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Unusual Foods: Sandwiches

by ripplestream850


What could be better than a sandwich on an ordinary day? A variety of different ingredients come together between two slices of well, anything, in a flavorful experience that makes your taste buds sing and your tummy happy. A favorite of many neopets, there are myriad ways of combining and mixing to create the tastiest and strangest of concoctions known as sandwiches. I've gone around Neopia, tasting and trying these delectable creations. I've tried sandwiches combined from quality ingredients from around the globe. After much chewing, swallowing, and pondering I've come up with this: a list of the most unusual sandwiches I found as I toured the many lands of Neopia. So, my daring glut, read on!

Caviar Sandwich

'A sandwich crafted for only those with the most refined tastes.'

Two quality slices of fresh whole wheat bread. Between these light and fluffy slices is caviar, a high quality ingredient otherwise known as fish eggs. This sandwich is truly meant only for the snooty or for those of you who want a glimpse into what a rich, pampered neopet might sit down and eat on an average day. Despite the fact that the look of the actual sandwich wasn't appealing, I was pleasantly surprised by the multitude of rich flavors that cascaded over my tongue and amused my palette.

Carburnujelly Sandwich

'The felrum jelly takes away the powerful taste of the pepper!'

An interesting combination, I must say. This is an item that can only be obtained by mixing it in the cooking pot. The bread is actually made from Carburnup Pepper ground into flour then baked and the jelly is from a Felrum Jelly Cube. The only truly negative thing about this odd take on a sandwich is that the jelly is overpowering the interesting, bitter and spicy taste combination from the Carburnup pepper. The flavor was truly unique and I doubt that most picky eaters would enjoy this sandwich.

Chocolate Sandwich

'At first glance it could be mistaken for a Beef Sub - but this is thankfully meat-free!'

Don't mistake this for a sub full of meat! This is actually a charming take on sandwiches that is perfect for those that like dessert for dinner. The bun is made from a sugary bread topped with chocolate shavings. On the inside are thick chunks of chocolate with a rich, tasty chocolate sauce drizzled on top. I loved it, it was a perfect combination of sweetness and chocolate that any true chocolate lover would enjoy. The only thing that I have to say is if you're planning to eat this for dinner, wear a bib; the chocolate sauce can get pretty messy!

Cosmic Stars Sandwich

'How can you make cheese stars better? Put them in a sandwich of course!'

An out of this world take on a sandwich. Yummy cheese stars taste good on their own, but they taste even better when made into a sandwich. A handful of cheese stars are placed between two thick, crater like crackers. On the top is another cheese star placed for decoration. When one bites into this sandwich of cosmic proportions, the cracker breaks apart, perfectly offsetting the soft smoothness of the star shaped cheese. A simply wonderful sandwich for anyone in space!

Dressing and Cranberry Sandwich

'If you ate all of your turkey and you just have cranberry sauce and dressing left this is a mighty tasty sandwich.'

The holidays are just around the corner! After that delicious feast you'll have tons of leftovers. Dressing and cranberry sauce taking up room in your refrigerator? Then turn it into this sandwich! The dressing and cranberry combination is a sweet and salty treat that is oddly appealing for those of you who like to try new things. Though I wouldn't suggest using this recipe every day, it is a very seasonal snack.

Epple Sandwich

'Two slices of Epple and a lettuce leaf make this a very healthy meal.'

This is a very light, fresh sandwich, perfect for spring afternoons when one wants a sandwich made from healthy, all-natural sandwich that is both good for you and good tasting. The Epple slices are thick, slightly sweet and juicy, although the lettuce slice is rather thin and leaves you feeling still hungry. If you are going to have this as a lunch, then I would suggest eating two sandwiches, not just one.

Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches

'These curried chicken sandwiches are sure to add a bit of fun to your tea time.'

Spicy chicken between light and fluffy white bread. The sandwich is tasty, the light sweet bread taking away some of the spiciness from the curry. This is not your average tea time sandwich at all. However the dainty, crust-free sandwiches are delicious and taste wonderful with a cup of cool mint tea. Though unusual it is a great way to spice up your tea parties if the tiny cucumber sandwiches are getting too ordinary for your liking.

Gnorbu Wool and Jelly Sandwich

'This jelly sandwich is made with wool bread.'

The bread is made from a light flour and baked to have the consistency of wool, or that's what I was told (I still think that I tasted the faintest hint of wool). The top slice of bread is topped with a two slices of tomato and two green olives stuck onto the bread with toothpicks to create the gnorbu head. The jelly in between is an undistinguishable array of flavors ranging from sweet and tart with the tiniest hint of sourness that makes an interesting burst of flavor. Over-all it was quite enjoyable.

Mushroom Sandwich

'An amazing taste treat with tomato, cheese, olives, lettuce and a secret sauce.'

An amazing taste treat indeed! The colorful display was simply amazing and interesting. Tomato, cheese, olives, lettuce and a sauce that reminded me faintly of summer days mixed with light spring flavors is placed between two thick slices of a purple mushroom. Though I worried a bit as the type of mushroom itself was unknown, it was delicious! The mushroom itself had a sweet, earthy taste that made my taste buds tingle. I would definitely choose this again!

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