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What Kind Of Neopet Owner Are You?

by akitera


We all love our neopets but we care for them in different ways and sometimes, this is shown by how we prioritize and decide on things in relation to our pet.

For example, are you the type of owner who makes sure your pets aren’t caught on a trip to Neopia Central without being prettily dressed? Or do you make sure that your pets aren’t skipping their lessons with Captain Threelegs or Ryshu the Nimmo? Maybe you’re the type of owner who made sure that your pets have unique names so they won’t be easy to forget? Why not take this short quiz and find out if you are the kind of owner you’ve always thought you were:

1) When creating a pet, you make sure that:

a. The first letter of the name is capitalized, no numbers or underscores and it sounds nice.

b. It’s a Pteri, Kacheek or Lupe.

c. The species has nice colors and will look good in a dress.

d. I have the list of my planned specifications beside me.

e. I fill up all the required fields in the create-a-pet page.

2) When you look up another user’s pet, you are most impressed when:

a. The pet is an unconverted one, especially a Plushie or Royal.

b. The pet has at least 700 in almost all stats.

c. The pet has all those almost impossible-to-get background, dress and trinket.

d. They look well taken care of like mine.

e. Anything impresses me actually.

3) You’re most happy when your lab ray:

a. Zaps my pet into a new species/colour

b. Gives my pet an increase in stats

c. Doesn’t change my pet’s species but changes into a colour with clothes!

d. I stopped using it.

e. What lab ray?

4) You keep a specific morphing/transmogrification potion handy, just in case:

a. I need it for a custom.

b. The lab ray turns my pet into another species which cancels out my healer.

c. A beautiful, new colour of that species comes out in the news.

d. A nasty random event befalls my pet.

e. I don’t keep one; I sell one at once since I need the neopoints.

5) Which of the following words/abbreviations are most familiar to you?

a. WN, RW, BN, UC, 3-letter, permie

b. HSD, 1P, SoS, PCC, LEV, boost, league

c. BG, FP, LE, ratings, Thade, trinket

d. I’m familiar with some/most of those terms.

e. They all sound Tyrannian to me.

6) Boochi zaps your pet for the first time and your reaction is:

a. Hooray! I have a baby pet!

b. Great! I can challenge him now.

c. *sigh* Just when I painted him Royal.

d. Thank Fyora for my Boochi shield!

e. Oh, that baby Bruce can do that?

7) You get a Fountain Faerie quest! And your typical reaction would be:

a. Hooray! I can offer a custom!

b. I was kinda hoping it was the Faerie Queen but oh well, free paint job.

c. Yay! I can finally paint my pet into his/her dream color.

d. Eh, not sure what to do with this.

e. Oh cool! Think of the neopoints this saved me.

8) You mind your pet’s intelligence because:

a. Sometimes other people want intelligent pets.

b. Depends. Either my tunic won’t work or I’m avoiding that steaming skeem potion.

c. If the pet isn’t my reader, it doesn’t really matter.

d. I want him/her to be/stay on the top book reader’s list.

e. It’d be a waste to not read those free books I earned in KQ or from the Wheel.

9) You keep a side account of pets because:

a. I need space to pound surf and to zap them.

b. I need to have a single/fewer pet/s on my main.

c. I need space for another pet to model clothes.

d. My accounts have certain themes and so my pets are distributed accordingly.

e. I don’t have one.

10) Describe your typical dream pet.

a. A UC, a Draik/Krawk or just very, very well-named

b. Maxed-out stats

c. S/he looks good in anything!

d. The one on my account.

e. Not really sure yet.

If you answered mostly A: You’re a pet trader. You most likely have access to the laboratory ray and you are not afraid to use it. There are various reasons why you trade your pets. Your pet is probably your muse for your stories, poems or role-playing hero or heroine and any change might necessitate a trading of pets for your new inspiration. Or you probably keep zapping but never quite get the pet you’re looking for, so you decide to trade. Or you might already have a pet with you for some time but decide to trade because you think s/he might be better off in new surroundings. These are just some of the reasons, but whatever it is, you know that eventually, you will find that pet you’ve been searching for.

If you answered mostly B: You’re a Battledomer. Your pets are constantly in training school and so you keep a stockpile of dubloons and codestones. You might also be using the laboratory ray or feeding your pet some neggs to raise their stats. You also make sure that your pet has a weapon set with which to showcase the product of his/her training and test it out by battling with the challengers in the Battledome or another user’s pet.

If you answered mostly C: You’re into customization. You love dressing up your pets and have certain themes for them. You probably have designed “looks” for your pets and generally change their clothes in keeping with their personality, the season, site events or just simply, building around that newly released wearable.

If you answered mostly D: You’re well-rounded or a veteran. The pets on your accounts are mostly permanent pets. You have already planned out or had probably designated which of your pets is your BD pet, your reader, your gourmet eater, your lab pet, etcetera and had matched it with their personalities and even their petpets. And if you do create another pet, you already know what to do with him or her!

If you answered mostly E: You’re a new owner. Welcome then to the world of Neopia! You’re probably overwhelmed by all of the things you see around you and feel that your pet must have all things at once, but don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere. So don’t rush yourself (and your pet) and see what you and your pet are most happy with doing.

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