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The Spardel That Wasn’t There

by undeadfortune


(Author’s note, the following short story is presented in the form of a script. The script is for a play that my pet, Binkyboi will be putting on this weekend at the local auditorium, and I know he’d like to see you all there. If you would like to put on this play as well, in part or as a whole, send a Neomail to Undeadfortune before hand. Thanks and enjoy.)

Act 1 – Scene 1

Setting: A street in Neopia Central. Neohomes line the street itself, as well as trees and small bushes. This scene is best done outside, as the effect of the outdoors is lost when presented in a closed auditorium.

(Rosie, a young pink Yurble is playing by herself near the street. She has a ball in hand, and can be seen chasing after it whenever it bounces more then she expects it to.)

Rosie: (Excited.) Silly ball, come back here!

(The ball has once more escaped her grasp and rolls into the street. As she follows close, as the ball continues to half-bounce, half-roll until it lands in her neighbor’s bushes.)

Rosie: (Sneaking up on the ball as if it were alive, then jumps.) Gotcha! Silly ball, you have to stop doing that. If I lose you, my brother won’t buy me any more. (In a mocking voice of her brother.) How many times have you lost a ball this week? Twelve! Fine, one more, but that’s it!

(Rosie laughs at her joke then hears something nearby.)

Rosie: (Curious and surprised.) What was that?! Another alien! Stay put Mr. Alien so this time I can get my brother. He’ll have to believe me if he sees you with his own eyes!

(Rosie turns, but stops.)

Rosie: But then again, if you disappear like you did last time, he’ll say I’m crazy! (Pause.) Can you believe that Mr. Alien? Crazy he calls me! Hearing real aliens isn’t crazy, but I’ll show you what is.

(At this, Rosie begins to dance around waving her arms up and down in the air and making Mynci noises. The bush starts to shake.)

Rosie: (Stepping back.) I didn’t mean to offend you Mr. Alien! Don’t take me away, especially to that space station in space! (She waits.) I said, “Don’t take me away!” (She waits again.) Well you aren’t very smart of an alien are you?! Why I bet you’re more scared of me then I am of you. (She makes a face and growls at the bush.) Rawrrr!

(Suddenly, the bush begins to shake more violently then before and a growling noise is heard, softer then Rosie’s.)

Rosie: Grrr! (Stops when she hears the growling from within the bush.) Eeek! You’re not an alien, you’re a… a… Bearog! Run for you’re lives!

(At this, Rosie turns and begins running in circles, but trips over her ball after her second rotation.)

Rosie: Uff!

(Suddenly, a figure jumps from the bush onto Rosie.)

Rosie: (Feigning distress.) This is the end for me! Who knew it’d I go like this! (She looks at the figure.) Wha? You’re no Bearog either, you’re a… Spardel? Ohh, pretty, a pink Spardel! Pink, like I am!

(The Spardel begins to lick Rosie’s face and jump up and down on her stomach.)

Rosie: (Laughing as she tries to push off the Spardel.) Bad Spardel! You’ve got me; this is the end for me. (She closes her eyes and rolls over, motionless.)

Spardel: (Jumping up and down.) Woof!

(Rosie doesn’t move.)

Spardel: (Pushing Rosie with his head.) Woof?

(Rosie rolls around and grabs the Spardel unexpected and begins to hug it.)

Rosie: (Happily.) You’re the best Spardel ever! You’re going to be my Petpet from now on, won’t ya little guy?

(The Spardel replies with short barks and it’s confused look makes Rosie laugh. Taking that as a yes, she stands up, and with the Spardel, walks back over to her house. Blackout.)

Act 1 – Scene 2

Setting: The living room in Rosie’s Neohome. The room is furnished with a fireplace, a couch, a recliner, and large coffee table. Depending on the budget of the production, other items such as speakers, paintings and plants may be used. The room has two doors, one that leads to the kitchen and the other to Rosie’s room.

(Rosie is sitting near the fireplace with her Spardel. The two are enjoying a game of fetch with Rosie’s ball.)

Rosie: (In her best “Master” impression.) Servant! I need Yellow Bouncy Ball! (With that, she tosses the ball across the room, which ends up hitting a wall and bounces back, landing next to the Spardel.)

Spardel: (Looks blankly at the ball, then turns to Rosie.) Woof!

Rosie: (A tad annoyed.) Not woof, fetch the ball! Silly Spardel.

(With another attempt, she tosses the ball, which bounces into the adjoining room. Slowly the Spardel chases after it. Rosie’s brother, Fortune, an electric Yurble, enters from the kitchen.)

Fortune: Rosie? I thought you were playing outside.

Rosie: (Happily.) Well I was, until I met my new friend.

Fortune: (Interested.) Is this friend visible?

Rosie: (Frowning.) That was only one time, and Sponge was real!

Fortune: Really now? (Crossing his arms.) I do recall that Sponge was eight feet tall, had four eyes and knew how to fly.

Rosie: That’s because he was an invisible Shoyru, who wore huge boots and thick glasses!

Fortune: (Throwing his hands up in the air.) Your stories make no sense! Every time I’d come by, Sponge would be coincidentally missing or-

Rosie: (Cutting in.) My new friend is real! He just left the room to get something-

Fortune: (Continuing.) Had just left the moment I arrived. Anyways, I only came to tell you that dinner will be ready in three minutes. Wash up, and if you want, bring this new friend along, (Pause, smiling.) I’d like you meet him.

(Fortune leaves the room and the Spardel comes back in from Rosie’s room, a popped ball in his mouth.)

Rosie: (Sighing.) Fortune will never believe this…


Act 1 – Scene 3

Setting: Rosie’s room. Depending on the budget of the production, the style of furniture may differ. Rainbow or Faerie is preferred. Room must contain a desk, chair, bed, and a dresser.

(Rosie is playing with the Spardel, immediately following dinner.)

Rosie: (To the Spardel.) I can’t believe my own brother doesn’t believe you’re real. Where’d you go during dinner to? I had the perfect chance to prove him wrong and you disappear! Unreliable. (She frowns, and then smiles.) I can’t stay mad at you; you’re too cute!

(Rosie hugs the Spardel who licks her face in return.)

Rosie: What do you want to do now? What kind of games do Spardels like yourself play?

(The Spardel stares blankly and then barks. Rosie looks around the room and then decides on what to do.)

Rosie: Want to go back outside? I bet you’re missing the outside already, aren’t you little guy?

(The Spardel continues to stare at Rosie with its tongue hanging from his mouth. Rosie nods.)

Rosie: Can you find something to play with? I probably have a stash of old toys under my bed; take a look.

(The Spardel looks down and then jumps off the bed. Staring expressionlessly at whatever was under there, Rosie pushes it lightly to get it started. As the Spardel makes it way under Rosie’s bed, Fortune knocks, then enters.)

Rosie: Did I forget to do something?

Fortune: No, but maybe you can answer a quick question for me. Brandon from down the street says he’s missing a Petpet, a… (Pause.) Spardel. Have you seen one around, maybe while you were playing before dinner?

Rosie: (Glancing around the room and then back at Fortune.) Well… now that I think about it… no.

Fortune: Well if you do see one, tell me, Brandon is pretty upset without him around.

(Fortune turns about and leaves the room. The Spardel makes it way out from under the bed without a toy. Rosie sighs.)

Rosie: (To the Spardel.) Maybe we can play together one last time.

(Blackout. )

Act 1 – Scene 4

Setting: Back outside by the street. It is dusk, which may effect the amount light used if the play is performed indoors.

(Rosie is running in circles in her backyard. The Spardel, chasing close behind is happily enjoying itself with it’s tongue hanging and flapping about.

Rosie: (Out of breath, to the Spardel.) You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!

Spardel: Woof!

Rosie: Come on Mr. Bearog, try and get me! Grrr! (She stops and jumps in a half circle.) Rawrrr! I’m a big bad Bearog as well.

Spardel: (Stopping in front of Rosie.) Woof! (He stares blankly.)

Rosie: Rawrrr!

Spardel: …

Rosie: (Giving up.) Well you’re no fun. You wouldn’t last ten seconds out in the wild where ever there are Bearogs. (Thinking.) Where are there Bearogs?

Spardel: …, Woof?

Rosie: (Shaking her head.) No, not there, that’s too cold.

Spardel: (Rotating his head.) Woof? …, Woof!

Rosie: (Laughing.) Not there either, what kind of Bearogs are you thinking about? Last time I checked, they couldn’t fly silly. (Suddenly looks sad.) I’m going to miss not playing with you. To bad I know Brandon, and to bad my brother will just return you if he sees you.

Spardel: (Jumping up and down.) Woof… Woof!

Rosie: (Half-laughing, half-crying.) It’s dumb! I’ve only known you for a few hours, and you’re turning out to be my best friend. I must be crazy, (Pause.) wait! Maybe we can run away together! Run away to Krawk Island! You could pass off as a Pirate Captain right?

Spardel: (Confused.) Woof?

Rosie: Maybe not… but there has to be a way, I don’t want to give you back!

(Fortune walks onstage from the house. Rosie doesn’t notice and continues to talk.)

Rosie: (Crying.) The Haunted Woods! No one will look for us there! You and me, we’d fit in perfectly. (Watches as the Spardel runs around and slides under a bush.)

Fortune: Rosie… you’re going to have to return him, I heard you talking before and told Brandon to stop by on his way home from shopping. He’s here now. (Turning to look as Brandon walks onstage.)

Brandon: (Happily.) Come here Amor, here boy, come here boy!

(Rosie, Fortune and Brandon watch as a Spardel begins to slowly making his way over to Brandon from the bushes. It happily runs towards Brandon and jumps into his arms.)

Fortune: That’s a fine Spardel you have there Brandon, was he always that color?

Brandon: (Nodding.) I found him a few months back and he was like this. I think he’s so cute, but I sometimes lose him in the dark. My friends think I should paint it something brighter, such as pink or white.

(Rosie stares as she notices the Spardel is a dark shade of blue, almost black color. Brandon shakes hands with Fortune and waves to Rosie, leaving with his Spardel Amor.)

Rosie: But… but…

Fortune: None of that, you knew the Spardel belonged to someone. You’d have to give it back sometime.

Rosie: (Wide eyed and open mouthed.) But… (She turns and there, sitting on the grass behind her is her pink Spardel friend. ) Spardel! (Quickly, she leans down and picks him up. ) I thought I’d never see you again.

Fortune: (Confused.) Umm… Rosie? (Glancing at the empty air in her arms.) There’s… (Pause.) Never mind. Just don’t stay out to long with your new friend.

Rosie: (Happily.) I’ll only be a minute!

(Rosie continues to pet her imaginary friend and Fortune walks off stage shaking his head. Blackout.)

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