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Meepit Conspiracy Revealed!

by mystie06


Hello, mystie06 here. The other day my Shoyru's pirate Babyca brought this very interesting document, entitled The Meepits Plan to Conquer Neopia, out of the Mysterious Symol Hole, and I thought it best to inform as many of my fellow Neopians as possible of the contents of this document. So instead of an article about uses for a solid stone pie, I give you the latest Meepit plan for world domination.

Hello and welcome to the 10th Annual Meepit Convention! This is truly a great day for Meepits everywhere, as today is the day the Council of Meepits releases their latest plan for Neopian domination. Well, it looks like everyone is settled, and, yes, the Speaker of the Council is approaching the microphone.

Speaker: Greetings, fellow Meepits! The time you have been waiting for has come! Today we unveil the Council's fool-proof plan of Neopia domination! We ask that you save all your questions until I have finished explaining the plan.

Speaker: As you already know, on the 21st day of Gathering in Y12, all the Faeries of Neopia were turned to stone. We had no part in this, though we are very grateful to the unknown malefactor who thus removed all the Faeries with one fell swoop, and left Faerieland open for conquest.

Speaker: Yes, the first step in our great plan is to invade Faerieland! *waits for cheering to subside* As all the Faeries are now no more than statues, all we have to do is walk in there and take over. Think of it, my fellow Meepits: the Healing Springs, the Palace, the Faerie Weapons Shop, even the Hidden Tower, all are empty and ready for the taking! *more cheering* We shall seize them all, confiscate everything of use, and sell the rest to gullible Neopians at highly inflated prices. No Neopian, nay, no Neopian army shall dare challenge us, for our fighters will all be equipped with the best weapons in the Hidden Tower! *tremendous roar of cheering*

Speaker: Once Faerieland is ours, we will commence phase two of our plan, known as Operation Meepit Quests. Certain Meepits, chosen by the Council, will take over the Faeries' primary function, the giving out of quests to random Neopians. By now the general population of Neopia is so starved for random and voluntary quests that they will happily give us whatever items we ask for. The items we receive from the Meepit Quests will either be used to further our conquest of Neopia, or will be sold in order to raise money for our cause.

Speaker: There will be two types of Meepit Quests: random quests and voluntary quests. Random quests will be handed out to apparently-randomly-chosen Neopians, and will demand less-expensive items. These quests will be handed out by specially-chosen red, green, blue, yellow, and pink Meepits, and occasionally by starry, faerie, or disco Meepits.

Speaker: Voluntary quests will be handed out by strategically-placed Meepits to all who come and volunteer for these quests; the items demanded will be more expensive than those from the random quest. The Meepits handing out these quests are as follows: Meepusen, the green Meepit who will be taking over Illusen's Glade; Meepdora, the mutant Meepit whose new home was formerly known as Jhudora's Cloud; and Meepelia, the snow Meepit who now resides in what was the Snow Faerie's home on Terror Mountain.

Speaker: The point of the Meepit Quests is twofold: 1) we will gain much-needed supplies through the generous support of unsuspecting Neopians, and 2) all these Neopians who complete our quests will soon be entirely under our control, and will willingly allow us to rule their cities! *cheering* They will allow us into their Neohomes, follow our every command, and even, at a word from us, destroy any who oppose our rule. Neopia will be ours! *loud cheering* I will take your questions at this time.

Meepit near the stage: Will you be awarding prizes to those Neopians who complete your quests?

Speaker: Yes. Each Neopian who completes one of our quests will receive some Special Juppie Juice, which contains a mind-controlling ingredient specially designed by Dr. Meep. Once a Neopian drinks the Special Juppie Juice, they will be completely under our control.

Blue Meepit near the back: Have you already chosen the Meepits who will be handing out the quests?

Speaker: Yes, we have already chosen them, and they have already been given their assignments.

Island Meepit near the stage: When will your plan go into effect?

Speaker: We will commence our plan immediately after the end of this convention. The Meepit Army is ready and waiting to invade Faerieland.

Faerie Meepit in the middle of the crowd: What do we do if this plan fails?

Speaker: It won't fail! It's perfect in every detail and nothing can go wrong!

Faerie Meepit: But don't you have a Plan B? In case some unforeseen accident occurs and disrupts the plan?

Speaker: In the extremely unlikely event of our plan failing, we will fall back on Councillor Meepitsky's plan, which involves building a Neocola machine replica, filling it with the best warriors from the Meepit Army, and leaving in on the loading dock of Virtupets Space Station. When Dr. Sloth sees it he will immediately bring it inside, and during the night the Meepits will emerge and take over the Space Station.

Speaker: But remember: that plan will only be put into effect if we fail to take over Neopia using our new plan, which WON'T HAPPEN! Are there any other questions? *waits for other questions*

Well, then, let's put our plan into action! NEOPIA FOR THE MEEPITS! *loud cheers and cries of NEOPIA FOR THE MEEPITS!*

Well, there you have it. The Council's plan to conquer Neopia will be put into effect immediately following the end of this convention. We wish our fellow Meepits good luck, and we anxiously await the glorious day when Neopia will be entirely under Meepit control.


A few days after the above document was discovered, the following scene took place in a Meepit colony somewhere in the Haunted Woods, where Martin and Moira, two Meepits, sat at a table, sipping their morning Juppie Juice...

Moira: Martin! Have you seen the front page of the Meepit Times this morning? There's an article about The Evil Feepit Menace and the Feepits' plan to take over Neopia!

Martin: Here, let me see that. *takes paper from Moira and reads article in question*

Moira: Isn't that the article you were supposed to leave in the Mysterious Symol Hole for some Petpet to discover?

Martin: Sweet Juppie Juice! So it is!

Moira: How in Neopia did it end up in the Meepit Times?

Martin: I don't know. Let's see, I had the article all rolled up and ready to go, and I set it on the table while I put on my Symol disguise, then I picked it up and set off.

Moira: What else was on the table at the time?

Martin: Just that article I wrote for the Meepit Times about the Meepit Convention...I must have picked up the wrong article by mistake! *facepaw*

Moira: You mean-

Martin: The article about the new Meepit plan for Neopia domination must have ended up in the Mysterious Symol Hole, and it *gulp* has by now been found by some innocent Petpet.

Moira and Martin (in unison): *meep*

Large Meepit in dark suit and dark glasses: *enters the room* The Council isn't too pleased with you, Martin. *drags Martin off to the Council of Meepits*

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