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Why We Need Our Faeries

by ilovemycatembers


Quests, healing... sparkles, any way you look at it, faeries are an important part of our lives here on Neopia. They take part in everything from offering quests to running the beautiful and popular Faerieland. However, we’ve come to depend on them so heavily that I think we almost take them for granted. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated how dreary a Neopia without faeries would be.

Well, now we know. True, no one knows how or why all the faeries turned to stone, but one thing we do know is that we are all suffering because of it. Consider ten of Neopia’s most important faeries, how they help us on a daily basis, and how we are feeling the effects of their rocky condition.

One: Bree

Have you ever noticed the faerie who gets your prizes for you when you finish a tiring game of Key Quest? That’s Bree. She holds the only key to the Key Quest vaults. Many Neopians depend on Key Quest as a source of fun and income. With Bree turned to stone, it is quite possible that the Key Quest vault will be inaccessible. Key Quest players all around Neopia are eager to unlock this mystery and save their beloved vault guardian.

Two: Kari

Do you like neggs? Sure... who doesn’t? Aside from being beneficial and quite tasty (provided you avoid the ones with spikes and other odd decorations), they are also quite beautiful. Because of this, they are coveted by many Neopians and have come to play a large part in our economy.

Many of Neopia’s best neggs come from Terror Mountain, straight from Kari, our beloved Negg Faerie. Without her, there is no way to get at these precious neggs, and it is throwing the economy into turmoil. Who wouldn’t be sorry to lose such a lovely, yummy and useful resource?

Three: Illusen

Illusen: guardian of Meridell and quest-giver. To the people of Meridell, she is a symbol of hope and kindness. To the rest of Neopia, she is a trophy or avatar waiting to happen. Whatever your reason for liking her, one would be hard pressed to say that Illusen is not important to us. Aside from the obvious benefits that she offers to Neopians who take shelter in her glade, Illusen also rewards those who help her generously, providing items to them that cannot be found anywhere else. Without her, these items will not be available to the general public anymore.

The residents of Meridell especially mourn the loss of their token faerie. Without her as a figure head for their great nation, they are forced to look to their King, who is not quite as sightly.

Four: The Tooth Faerie

Probably one of Neopia’s most practical faeries, the Tooth Faerie plays a vital role in our society. Everyone knows how important it is to keep their teeth clean but none know it better than her. She has taken it upon herself to collect lost teeth and offer their previous owners Neopoints in return. Children everywhere adore her, whisper about her and will wait up all night in hopes of seeing her. In all her wisdom, this faerie never misses a chance to remind these young neopets to take good care of their teeth, resulting in improved dental hygiene for all of Neopia.

The loss of this faerie has brought about a large amount of teeth with nowhere to go, disappointed children, and worst of all: cavities. If this rotten situation isn’t resolved quickly, Neopians everywhere have only plaque and toothaches to look forward to.

Five: The Space Faerie

We all know Dr. Sloth is one of the most dastardly villains around. So dastardly in fact that one faerie has graciously given up any hopes and dreams she might have had to devote herself to keeping an eye on this fiend. Thanks to the Space Faerie’s efforts, Sloth’s plans of world domination, turning everyone into mutants and etcetera have all come to naught. The Space Faerie is often underappreciated, as we only truly see her presence when Dr. Sloth is close to destroying Neopia. We probably have no clue what she goes through on a daily basis to keep our world safe. Without her, who knows what kind of galactic havoc Dr. Sloth or other villains might cause?

Six: The Library Faerie

Often overlooked and underappreciated, this library plays a quiet but vital role in our society. She cares for the great Faerieland Library. Home to thousands of tomes, it is sure to have something for everyone. And if that isn’t enough to get your brain stimulated, she also puts out a daily crossword puzzle.

The Library Faerie is a symbol of learning through Neopia. Without her, the library and Faerieland book shop are in disrepair, leaving Neopians no way to access their precious reading material. You may be reading this article now, but without the guidance of the Library Faerie, future generations may not be able to do so with the same ease that you are able to.

Seven: The Fountain Faerie

Undoubtedly Neopia’s most sought-after faerie. Everyone wants to be graced with her presence. However, the Fountain Faerie only reveals herself when she desires some rare and often hard to obtain item. Those who are willing to go the extra mile to bring her what she wants are well rewarded when they are invited to the Rainbow Fountain, of which she is guardian.

The Rainbow Fountain is a magical place where neopets can gain new and wonderful colours just by soaking in the colourful waters. In some cases, the Rainbow Fountain is the only way some pets will ever achieve their dream colour. Neopets with invitations to the Rainbow Fountain have been devastated to discover that their beloved Fountain Faerie and her waters are both inaccessible.

Eight: The Soup Faerie

Sometimes one special faerie makes her mark on history by devoting herself to something so selfless that we can’t help but to admire her. The Soup Faerie is one such special someone. She took it upon herself to open the Soup Kitchen, where every poor, hungry Neopian and neopet can go to get free soup. This faerie’s generosity is without prejudice or hesitation. She is well loved by everyone, and is generally considered one of Neopia’s kindest residents.

In an ever caring act of thoughtfulness, the Soup Faerie cooked a very large pot of soup before she took a little break to visit Faerieland for the Faerie Festival, where she was brought to her stony demise. Although the large pot of soup is sustaining poor, hungry neopets for now, everyone knows it will not last forever. Neopians who have thus far depended on the Soup Kitchen have now found themselves in quite a pickle.

Nine: Marina

How many times has your pet come down with a random illness or been zapped by some evil creature or event? Like most of us, it has probably happened to you a lot. And what is your natural reaction to such an event? Why, you take your pet to Faerieland to visit Marina, the Healing Faerie, of course!

Despite the fact that Marina often gets confused and hands out potions or snowballs when she should be offering cures, she does provide an invaluable service for us. With her now turned to stone, neopets across the globe are coming down with diseases that they cannot afford to cure. This plague is sure to continue, with the current cost of remedies rising dramatically.

Ten: Fyora

Where to begin with Fyora? It is common knowledge that she is queen of the faeries, and with good reason. Fyora has proven herself time and again to be one of the most powerful residents of Neopia. Despite her great power, she is kind and rules Faerieland justly. Not thinking herself too important, the Faerie Queen often descends from her palace in the clouds to give quests to worthy Neopians, rewarding them very kindly for their service.

But even this, the greatest of all the faeries, has succumbed to whatever evil has turned her and her kind to stone. Without her constant care and influences, there is no way to tell what evil will be let loose across Neopia.

These are only ten of the hundreds of faeries that inhabit our great world, doing countless acts of good on a daily basis. With all of them now turned to stone, we can only guess as to how badly Neopia is being affected. Will we be able to find a way to save our faeries, or are they doomed to remain this way, silent statues standing witness to a once great race? It seems only time will tell. Until then, I suggest you keep close guard over your bottled faeries, lest they too turn to stone.

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