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The Best of the Best: Striped Pets

by alt1981black


Are you new to the world of painting a Neopet? Not certain what sort of colour looks nice on a species? Have you ever wondered how to get a truly remarkable pet when you're budget is tight? Perhaps this guide will help you.

Within every paint brush colour, there are often several noteworthies that are worth commenting on, so unique are they. Some of the very best species to paint with these paintbrushes are what this article is all about. Today we'll focus on the Striped pets. I'm going to list the best of the Striped pets. Please note that all of these pets are my own preferences, so take everything with a grain of salt. I'll also include some thoughts and advice on the level of customisation difficulty for each species, if you're new to customising and would like to dress up your pets.

Striped Aisha

The Striped Aisha is a great option for a Striped pet. I particularly love the dark blue base of the Aisha, complimented by thin pink stripes. Aishas have always been a favourite species for customising, and the Striped Aisha definitely allows for amazing customisations and an awesome colour to compliment any outfit she wears. This pet is one of the best of the Striped pets to customise, in all truth. Crosspaints are also awesome!

Striped Koi

Anyone who's a fan of Team Maraqua is already familiar with the Striped Koi goalie, Tonie Plessex. The Striped Koi is unique amongst the Striped pets because her colouring is light and dark pink, instead of the more familiar bubblegum pink on a powder blue base. I particularly love how the forehead marking is a solid stripe of the dark pink against the lighter pink base. This is another noteworthy Striped pet that I'm proud to include on this list. Customising a Striped Koi is a bit on the tricky side, though it can certainly be done! Despite having no legs, Koi are actually surprisingly easy to dress, and in many cases, they can look amazing.

Striped Flotsam

The Striped Flotsam is also unique. Her base is more of an aquamarine colour, like seafoam, if you will. She looks similar in colour to the Royal Girl Flotsam, if not prettier. The Striped Flotsam stands apart from most Striped pets for that unique seafoam base, divided by a few stripes of pink. If you're looking for a nice base to do a Flotsam crosspaint, then Striped might be a good option to try. Customising a Striped Flotsam is certainly manageable, as well, though there are certainly challenges, as they are an aquatic species.

Striped Quiggle

Though the Quiggle as a species is one of the lesser appreciated in Neopia, I've found something admirable in the Striped Quiggle. His colour is a very pale base, white with the slightest whisper of blue, with faint stripes of pink as a complimentary accent. The Striped Quiggle's colour is an excellent substitute for White, and once he's customised nicely, he can look amazingly well in almost anything! Quiggles wear clothes very well; it can be said, though, that some shoes can look awkward on their feet.

Striped Skeith

This fellow seems to follow a similar rule as the Striped Aisha. His blue base is darker than most, and the stripes are thinner pink stripes that allow for easier customising. The Skeith remains one of the few species I'll never be a fan of, though the Striped Skeith is one of the more unusual Striped pets that has earned a place on this list. As aforementioned, customising a Striped Skeith is relatively easy to do, since his striping is thinner and thus easier to work around. Working with a bulkier frame is one of the Skeith's most difficult customising challenges.

Striped Xweetok

Even though for the most, the Striped Xweetok looks like one of the less dazzling Striped pets, I mention her since she has that lovely ruff of bubblegum pink fur at the throat, and pink lining her huge ears. The Xweetok is a newer species of Neopet that has taken off in terms of popularity, and looking at the Striped Xweetok, it's easy to see why. Customising a Striped Xweetok is trickier, considering the ruff and the different body pose, but it can certainly be done.

Striped JubJub

The Striped JubJub is a sweet little fellow with a pale blue-white base, with a few faint stripes of pale pink that one can only just see at the sides of his face. The Striped JubJub is by far one of the easiest Striped pets to customise, and, like the Xweetok, JubJubs themselves are extremely popular Neopets. JubJubs are also the species with the most beautiful eyes, at least in my opinion. Their only downside is customising. Working with any JubJub will be extremely difficult, though it most certainly can be done. My best advice for JubJubs is, go for a minimalist sort of look.

Striped Meerca

The Striped Meerca is by far the most unique of all the Striped pets. His base is a tannish colour with stripes of a rich, dark brown. I was glad to see this colour become available for Meercas, but I was particularly surprised by how unique they are from other Striped pets. Even his ears are lined in the same rich brown shade that compliments his tan body. Always a delight, the Striped Meerca is a pet I highly recommend looking into owning, simply because he's so unique. The Meerca is also a tricky pet to customise, though he has fewer challenges than the JubJub. Unlike the JubJub, one can do more with a Meerca, as Meercas actually have arms and tails, allowing for a more balanced overall look.

And there you have it, my list of the best Striped Pets. Feel free to choose your favourites and compare them with mine, if you wish. If you're considering painting a pet Striped, or even adopting a Striped pet, use this list as a reference, by all means! I look forward to writing future articles along a similar vein. Until the next time!

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