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Chocolate Care

by smart100000


You see Chocolate pets as adorable little sweet brown things, but you have no idea how much care a Chocolate pet, or any food-related pet requires. "What's so hard about taking care of a Chocolate pet? Isn't it just like a normal pet?" You might ask. Well, you are wrong! As you should know, Chocolate pets are edible! You need to learn how to keep him safe from other hungry pets and from other natural dangers. But if you can care for it properly, you'll be greatly rewarded with a sweet new pet!

Chapter 1: Yummy! ; How to get your pets safe!

Your pet may be in danger if it comes across a hungry Lupe. You need to learn how to protect your pet. But you can't always be there for it. Your pet needs to learn self-defense. Lessons at the Mystery Island Training School or Swashbuckling Academy may not be the safest thing for your pet. You'll either have to train them yourself or have them learn through other means. Faerie Quests (especially those from the Sugar Faerie) are probably the best way to learn. Buy Bottled Faeries and release them so they will grant your pet with new skills. You can also visit Coltzan's Shrine and feed your pet neggs and shrooms to help speed up its training. Play Dice-a-Roo and Deadly Dice to boost your pets level, but avoid Kitchen Quests for obvious reasons. Train against the Inflatable Balthazar, and eventually Punchbag Sid! Your pet will eventually be able to take down Meuka or even the Space Faerie! Once you feel your against the environment.

Chapter 2: The Sun and the Rain; The Secret Bringers of Doom

Starving Scorchios and Candy-craving Chias aren't the only hazards to your happy pet's health. The hot sun may cause your pet to melt and water is not good for your pet's complexion. You must protect your pet from these natural dangers. A hat is a must and a rain coat is recommended for when it rains. A cheap but effective outfit is a Sun Hat, a Leather Jacket, a pair of Gormball Gloves and some Fur Boots. You should also have a way for your pet to keep cool. A fan would be very helpful. Your pet should often visit, if not live in, Happy Valley. The cool, frozen air will help your pet stay solid. Statistics show that chocolate pets that live in Happy Valley and more cheerful and more healthy than a chocolate pet that lives in Neopia Central and 100 times healthier than a pet that lives in someplace like Mystery Island or Lutari Island. So before your pet goes out, make sure it has a hat, a coat, and a way of keeping cool to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy.

Chapter 3: Athletic, Affectionate, But All Alone ; Helping your Pet Fit In

Being a food doesn't make it easy to fit in. Your pet may feel lonely and sad if he has no friends. It is recommended to start a "Edible Neopian Club". Your pet will be able to meet with many other food-colored pets. Your pet will make friends with other edible pets and be happy. Slowly over time, other neopets will get used to your pet's delicious-ness and start to get to know them. Gradually, allow other pets into the club and they'll learn how sweet your pet really is. On the inside, I mean! In no time, your pet will be the most popular neopet in the neighborhood. They'll be going to football games together, shopping, and many other things that will make your pet so happy.

Chapter 4: You Still Want More?! ; Extras


Your pet should have some kind of signature attack or theme. A popular weapon for chocolate pets are Chocolate Chip Muffins and Cookie Bombs. Let Neopia know that your pet is the toughest as you attack others with chocolate attacks! What's even better is if you battle against another food pet with food-themed weapons. A battle between chocolate and jelly! It'll be a battle that you'll never forget. Chocolate muffins exploding against jellies. The chocolate chips pelting your opponent while the jellies slam you into a wall. Your opponent using a desperate all-out attack by throwing every flavor of jelly in Neopia, which your pet deflects with its Choco-Shield and counters with a Giant Chocolate Chip Cannonball, which defeats that pesky jelly! Just don't battle the Koi Warrior or Chiazilla for obvious reasons.

Cooking for the Edible Ones

You should avoid buying food with chocolate in it to avoid offending your pet. Also, do not give it jelly or fruit, as it may feel as if it's betraying his or her friends. Omelettes and fish are delicious and cheap things that your pet can eat without feeling disgusted. Cake and coffee are also wonderful things you can treat your pet to once in a while. But not too often. Chocolate pets get cavities easily because they have so much chocolate in their mouths! Also, your pet should not drink water if you value its existence. You should give it Milkshakes and Ice Cream to keep it hydrated and not melted.

I Went Through All This Trouble and You Wanna go Back?

If your pet wishes to no longer be a chocolate pet due to inconvenience or some other reason beyond your control, whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE RAINBOW POOL. The waters will dissolve away your pet before you can say banana split! Take it to the Lab Ray or feed it lots of glowing foods so it will turn Glowing. You can also give it a Morphing Potion or a Transmogrification Potion. Then you can paint it a color that it desires, such as Royal or Plushie.

If you're reading this, this means I've gotten in! I've always wanted to have that NT trophy. This is a dream come true! Thanks TNT! You're the best! Maybe in the future I'll have that avatar!

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