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Which Limited Edition Pet Are You?

by chestnuttiger787


This quiz covers the limited editions that are only obtainable by lurking around the create-a-pet page on their special day. That means that Draiks, Krawks, and Lutaris are not an option in this quiz. Well, let’s get this started! After each question, there are sentences lettered from A-H, and it is your job to decide which one you would be most likely to say. Write down the letter, and at the end you can figure out which letter, over all, you picked most. Let’s start with number one!

Question one:

Your owner offers you a bowl of carrots for a snack. You say:

A. “Yum yum! Thanks, these are great!”

B. “No thank you, maybe some other time....”

C. “Thanks, these look pretty good.”

D. “Well, they’re not really my type of food... but I guess I’ll eat a few.”

E. “Err, well, I hate the smell of carrots so I think I’d hate the taste..”

F. “Carrots! I’m sooo hungry, thank you!!”

G. “GET THOSE CARROTS AWAY FROM ME!! Even if I WAS hungry, I WOULDN’T eat the likes of those!!”

H. “YES, FOOD! I’m so hungry after such a tiring day!!

Question two:

If you could live anywhere in Neopia, where would you live?

A. “Terror Mountain! It’s so much fun to play in the snow!”

B. “Maraqua, of course! It would be so fun to explore there, not to mention improving your backstroke!”

C. “The Tyrannian Jungle, probably.”

D. “Kiko Lake! Water and land mixed into one, who could wish for more?”

E. “The Ice Caves, but not the rest of Terror Mountain. The Ice Caves are awesome, and you get to be by the famous Snowager, too!”

F. “That’s a close one! I would say Terror Mountain, but then again, there’s Faerieland...”

G. “Hmmph. Anywhere that people don’t BOTHER ME WITH DUMB QUESTIONS, probably Krawk Island, everybody is as tough as me there...”

H. “Tyrannian Plateau! It’s got so much space, and it’s got the Giant Omelette, and omelette is my favorite food!”

Question three:

What is your idea of a great day?

A. “Sledding, snowball fighting, skiing, ice skating, and then a cozy mug of hot chocolate beside a roaring fire, joined by a large group of good friends throughout all of it! Oh, and don’t forget the time around the campfire at night! It has to be a big campfire so you can really get warm, and there have to be other neopets around it with you, talking and laughing with you.”

B. “Hunting for treasure, exploring the caves of Maraqua, inventing stuff with the treasure you find, practicing your swimming strokes (they have to be elegant!), having a swimming contest and unwinding with a dinner at Kelp, eating outside and watching the warm sun settle into the sky and be replaced with the shining moon.”

C. “A close group of friends, maximum of 3, and I would take a walk through the warm jungle, stopping to munch plants on the way. As we walked, we’d talk, and when we reached home we’d have a good time reading old stories in the Neopian Times out loud to each other. Then we’d have a good dinner out in the golden sun, and then have a cozy slumber party, sharing secrets and stories with each other.”

D. “The day would start out with a sports competition, and all the water sports that you could imagine would be included. My friends and I would compete together, and we’d have such a great time! Afterwards we’d go on a swimming adventure deep underneath Kiko Lake, and then stop by the candy store and buy some delectable delights!”

E. “After a large breakfast, my friends and I would play a game of hide-and-seek. Then we’d build a fort somewhere, and have a great time hiding there, whispering and laughing. The fort, of course, would be hidden from view, and we’d have a great time knowing that we could see neopets but they couldn’t see us. Then we’d all go discover something cool, anything as long as nobody else has discovered it yet. For dinner we’d have the most delectable meal, with choice foods prepared by none other than ourselves.”

F. “My friends and I would play at the very tiptop of Terror Mountain. We’d have a snowball fight, make a giant snowfort, and then slide down an icy slide. After that we’d have a big lunch with Taelia, (she rocks!), and then she would fly us to Faerieland, where we’d meet several faeries, go to the poogle races, bounce around on the clouds, and many more things. Then we’d have a sumptuous dinner with Fyora herself. After that Taelia would fly us back to Terror Mountain, and we’d settle down to sleep in a cozy ice cave.”

G. “A group of friends and I would bully smaller neopets than ourselves, but we’d try to mostly bully the ones who we could get some money or treasure out of. Then we’d go spend the money, and use or sell the treasure. After that we’d go to the Swashbuckling Academy, and spend all our money on training. Then we’d bully some bigger and wealthier neopets and get some more money out of them and so on, until we are the toughest neopets in Neopia. After that, we’d buy very expensive weapons, and become champions of the Battledome!! What?!? You say that’s a horrible thing to do?!?”

H. “My friends and I would rampage around the Tyrannian Plateau while the Wheel of Monotony spins, and we’d have races and other sports competitions. Then we’d collect the prize from the wheel, and buy a concert ticket. We’d then go and get some free omelette, and devour it quickly. A quick trip to the Tyrannian Food shop, (we’d race to the jungle where it’s located), would supply us with the rest of our lunch. We’d enter the lair of the beast and have some fun in there, and then it would be time for an organized sport competition with prizes. After that we’d go our separate ways.”

Okay, this is the second to last question!

If you could meet and spend a day with any famous Neopian, and they would automatically like you, who would it be?

A. “Probably Hannah, the daring adventurer! It would be great fun to go around the Ice Caves with her, because she knows the deepest parts like the back of her hand! And we could go sledding afterwards!”

B. “Isca! We could go all around Maraqua together, and discover stuff, and invent stuff!”

C. “Milo the Chomby!! Oh, you’re not as excited as I am about meeting him? Well, he’s one of the creators of Tyrannian Mini Golf, and I really like that game. We’d have a great time in the Tyrannian Jungle together.”

D. “Well, if this counts, the whole Kiko Lake Yooyuball team! They’re great, and I always support them. I’d soooo love to spend a day with them.”

E. “Hmm, well, I’d have to say Kauvara. I know it’s a little out of character, but she could concoct brilliant potions for me! I could get an invisibility potion! Either her or the Neopian Fresh Foods shopkeeper, because he could help me make marvelous food!”

F. “Taelia! We’d have such a great time together! Actually, I’ve already met her while doing her quests, but that doesn’t count.”

G. “Probably Captain Scarblade.”

H. “Well, the Tyrannian Yooyuball team is pretty cool, or the Chomby in Chomby and The Fungus Balls.”


If you had to stay inside all day because it was storming violently, where would you stay, who would you stay with, and what would you do?

A. “I would stay in a warm ski lodge with my friends. We’d have hot chocolate, roast smores, and talk.”

B. “I would stay in the restaurant, Kelp, with a large group of friends and nobody else except the staff. We’d get permission from the staff to do what we wanted, and while waiting for our food we’d have tons of fun running around the spacious, empty restaurant.”

C. “I’d stay in a cozy, warm house with my closest friends. We would feel very cozy, with a roaring fire, big blankets, and comfy chairs. We would talk all day long, and have a very good time.”

D. “We’d spend the day inside the cozy Kiko Lake Treats shop with the friendly shopkeeper-I mean, my friends and I would. We’d help him bake, and he’d teach us recipes, and we’d have a great time.”

E. “My friends and I would spend a day in a sumptuous tree house, a tree house with heat, running water, and many other conveniences. We’d spend the day up there peering out at the world below us.”

F. “Of course I would spend the day with Taelia in her giant igloo! We’d have a great time in there! It would be a lot of fun, and we’d be snug, cozy, and happy.”

G. “I’d spend it in the Swashbuckling Academy. I wouldn’t just be training-I’d also be bullying neopets.”

H. “I’d hate to spend the day inside, but I’d have to say that if I had to I’d spend it in the concert hall with my friends, listening to great music all day long.”


Okay, round up your results please! Now, before seeing which limited edition pet you most resemble, let me tell you that the sentences for the quiz questions came from actual interviews with pets from the species that that question resembles. I interviewed multiple pets to make sure that I had an accurate overview of what most of that species would prefer, and then I figured out which answer was most common and mixed the wording from multiple pets together to form one accurate answer.

Mostly A -

You’re a Cybunny! You love the snow, and you’re very sociable. You’re also curious and adventurous. You love a good day in the snow with the company of friends, and especially if you can have a cozy evening afterwards! You probably also enjoy carrots quite a bit if A was your answer for the first question. If you’d like to create a Cybunny for your pet, keep checking the create-a-pet page on April 27th, the day of the grand Cybunny Carnival.

Mostly B -

You’re a Koi! You’re adventurous and love inventing things. You also quite enjoy an evening at Kelp. It’s likely that you’re very graceful, especially when you’re swimming. You love the deep caves of Maraqua, and discovering the treasures within. You probably look up to famous Maraquan Neopians such as Isca and Caylis. For a Koi as a pet be constantly watching the create-a-pet page on May 25th, the day that is dedicated to this aquatic pet.

Mostly C -

You’re a steady and sweet Chomby! You’re a gentle, somewhat shy pet that loves the Tyrannian Jungle, where it can find a steady supply of delicious plants to satisfy its appetite. You like to spend time with your close friends talking about things that are important to you, and you’ll always go for a game of Tyrannian Mini Golf. If you seek to adopt this limited edition pet, then keep a patient watch on the create-a-pet page on March 22nd, the day on which there is a grand Chomby Carnival.

Mostly D -

You’re a fun-loving Kiko! You enjoy sports as well as Kiko Lake’s famous treats, and needless to say you love Kiko Lake itself, and are always ready to take a dive in the cool water. You have lots of energy despite your small size, and enjoy showing all those bigger pets who come to the lake. Now that you’ve learned about this pet, if you’re leaping out of your seat to adopt it, then you’d better sit down and stay put, because Kiko Day is a long ways off. However, when July 27th does come around, try to stay put at the create-a-pet page, and after much refreshing you will hopefully be rewarded.

Mostly E -

You’re a Hissi! You have a great sense of smell and a great sense of hearing. While those tend to be good things, that does lead you to be quite picky about food--only the finest for you! You’ve developed quite the taste in foods and always enjoy an exotic, expensive meal. You’re quite sneaky, and you absolutely adore hidey-holes, hideouts, and forts. Spying is also quite a natural ability for you. So now you wanna adopt this pet? Well, as usual, you're gonna have to wait for a while. May 4th will bring, however, an opportunity to slink around the create-a-pet page until there’s a Hissi available.

Mostly F -

You’re an energetic Poogle! You probably adore Taelia, because in your opinion she links the two perfect worlds together--Faerieland and Terror Mountain! You’re rather a mix of the two places yourself, even if you don’t know it. Your Faerieland side is sweet, playful, and a little bit cuddly. Your Terror Mountain side is adventurous, energetic, and loves snow! ;) Your dream is to meet Taelia, and spend a wonderful day with her. Are you just dying to adopt a Poogle now? Well, unfortunately you missed it--but September 19th will come around in about a year's time, so when that day arrives make sure you;re over refreshing at the create-a-pet page!!

Mostly G -

You’re a strong Jetsam! The Jetsam is generally a mean, bullying pet that takes advantage of its strength, and of its sharp teeth. You probably need to do a little work on controlling your average-Jetsam side, especially if you answered G to question three. However, occasionally you’ll come across a Jetsam that fights for justice, and those Jetsams prove to be loyal, courageous, and tough. So you want to train your very own Jetsam? Missed again, but next October 16th, go ahead and tramp on over to the create-a-pet page and wait until the opportunity to create your own Jetsam arrives.

Mostly H -

You’re a tough Tonu! Tonus are generally very energetic and tough, with great endurance. They love rampaging around, and really any kind of running, jumping, or stamping suits them. The Tonus that I interviewed, which were many, seemed to have quite a taste for music. You’ll probably enjoy a visit to the Tyrannian concert hall! There’s a perk if you want a Tonu, though. You don’t have to wait for their day on February 21st--in fact every time that the giant om-*is dragged off by Meepits* Phew! I finally got away! Well, anyways, figure that out by yourself, because I’m not risking being captured again. Well, I guess that concludes this quiz. I hope you enjoyed it! And remember that you can create Tonus when--uh oh! *is dragged off by Meepits again*

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