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A Tale Just As Sweet

by ancientsecrets


WARNING: This article may make you very, very hungry.

Ah! The time of coco's sweet aroma! A cherished day when we celebrate chocolates and the miracle of chocolate Neopets: Neopia's splendid Chocolate Ball! It makes me so hungry... for a good read!

So if you have chocolate on your mind, or some other delectable treat, don't just run over to the Chocolate Factory! Why not create your own chocolates? Homemade treats are always better than bought ones, not to mention you know exactly what’s in them. So I put together a collection of Neopia's Sweetest Reads with all the most delicious desserts makable by Neopians.

Candy Making

This book even smells like chocolate.

'Candy Making' is one of the best chocolate and candy cookbooks available. Running you through their history as well as containing both traditional and bizarre recipes. The biggest issue here is to note down the recipes before you eat the book. These authors sure know how to make a tantalizing read.

Secrets of the Chocofactory

They wont be secret for long!

So you want to make chocolate just like the Chocolate Factory. Well, this may be the book for you. Much controversy surrounded its release. Apparently a worker at the factory felt all Neopians should be able to create their own chocolates. They therefore created a book filled with many of the Kiko's secret recipes. Although a court case was conducted over the book, it was too late to recall the already distributed copies. In response, the Chocolate Factory has created many new secret recipes since its publication. However, if you liked those old style chocolates, this book is definitely worth buying.

Chocolate Ogrin Cookbook

Who better to learn to cook from then a Chocolate Ogrin?

No. The book is not about catching Chocolate Ogrins and how to cook them. Many such titles can be quite easily misinterpreted. In fact, this cookbook is created by a famous Ogrin Chef, who specializes in, you guessed it, chocolate. Chocolate Neopians are very knowledgeable in chocolate making. However, if asking one for assistance, be sure you word your requests carefully. Apparently there was some confusion between Lupes and Chias in the past. To learn more about this, may I suggest reading The Chocolate Chia Book: Exploring the myths and rumours surrounding Chocolate Chias.

Chocolate Chia Cookbook

The popular best seller returns with all your favourites such as chocolate Chia brownies, chocolate flake cakes and chocolate Chia cookies.

While at first this book may horrify all your Chia friends, let them know this book is only interested in making Chia-shaped chocolate treats. A best seller as much as in its time of writing as it is now, this book has been successful though the ages. It therefore contains some of the longest surviving chocolate recipes in Neopia.

The Chocolate Scorchio Recipe Book

Hundreds of recipes all involving chocolate!

Didn't I tell you Chocolate Neopians know their chocolate? Here is another excellent read on chocolate recipes written by a well-established chocolate cook. This book is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions. Making it one of the best for those just beginning to cook with chocolate.

Baking Chocolate Korbats

Great tips for baking hundreds of chocolate covered Korbat Day treats.

... They really do need to work on their titles... anyway, back to the article.

Love Korbat Day? Love Chocolate? Well, this book is certainly for you with an array of different Korbat-shaped treats that everyone can enjoy and make in their own kitchen. These also work well as Halloween treats for enthusiastic trick or treaters who will be visiting us next month.

Spooky Food Ideas

Millions of easy ideas to turn any old item into a halloween treat.

Did mentioning Halloween making you even more hungry? Well if chocolate Halloween treats are your favorite sweets, pop into your local bookstore and pick up 'Spooky Food Ideas'. With plenty of challenging recipes you'll be engaged for years.. yes, years. Some ingredients take time to find or preserve. Also be selective in which recipes you try. It's description doesn't say 'any old item' for nothing.

Extraordinary Ice Cream Cookbook

This book contains all sorts of recipes for unusual ice cream flavours!

Now who doesn't like ice cream?! With plenty of recipes, in both sweet and savory flavors, this book has ice cream for any meal of the day. Slime ice cream, pizza ice cream, dirt ice cream? All there! It also contains traditional flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and of course chocolate! This book actually contains a range of chocolate flavored ice cream suggestions. So it’s a must for chocolate and ice cream fans!

However, if chocolate isn't really your thing, but you'd still like to join in the celebrations, here are a few other recipe books that may take your fancy.

Crumpet Mongering

A wonderful guide to the collection of crumpets.

Unlike the Chocolate Factory, the Crumpetmonger is more than happy to share their recipes with Neopians. This may be due to the fact that many of these recipes take time and persistence to pull off.

However, if you've been cooking for a long time and would like a challenge, then pick up this book at the Neovian Printing Press.

The Crumpetmongers Secret Recipes

Make yummy pastries at home just like the Crumpetmonger.

If the 'Crumpet Mongering' made you weep, because it was all too difficult, then rejoice. A knowledgeable Neopian kindly rewrote the above book in a way that everyday Neopians can understand. So now you can make crumpets fast and easily at home. And... they taste just as good as those at Crumpetmongers! Oh, the controversy!

Preserving Berries

Its not as easy as one might think. Thank goodness for this handy guide.

Not into chocolate? How about sweet berries? This book guides you through how to preserve berries for spreads or for eating in those months when berries are out of season. Couple this with either crumpet mongering book for lovely crumpet and berry delights.

Cooking with Qando Fruit

Eighteen delicious recipes that you will want to start cooking right away.

If you prefer fruit instead of chocolate, the Neopians of Qasala have tons of fabulous foods all using Qando Fruits. This scroll has a collection of eighteen wonderful recipes to get you started. Trust me, they like their Qando fruit for a reason!

Neovian Fine Dining Customs

So much more than throwing together a casserole.

So the Chocolate Ball is on, but you don't like chocolate? Why not throw your own ball with fine Neovian food! Those Neovian's sure know how to make a feast. However, they also take pride in perfection. This is not a book for beginners.

Cooking With Magma

It can be tricky to get magma just the right temperature to cook with, this book will help!

One of the latest cooking trends in Neopia is magma cooking. Its hot and spicy flavor is great for the cooler months. Apparently it is hot enough to make metal more malleable, though I'm not sure why that would be useful. Definitely a book worth considering if you’re a magma or fire Neopian.

105 Lava Cake Recipes

With so much lava around, there is always a use for this cook book.

An age-old tradition of Kreludor is to create Lava Cakes. Although lava may not be considered the most delicious of food, with 105 recipes to try I'm sure something will take your interest.

Decorating Faerie Cakes

All the tips you could ever need to bake your own Faerie cakes.

Now if you want something sweet, who better to learn from than a Faerie! They love their sweet foods, particularly their cakes! So take a look at this comprehensive book filled to the brim with faerie cake recipes, and how to decorate them too! Even their book is perfectly decorated. Although very sweet, Faeries don't usually use chocolate in their recipes, preferring berries and sugar.

Well, that should be a reading list to last you several Chocolate Ball celebrations, and prepare you for those hungry Neopians dressing up to knock on your door next month. So grab yourself a drink from the coffee shop, sit back and enjoy a pleasant read. As for me, I think I will head to the kitchen and cook myself a batch of choc chip Korbat cookies. Discussing all these recipes has made me rather hungry.

Written by Pretty Princess Gloria, dedicated reader and researcher of Neopia and its customs.

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