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Another Successful Year In Neopia

by comawhite333


It's that time of year again! Time to break out the confetti and cake. Neopets is another year older. What's so special about that? Well, this year has been a huge success. There has been so many new additions and revamps, it's very hard not to find good entertainment in Neopia, from Cap'n Threelegs's makeover to the new games and activities. Well, I'm here to break them all down for you. Whoever said TNT doesn't work overtime should definitely take the time to read this! Of course, checking out the New Features page every day wouldn't be a bad idea either.

1.) Let's start with the most recent. Apple Bobbing! Our new daily. It's always exciting to see a new daily added to our list of things to do. Vegetarians are going crazy over this. Even King Skarl cracked a smile when he heard of it. But beware, there are always a few bad apples thrown in with the good. ;)

2.) Well, it seems as though the art department has been working overtime this year. There is really nothing they can't accomplish with no sleep and coffee. The lab-ray scientist, Cap'n Threelegs, the Bank Manager, Jhudora, and even the Shopkeepers weren't left out this year. The list of makeovers is too long to list, of course, but their dedication has shown very brightly this year *throws cookies at the art department*... they don't catch them because they're asleep at their desk. Poor guys. :(

3. )The attic! Fan girl scream! They debuted yet another activity on May 12th 2010 that can be enjoyed every day by the infamous restockers. The attic is the perfect place to find unbuyables at a very cheap price. And yes, Draik eggs have been spotted there. Your account has to be 36 months old to enjoy this area of sweets, but don't be distressed if your account isn't of age yet. All players can enjoy the deals given by Mika and Carassa at Igloo Garage Sale. Thanks to their hoarding, we can enjoy great deals all year round.

4.) New smilies... Who doesn't enjoy it when TNT debuts a new smiley. Everyone flocks to the neoboards immediately to test them out. My favorite of this year was *headdesk*. Who doesn't feel the need to use that smiley at least once a day in Neopia? Sadly, though, the cutest smiley ever was removed due to its inappropriate use. :( It is a very sad grey day in Neopia when players abuse a precious little defenceless smiley. R. I. P *headdesk*. You will be dearly missed.

5.) New paint brush colors. Yep, this year TNT released three new paint brush colors: Woodland, Relic and Transparent. All very beautiful. At the moment only certain pets can be painted these colors. It may be a while before you're able to paint certain pets with these paint brushes, but it does give us all something to look forward to! What else can be said? It's new paint brush colors!

6.) Let's not forget January 14, the day it happened. The day Sloth hijacked TNT's office and released the news himself. We were stunned, shocked and even entertained. Never had we seen such an arrogant display of... *laser fire* Hahaha!

A little while later, I crawl out from under my desk. The coast is clear. Ahem, we'll continue that last bit when I have better security....

7.) There is a new game available through the NC Mall. JubJub Power Bounce. Very fun and addictive, just what all of us NC addicts needed. Who doesn't enjoy winning real NC wearables? This game is excellent for those who enjoy surprises. It's a gamble, but well worth it in the end.

8.) The newest (and still on going) site excitement is the new plot. The Faeries Ruin. That's right, just when we thought it was safe to stroll the streets of Faerieland, disaster struck and all the faeries were turned to stone. This plot has been awesome. Even the Battledomers (who have been feeling a little left out) are enjoying it. There has been something in it for everyone.

9.) Save The Wheels. This year after years of use, the wheels broke down. *kicks the maintenance workers*' We told you to use more oil!' *Ahem* Anyway, the Wheel of Knowledge, Wheel of Excitement , Wheel of Mediocrity , Wheel of Misfortune and the Wheel of Monotony were in dire need of a makeover. Luckily everyone pulled together and contributed a whopping 12,371,691,860 NP for the cause. The wheels were saved and everyone was happy. The wheels are in working order again and very beautifully constructed. *throws cookies at the architects*

10.) We should also keep in mind all the new items that were released this year, including wearables, stamps, coins, potions and even new petpets! More than enough was done to satisfy everyone, no matter what their goals or collections consisted of. Among all the miscellaneous things that are being compacted here, I should add that we also had an official Lawyerbot siting on the Charter Boards. It's always nice to have the opportunity to mingle (or argue :P) with TNT members. Who knows? If you missed out on that, you may get the opportunity to do so one day. TNT is everywhere and could jump out at anytime. *scary music*

Among all the changes this site has experienced, I think it would be a good idea to cover a major change that came over the summer. The 'Site Spotlight' was discontinued. Some Neopians were saddened by this, mainly because it was around so long. It is always sad to see changes of this magnitude. We can always look up past Spotlight winners if we ever feel the need to reminisce. With all the new additions made this year, though, it more than makes up for it.

This is just a very small recap of the changes that are still happening in Neopia. This year has had its ups and downs, but all in all, it's been exciting and more than anyone expected. Who knows what the next year will bring us? What new activities, changes and items will be in store for all of us neo-fanatics? I guess we're just gonna have to stick around and see. So let us all tip our hats to everyone who has made it possible for us to continue to enjoy all this site has to offer. We truly appreciate it! We may stomp our feet sometimes, complain and throw tantrums, but it's only because we know you're listening. Why else would we even bother? *smacks TNT with a paddle 11 times* and one to grow on. ;)

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