their closets.

The dark blue is an instant plus, and again the simplicity is the key. This sweater is as versatile as it is adorable. It can be used for casual outings, playful romps through the snow and even nice dinners. Not to mention that it’s comfortable enough to wear around the house.

Well, there you have it, this season's top ten items. Of course there will be more items coming out, something I look forward to with excitement and a touch of horror as I think of how these items will no doubt be misused by some. But if you stick to the guidelines found in this article, I promise you will have no trouble sorting through them to find the perfect look for you.

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