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How to Fail at Avatar Games

by munchie0722


Also by smart_and_sassy

Okay. You might've tried for a game avatar before, correct? Well, you might wanna slack one day and just find ways to fail at getting avatars. I'm gonna go through ten games and tell you how to FAIL at getting the avatar. If you get the avatar using these methods, I will say, I am very shocked.

Hope you have fun!.

1. Snowmuncher

Get to 100% bloatedness, and try to eat a block of ice. The most obvious way to lose, but still can be funny. Also, you can eat a block, but then go under a falling one to die. Making your own sound effects recommended. Another method to failing is when a Snow Wurm melts out of his ice block, run into it. Yelling, "OOH WORMY YAY!!" in real life while running into one will cause concerned family members, strange looks, but hopefully laughs too. If none of those happen, that's probably a good thing. If you can think of your own methods to failure, use them! Have fun!

2. Dubloon Disaster

Not many ways to die, but it's still pretty amusing.

The obvious way is just run into a mine, but that's just plain boring, no? Use sound effects created by yourself when getting dubloons, when a new mine spawns, when one is close to you, or when you narrowly escape one, etc. You can also get to a higher score, and use the scallywags code, and spawn a whirlpool. Then, run right into it, and I would definitely recommend yelling "WHOOSH! AHHH!!" while being sunk and captured. I think that's about it for how you can die in Dubloon Disaster.

3. Meerca Chase II

Ooh, this is a fun one to lose in.

First, you can go into superextrahypergravitymode( try saying that five times fast!) and just let the black hole pull you in. I recommend using the Dubloon Disaster sound effects (Whoosh!!! and AHHH!!" while being pulled in. That's the most boring way to die.

Instead, if you wanna try to be a hardcore Meerca, try to go around it full speed multiple times, but just run into it instead. Once again, you'll most likely die.

The next way you can die is by collecting a bunch of yellow neggs, or really any colored neggs, and try to do an extreme daredevil Meerca stunt. If you make it, take your eyes off the screen, and hands of the keyboard and cheer. Then you will lose. If you don’t make it however, pout and go sit in a corner. Just kidding, don’t really do that. Another way to lose is by crashing into a wall, but just doing that isn’t fun.

Charge full speed, make a fist, hold it up, and produce the words “CHARGE!!!” and then run into the wall. Then you humorously failed at Meerca Chase. If you do not have the avatar, and you get a fish negg and then a power negg appears DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, use my failing method. I hope you had fun failing at this game!

4. Kass Basher

Easiest game to fail at.

I prefer pretending I’m some famous baseball announcer, and instead of announcing Derek Jeter or someone like that, I announce “Up at the plate, facing the Kass Plushie, Blumaroo Blumson!” then I miss like, ten times in a row, and I say that I struck out the side. Now, if you aren’t a baseball person, just swing away hopelessly. Also, I just really hope that you have the avatar... It’s mostly luck, other than the wind.

5. Petpet Rescue

One of the funnest games to fail at also. It’s funny. Running for a petpet, and then PLOP, you fall into lava.

Nice rescuer, no? Use sound effects, EX. “WHOOSH!” when running, “SPLASH!!” when you fall into lava, and shout , “VICTORY!!!” when you get all the petpets. When you die, imitate the screams of the poor little petpets that have fallen into the lava. They didn’t do anything to deserve falling in lava, so the weird looks you get will make up for it. Happy? I’m sure the petpets aren’t. Anyway, When a spike is coming right at you, don’t run. You’ll likely have a panic attack and run INTO lava, and still end up dying. Just stand still, hope that there is wind, and maybe duck... or fly. You are a Scorchio...

6. Meepit Juice Break

Why are you feeding the Meepits?! Okay, to fail, you just do this: Sit down, ignore the Meepits and--*is being held hostage by Meepits* *escapes*

Okay, so play on Zen mode, and get bored, and quit at 1 point. That’s a total fail. Or just quitting 100 points before the score.

That takes forever on zen mode. The point of this game is to drive you crazy, so I recommend you DO NOT play it...

7. Carnival of Terror

Ahh. Are you afraid of clowns? Are you a fierce Lupe? Well, either way, you get to own clowns and Chias! Okay. You wanna fail but have success at the same time?

First, let them throw pies at you. It drains your health, but come on, when life gives you free pie, you just HAVE to take it.

Also, while you’re shooting the Chia Clowns, if you miss, you could hit something else that may give you a great prize.

Just try to avoid hitting a Skeith.

The best way to lose other than missing, and health decreases, is just letting time run out. You’ll likely lose all of your health before that, though. Or eat all the pie shot at you. But you should know what I mean. That concludes how to fail this game!

8. Nimmo’s Pond

You read it, and think that because of the word “pond” it may be calmer. No. Absolutely not.

You can die just by moving forward. Don’t do it.

Honestly, though, you are shooting lily pads, not too threatening. You have three power-ups, and from what I hear, the Red one is the worst. So obviously, to fail, use that one! I hear that Yellow is the best, but as I said, if you wanna fail, don’t use yellow.

If you wanna be a hardcore Nimmo, go swimming around, but don’t use too much paddle power. That’s right. Paddle Power. You can lose by using too much.

9. Mynci Beach Volleyball

A beach. Volleyball. I didn’t expect anything different, but wait... MYNCIES?

Okay, don’t get distracted by your Mynci.

Remember, always get stuck by opponent’s Turdles. Also, never touch the ball, unless you are serving. If you need to touch it, just run. Run. RUN!! Many different power-ups in this game. Super Speed, which I run back and forth with, and it’s VERY VERY fun. I recommend trying it. Next, you can get bigger. I always use a ridiculous voice and say “Oh I’m a big fat monkey k” but in a ridiculous voice.

Use your imagination.

Next power-up is a bigger net. It intimidates me. It scares me. When that happens, I just serve the ball, and run as far as the game lets me, just to get away from the horrible giant net. Remember, be creative with your own failures!

10. Maths Nightmare

Play on Easy Peasy and Addition. Think REALLY hard about what 2+2 is. It’s really easy, but if you make a big deal about it, it is fun... and stressful. If math is your strong point, you will have fun failing. Even math geniuses can fail. Also, to fail, other than thinking hard for 2+2 and 5+6, focus on the Babaas. Count them. Fall asleep. That’s the #1 way to fail. To not pay attention! Also, think about the Aisha’s name, Imiya. Think about how that is such a cool/pretty name. Once again, be creative and have fun.

Okay, this is the end of Part 1 of failures to games. I hope you enjoyed, and amused yourself. I apologize for any weird looks that you got. If you got an avatar of these games while using my method, please neomail me so I can make a mental note. I hope that you all had fun, and also keep this up in another tab while playing games so you can remember how to fail epically at a game. Thank you for reading this part, and I hope you continue reading the series.

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