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10 Reasons to Own a Kiko

by omega_hobo_gogeta


Why hello there, fellow Neopian Times reader! While I’m sure you are off to read the newest part of your favorite series, or perhaps to beg the editorial staff for more hints about the Wishing Well avatar, please take a minute out of your busy schedules, and open your hearts just a tad bit. After reading this article, it is my hope that many of you will fall in love with a much underrated Neopet, the Kiko.

Kikos are those little guys that look like balls with arms. Adorable, no? While they are Limited Edition pets, they aren’t as nearly sought after as other species of the same title. At the time of writing, their popularity ranking is listed at #44 of all 54 Neopets. To rectify this injustice, I am here to present the top ten reasons why you should want to own one of these beauties.

To compile this list, I had set out on an arduous journey to find the world’s most brilliant minds to aid me. After walking about thirty feet from my house, I realized that I was far too lazy to follow through with my plans, though, so I instead asked for the help of my Neofriends! As it turns out, however, they had little to say in support of the Kiko. Even my argument, that legs are overrated, had little effect on them. So, in short, this list is entirely derived from my unique thoughts, and because of such, I feel it necessary to add that I hold no responsibility for anything that may result. This includes reimbursements when you decide to spend all of your Neopoints on building an unstoppable Kiko Army.

(I’m serious, Laywerbot owes me a favor.)

1. They can float – Sure, some Neopets have can fly with their wings, but none other are able to float. Shouldn’t that be enough of a reason to see how special they are?

2. They have a lake named after them – Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? You want to go swimming in the Pteri Pool? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Kiko Lake is not only a cool place to be, but it is also the only place to swim that is named after any Neopet species. Not feeling so popular anymore, are you, Shoyru?

3. Kikos rock – There’s an avatar to back me up on this one, so I won’t say anything else on this topic, as it would just be stating the obvious.

4. Tubular Kiko Racing – If having skills at inner tube racing isn’t a trademark of being cool, then I don’t know what is. More than anything, this just goes to show that Kikos are very exciting, and that you will never have a dull moment with one.

5. Clay – At the time of writing, Kikos are one of the two species that are able to have the color Clay. If you strive for uniqueness amongst your pets, what more could you ask for, owning a pet that can be painted such a rare color?

6. Kiko-Fu – This is precisely the reason why I stay on my Kiko’s good side. Kikos have given birth to such an amazing art; TNT even gave recognition by creating a book on the matter! While it can be a great form of exercise, it is an even greater form of power.

7. They fare well in the Battledome – While I am sure that several other Neopets can make the same claim, I can personally vouch for the power behind a Kiko’s punch. My Kiko has visited the Battledome on several occasions, and has certainly proven his merit. In fact, he would probably be upset if I excluded this fact, and as I mentioned earlier, I try to stay on his good side.

8. They are fast – While it would seem that any species without legs wouldn’t excel in matters of agility, Kikos defy such assumptions. In reality, lacking legs actually makes them faster, as they have less weight to slow them down while they are floating.

9. They make an excellent army – This sounds vaguely familiar... Er, sorry, anyway, as I was saying, they make an excellent army. Have you ever seen a hoard of Kikos come charging at you? It is, by far, the scariest thing that you could ever encounter. Even Meepits fail in comparison to such a sight. When a Meepit goes to sleep at night, it checks under the bed for Kikos. THAT is how scary Kikos can be.

10. They have the best wearable items of any species – While some of the readers may not fully agree with this notion yet, they will soon enough. For a species lacking a lower body, Kikos can truly make any look work. One of the best outfits available today that any Kiko would be proud to wear would be the Wizard Set. This set is comprised of four items (Kiko Wizard Gloves, Kiko Wizard Hat, Kiko Wizard Robe, and Kiko Wizard Staff), and will make your pet more wizardly than any other species on the site. If magic isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of other outfits for you to choose from. With so many amazing looks, you will not be disappointed.

And there you have it, those are the top ten reasons to own a Kiko. After reading through this list, I’m sure that many of you have been converted in Kiko Lovers. For those of you who have remained unmoved by my words, it matters not, for now I have enough support to start the Kiko Revolution... *evil grin*

Brothers and sisters, now is our moment. Ready your Kiko Armies! It’s time we struck fear into the heart of Neopia, for the purpose of... love. That makes sense, right? Well, love does hurt, after all... ANYWAY, now is your final chance for redemption, fellow Neopians. If you do not own a Kiko already, please find it in your heart to adopt one today!

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to learn more about these amazing pets. You may now continue probing the editorial staff for more tips on the Wishing Well avatar.

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