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Ready for a New Winter Look?

by bittersweet52


The year is getting older, the days are getting colder, and you might be thinking it’s about time for some excitement. To tide you over until the holidays arrive, why not try a new paint job? In keeping with the upcoming holiday atmosphere, there are two great paint brush colors to consider: Christmas and Snow. Now if you’re a Hissi, Krawk, or Lutari, you’re a little out of luck. For you guys, I suggest you write in to the folks at the NT editorial and demand a little holiday love! But in the mean time, Hissis- you might try Brown or White, Krawks- I recommend Ice or Cloud, and Lutaris- Pirate or Red would be lovely holiday hues. For the rest of you species, how will you decide between Christmas and Snow? Well, this article aims to help you with that very conundrum.

Now, there are a few basics to go over first. Christmas and Snow colours are both attainable as colors from the Secret Lab Ray. But! The important thing is that they are also available as paint brushes. The Christmas Paint Brush costs around 50,000 NP. The Snow Paint Brush is almost double that, hovering around 100,000 NP. Now maybe your owner is standing beside you shooting you frantic looks and shaking their head vigorously. Yes, the Snow Paint Brush is more expensive, but being a snow pet can also help you and your owner obtain the “Wocky – Snow Day” secret avatar. Just keep that in mind!

More importantly, though, what are the general characteristics and differences in the two colours? Well, Christmas pets generally have a lot of red, green, and white. They often come with clothing and decorations in the form of holly, colourful lights, or holiday-themed costumes. Remember that both base colour and clothing can be important if you and your owner like to cross paint. Snow pets are much simpler. They are always made of snow (duh!) and sport sticks, twigs, leaves, carrots, and often coals for eyes, just like the traditional snow sculptures you may have made in the backyard when you were young.

Now that you know the basics of the two colours, it’s time to dive into what the best choice of the season will be for you! (Ctrl-F to jump to your species!)

Please note: I don’t aim to offend anyone with my opinions in this article. There are plenty of pets that can pull off even the hardest looks and colours. This is just a guide for those out there who aren’t quite as confident in their style choices.

Acara- I’d definitely go with Christmas. Even though the base colour is only slightly darker than a basic green, the Santa outfit is quite adorable. Snow Acaras have to put up with floppy, wilted looking carrots and that’s just not classy.

Aisha- Again, definitely Christmas for you guys! The reindeer look is perfect for the season. Get together with eight of your friends and go caroling!

Blumaroo- Snow is the colour for you! The little stick at the top is pure genius. In any case, Christmas paint just makes you look like a giant, awkward candy cane.

Bori- You know, it’s really a tie here. Christmas Bori have a lovely soft base colour with green ear tips and a minty-looking tummy which is very refreshing. And the scarf is lovely. But Snow Bori have awesome carrot feet that everyone will be sure to admire.

Bruce- While the Santa outfit that comes with the Christmas paint is spiffy, and the chilly-hued base colour is quite appropriate for the coming cold weather, that blue scarf that comes with the Snow paint is probably the softest scarf you will ever find.

Buzz- Both colours are interesting for you Buzz folk. Your owner may not want to pay the high ticket price for a Christmas Paint Brush if you happen to be Red right now, because only your stomach will change base colour, but the outfit is spot on, and even comes with shiny black boots. The wings are key for your Snow coloured Buzz. Unique and quite wondrous. (How does a Snow Buzz stay aflight?)

Chia- Did you see the top hat that comes with the Snow paint? Nuff said.

Chomby- The biggest pro to be said for the Christmas paint is that your natural spots will become shaped like holly berries and leaves. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will. (And I’m not just saying that because my cousin Chpyi is a Christmas Chomby!)

Cybunny- I think the two colours for Cybunnies are both very sweet. The Christmas Cybunny’s ruff is a more subdued green, which definitely works. The Snow Cybunny’s scarf, though, might tip the scales.

Draik- If you want to paint this season, I would recommend Christmas for you guys. The dark green base is great for cross painters. There’s really nothing else like it. The Christmas clothing is just an added bonus. ;)

Elephante- To be honest, I think using a piece of coal for the jewel on your headpiece as well as coal for eyes was a mistake. But if you want to look like you have a third eye, then maybe that’s the way you want to go. If you want to look festive instead of like a mutant, then I’d go with Christmas. The Christmas paint job also comes with a complete Santa outfit, head to toe.

Eyrie- Eyries are one species where the use of a carrot seems quite appropriate in both shape and colour. In my opinion, the Christmas Eyrie colour makes you look like you’re trying too hard to be a deckswabber.

Flotsam- The reindeer look is a bit awkward on you aquatic fellows, so I’d go with Snow if I were you. The good thing about it is that it isn’t real snow, so you’re safe to swim about in the water as per your usual habit. :)

Gelert- The reindeer look is adorable on Gelerts! And when the presents have all been opened and the decorations put away, the brown base colour is still easy to customize with.

Gnorbu- I adore the minty colouring of Christmas Gnorbus. But seeing as Snow is not available for Gnorbus yet, if you’re searching for an alternative, you might look into White Paint Brushes as well.

Grarrl- In my opinion, the lime green stripes of the Christmas Grarrl are a little awkward. But the elf shoes are pretty awesome, so it sort of evens out. Snow Grarrls are just what you would expect, with a snowy base colour and texture, and coal eyes.

Grundo- I really don’t know what to tell you guys. The base colour for Christmas Grundos is only slightly darker than the basic green, and the Santa jacket is not as nice as some of the other Santa costumes out there. But Snow Grundos have carrots stuck in the ears which might be a little uncomfortable after a few hours. :(

Ixi- Both seasonal colours are great on an Ixi! The Christmas paint makes you up like a reindeer. The Snow paint gives you the cutest leaf tail anyone’s ever seen.

Jetsam- Either Snow or Ice are good winter colours for a Jetsam. Unfortunately, Ice Paint Brushes are nowhere to be found, so you’d have to rely on a lucky zap for that colour!

JubJub- Christmas is available for JubJubs, but not Snow. Like Jetsam, Ice is a colour available to JubJubs, but only through the Secret Lab Ray. Christmas JubJubs are slightly unique because they come with a Christmas tree costume complete with a star on top!

Kacheek- For all you Kacheeks out there, I’d definitely recommend Christmas. While the Snow colouring is lovely, the Christmas Paint Brush is much cheaper. And like Gelerts, the Christmas base colour is great for customization even after the holiday season has ended.

Kau- Christmas Kaus look like spotted reindeer. The base colour is actually quite nice, similar to the Brown Paint Brush, but with tan spots instead of dark brown stripes. If you’re looking for another seasonal colour, you might look into a White Paint Brush.

Kiko- Although the ivory base colour of the Christmas paint may seem plain, I still prefer it to the slightly strange-looking eyes that the Snow paint imparts to Kikos.

Koi- The bright yellow base colour of the Christmas Koi paint is a bit harsh on the eyes, although the elf costume is certainly appropriate for the season. A Cloud Paint Brush might also do the trick if you’re looking for a cooler colour this holiday season.

Korbat- Christmas Korbats are candy canestriped, similar to Christmas Blumaroos. I personally find the stripes awkward, although they do fit the holiday theme. Korbats can also be zapped Ice if you’ve collected all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, and have a bit of luck with the lab ray.

Kougra- Definitely, definitely Christmas! Christmas Kougras are probably the classiest of the Christmas pets, and the colour is very versatile off-season. Similar to White paint, Christmas gives you a white base colour, but with elegant, softer, gray stripes rather than the bolder navy of White paint.

Kyrii- It takes a brave and confident Kyrii to sport the intense green and red mane that you get with Christmas paint. If you’re not feeling quite so bold, the Snow colour is actually quite cool for Kyrii.

Lenny- A Christmas Lenny has a cool, blue base similar to a Christmas Bruce, but with candy cane striped legs. If you’re looking for a similar base colour but don’t want people to make fun of your legs, you might try a Striped Paint Brush instead.

Lupe- Both Christmas and Snow are decent colours for Lupes, though neither are particularly inspiring. While a paint job in and of itself may be good for an interesting change, you’ll probably want to repaint again once the weather changes.

Meerca- Personally, I think Christmas Meercas look strangely sunburned. I recommend buying a simple White Paint Brush instead if you want a new look this winter.

Moehog- The bow on the Christmas Moehog is the cutest thing ever and I don’t know why more Christmas pets don’t have one! Snow paint is pretty decent for you Moehogs as well.

Mynci- The Christmas base colour for you guys is only slightly darker than the basic red, but Snow paint is a bit boring for a Mynci. You could consider the Christmas paint just for the clothing, but it may not be worth it. That’s something you’ll have to discuss with your owner.

Nimmo- Your base colour after being painted Christmas is almost indistinguishable from the basic green, but the clothing is snuggly and comes with festive gold sleigh bells. If you’re into the lab ray, you might try for Ice this winter as well.

Ogrin- Ogrins get ready to get your Christmas on! Christmas Ogrins have lovely natural brown base colouring, and dark green hair. With the colourful baubles hung decoratively around the ruff and tail, Christmas Ogrins look a bit like tropical Christmas trees!

Peophin- Both Christmas and Snow colours are great on Peophins. Christmas Peophins sport a rich green base with an ivory mane and shaggy socks. Snow Peophins have a wicked half-snow half-leaf mane which is quite stylish, and a delicate dried leaf faceplate that will match may fall and winter outfits.

Poogle- Unfortunately, Poogles cannot be painted Christmas (yet!), but the Snow look is very nice, and a typical Snow pet. Ironically, another seasonal colour to consider may be Halloween. Halloween Poogles come with a snow beast costume. You might want to pick up a Snicklebeast on the way if you go the Halloween route.

Pteri- Christmas Pteris have lovely rosy cheeks that just make you want to snuggle up with them and drink hot chocolate; very adorable, and the look transitions easily into spring fashions. The Snow Paint Brush will give you a typical Snow pet look.

Quiggle- I’d recommend Snow for Quiggles over Christmas paint. The Christmas Paint Brush will give Quiggles a green base colour with red stripes, but the green is not as brilliant as other Christmas pets and will probably make you fade into the background instead of letting you shine in your new look. The Christmas clothing also leaves something to be desired, giving you pants but no shirt. :(

Ruki- If you like a cool, minty-blue base colour, then Christmas is the colour for you this winter! Another nice, simple colour to consider would be White.

Scorchio- Like Rukis, Scorchios cannot be painted Snow, but can be painted White. The White Paint Brush is a bit pricey, but gives you a more elegant and unique look than the Christmas Paint Brush, which gives you a red base almost identical to basic red.

Shoyru- There are pros and cons to both Christmas and Paint colours for Shoyrus. Christmas gives you a pretty basic green base colour which may not be particularly inspiring, but your wings will become speckled with white spots. The Santa outfit is very nice, and comes complete with boots. Snow Shoyrus have the basic Snow look, with carrots for your wing-tip spikes, but instead of coal eyes, Snow Shoyrus have lovely, gleaming sapphire-like eyes.

Skeith- Skeiths cannot be painted Christmas, but they can be painted both Snow and White. White Skeiths are simple and elegant with yellowish gold accents for your spine spikes, tail, and wings. Snow Skeiths sport a cute coal nose and carrots for spine spikes.

Techo- Like the Christmas Quiggle, Christmas Techos have a more subdued green than most find appealing. Christmas Techos do, however, gain a nice pair of earmuffs that can be used in other customizations if you have a different base colour. Snow Techos are just what you would expect if a Techo were made of snow. ;)

Tonu- For all the Tonu out there, both Christmas and Snow are available for you, but I’d recommend Snow. Similar to Christmas Meercas, the Christmas colour on Tonu make them look a bit like a slightly sunburned elf. (No offense to any Christmas Tonu or elves out there!)

Tuskaninny- Both Christmas and Snow colours are available for Tuskaninnies as well. And in your case, both colours look great! The Christmas colour gives you a creamy white base and a cute red nose. You also would get warm gloves and a scarf, as well as a Santa hat with a sleigh bell on the end and a holly tail decoration. Snow Tuskaninnies have the most adorable leaf hair tuft I’ve ever seen, as well as a round carrot nose and coal eyes.

Uni- Similar to Christmas Kyrii, Christmas Unis have a bright green and red mane that may not be for the timid. But Christmas Unis have a clean white base colour, and their look really is quite festive and not quite as shocking as Christmas Kyrii. Snow is also available as a winter colour for Unis, but the wing tip carrots are a bit strange in my opinion.

Usul- Unlike Unis, I would recommend Snow over Christmas for Usuls looking for a new paint job this winter. Snow Usuls are adorable with a smoky blue bow, whereas Christmas Usuls have a boring basic yellow base colour and minimal clothing with their elf costume.

Wocky- Christmas Wockies are very red, and you should be sure before you decide to visit the Rainbow Pool. But the wreath-like ruff is very sweet. Snow Wockies are simple but cute as well. A bit more subdued than the Christmas colouring, but very appropriate for winter.

Xweetok- Snow Xweetoks have the same characteristics as typical Snow pets, but their fur style works really well with the Snow texture and the coal eyes have more life in them than say, Chombies. Xweetoks can’t be painted with the Christmas Paint Brush yet, but they can be zapped Ice if you’re lucky and don’t like the Snow look.

Yurble- I find the face paint of Christmas Yurbles to be a bit awkward and over the top, while the leafy mane of Snow Yurbles is natural and interesting. But Christmas paint come with good clothing, so you might consider cross-painting.

Zafara- I would definitely go for Christmas if I were a Zafara. The angel costume is unique to your species. And if you have a Darigan friend, then the two of you with your Christmas paint can double as a Halloween costume next year!

Well, that’s the end of roll call! Now go out and buy those paint brushes! Choose a colour and make a trip to the Rainbow Pool this month! You’ll be sure to make a splash at your next holiday party!

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