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Stay Warm This Winter

by hotredfirefaerie


Also by pisces_babe_

Now with with winter fast approaching, we feel Neopia should be well informed on how to keep their Neopets warm and healthy. We don’t want any pets catching Neomonia, Achy Head or one of the nasty illnesses now, do we? Some things may seem a little silly, but we would do everything just as a precaution. Below is a list of everything we could think of that will stop your Neopet from getting cold and make sure they stay warm. We hope you enjoy reading. =)


Wrap up warm for winter. Gloves, hats, scarves and coats are all essential items. Customise your pet with these items to keep them warm through the winter. Now this doesn’t have to cost you thousands of Neopoints and you don’t have to spend any NeoCash at all, as there are loads of cheap Neopoint items out there. A few we know of are: Brown Winter Scarf, Brown Winter Hat, Fancy Frock Coat and Asparagus Fingerless Gloves.


Keep your Ice Caves Backgrounds and your Snow Showers in your closets. Why customise your pet with stuff that is going to make them cold? Your Neopet wants and needs nice warm surroundings for the winter time to stay healthy. Items like the Neohome Background, Campfire and Holiday Home Nackground will do that. Try to find affordable warm surroundings for your Neopet and stay away from anything that has snow in it or is made of ice.

Cold Places

Terror Mountain, for example, is freezing at this time of year, so I would avoid Happy Valley, boycott the Ice Caves till Spring, and don’t even think about going on the top of the Mountain. You will increase the risk of illness going there, so only do so if it's absolutely necessary. You don’t need to visit the Scratchcard Kiosk and you shouldn’t be that desperate for a Slushie.

Shenkuu is another bad place to go. It’s very high up in the mountains and is prone to strong winds and sometimes blizzards. There is not much there that should interest the average Neopian up there anyway, so it shouldn't be difficult to avoid this place.

Warm Places

Now your Neopet can still visit many places in Neopia. Moltara, for example, is full of lots of hot, molten magma and steam; that is a great place to go and keep your Neopet warm. Lost Desert is another good one. Lots of baking sunshine and no snow in sight; you should definitely think about paying Lost Desert a visit. There are lots of things to do in both of these places. A few other places you can go are: Krawk Island, Altador, Mystery Island.

Avoid the Snowager

Now if you listened to my advice, you should be nowhere near the Snowager in the first place, but if you do venture into the Ice Caves, then think twice before paying a visit to the Snowager. You almost guaranteed to get hit by a massive icy blast, making your pet freezing and increasing the risk of getting ill. Why ruin all your hard work? I recommend trying to avoid the Snowager this winter; it’s just not worth it. You can try for the avatar after winter.

Hot Food

Lovely warm food is perfect for wintertime. Soups, hot chocolate, stews, pies etc are all great food to feed your Neopet this winter and will definitely keep them warm. Now you don’t have to feed your Neopet things that are on fire, as that is just cruel. Steaming is fine, but try to find hot food that isn’t flaming. You do not have to feed your Neopet expensive gourmet food worth millions of Neopoints, either. A few cheap options we know of are: Aisha Hot Chocolate, Beef and Veggie Soup, Chunky Meaty Stew, and Durian Pie.

Cold Food

If you don’t feel like feeding your pet yummy hot food that will keep them warm (which you should, as it’s the best thing for them in the winter), please at least stay away from any and all cold food. Slushies, ice creams, milkshakes etc will get rid of all your hard work and make your pet freezing, increasing the risk of illness. Would YOU like to eat an ice cream when it’s snowing out? No. So avoid, avoid, avoid.


Snowball Fight, Snow Roller, Snowmuncher, Ice Cream Machine, Terror Mountain Tilt, Dar-Blat, Snow Wars. No No No No No NO NO. The list is endless and you shouldn’t be playing any of them. Stay away from any games involving snow and cold places. Snowbeast Snackrifice isn’t fun at the best of times, never mind in the middle of winter. Your Neopet is not going to stay warm if you play these games and will more than likely catch Neomonia or some other nasty illness.


I would keep away from the Battledome as well. There are a number of weapons that can make your pet ill, not to mention all the freezing items that are out there. We wouldn’t even think about challenging the Snowager to a fight, either; that would be worse than if you paid him a visit.


A nice warm neohome is just the thing your pet needs to stay out of the cold. Hopefully yours will have lots of nice warm fireplaces with cosy sofas and beds to stay warm in and nice rugs etc on the floor. It should NOT have freezing cold tiling and lots of snow furniture. This will make your neohome a cold, hostile environment and will increase the chances of your Neopet falling ill. Nobody wants their Neopet to get ill.

Thank you for reading this article.

Hopefully you will take all this advice on board and start stocking up on warm food and clothing and staying away from places like Terror Mountain for the duration of the winter. You don’t want your pets to fall ill. Not only does it make them sad, it is sometimes very expensive to cure.

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