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An Ode To Chocolate: Only the Finest

by valestant


-Loud footsteps and the sounds of rustling, shouts, and bidding can be heard. Screams of “SOLD OUT!” from the shopkeepers does not deter the shoppers. Bags of jingling neopoints are held by all shoppers alike. Little neopets whining for chocolate and candy surround the outskirts of the scene. The soft smacking, bites, and smells of the rich delicious chocolate being eaten is all around-

Where else would you find all this commotion but the Chocolate Factory? The word chocolate brings up images of mouthwatering delicacies being placed in silver plates on the Chocolate Factory. As it's always coming out in truckloads, one can only imagine who is behind the scenes of this organization. The chocolate’s fragrant aroma is hypnotizing to Neopians everywhere, thus making the Chocolate Factory one of the most appealing stores in Neopia. People come from all over Neopia to buy some of the finest chocolates at the factory. Whether you are buying to eat, resell, or put in a gallery, it should be done in moderation. We’ve all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing”, and too much chocolate leads to chubby neopets, empty wallets, stomachaches, and even that sore tooth. However, with so many choices of chocolate, who knows which one to choose? When it comes to choosing which chocolate to buy, one should always pick the finest. Here are the top 10 finest choices, starting from number 10:

#10 - Chocolate Flakes

“Chocolate shavings, for the choc-a-holic who just can’t get enough!”

Like the description says, Chocolate Flakes are perfect for you if you just can’t get enough of chocolate! Made from 100% of the finest chocolate, this treat is both affordable and delicious, and the right choice for those self-conscious chocolate lovers.

#9 - Chocolate Man

“Hmmm, what a strange shape; wonder what it’s meant to be? It tastes good, though!”

Are you a picky eater? A little one who will only eat things that look good? Well, here’s the perfect treat! Shaped from 100% dark chocolate, the Chocolate Man is a very popular hit among the little Neopians. Who can resist the gumdrop buttons? This is a very sensible treat for those who want their chocolate to be visually appealing.

#8 - Milk Chocolate Meepit

“Eeep, even in chocolate form that big staring eye is freaky!”

This delicious treat is almost too creepy to eat, but is another great choice of chocolate. It only goes to show the ingenuity of the designer of this chocolate. Although who designed and made this, no one will ever know. *looks around suspiciously* Could it be? That the mee- *is dragged away*

#7 - Chocolate Covered Cherries

“Yum... cherries covered with chocolate.”

The description says it too simply. It is not just made from any cherries and chocolate. This treat is made from the finest cherries and chocolate in all of Neopia. The combination of the two is just absolutely stunning. With the sweetness and sourness of the two combined, this treat gives a mouth watering sensation that is to die for.

#6 - Mint Chocolate Nova

“This Nova even has a soft minty filling.”

The fresh aroma from this minty treat is simply incredible. The Mint Chocolate Nova is a prime example of the many different flavors of chocolate there are. Still made with 100% of the finest chocolate, a rich blend of only the most fragrant mint is added, thus creating a marvelous treat that leaves a minty fresh mouth.

#5 - Milk Chocolate Rose

“A delicate rose made from chocolate just for you.”

Wondering what to give to that special someone? Well, then this is the pick for you. The rose is the flower of love, and a chocolate rose just symbolizes the perfect sweet attraction you have for your special someone. Buy a dozen roses, or buy one rose; either way, it is the perfect way of letting your special someone know you care.

#4 - Dark Chocolate Hearts

“Smooth dark chocolate hand shaped into hearts.”

Made from 100% of the finest dark chocolate, this is a perfect gift to get your best friend. All boxed up in a pretty pink box, the rich flavor is irresistible. The hearts are perfectly shaped and almost polished to a soft shine. What a great way to tell your friend that you care!

#3 - Chocolate Cybunny Negg

“Any Neopet would be delighted to find this chocolate Cybunny negg.”

If you like to eat neggs as well as chocolate, then this is the treat for you. This negg is a perfect prize for a negg hunt. The negg is a rare treat, because it is one of the Chocolate Factory’s finest delicacies. Carved onto the dark chocolate is a delicate image of a Cybunny. The attention to fine detail is superb, and the chocolate itself is one of the best, making this treat almost too good to eat.

#2 - Chocolate Moltenore

“Almost too exquisite to eat... almost. :)”

Do you like to collect and or eat exquisite items? Do you love chocolate too? Then this is the ideal piece to add to your collection and your stomach. The perfection in this work of art is just remarkable. It's made from the rarest and finest chocolate in all of Neopia, which allows carvers to pay high attention to details. Even the scales on the Moltenore are defined very clearly, making it a true masterpiece. This piece of chocolate is seldom seen due to its high rarity.

#1 - Miniature Chocolate Chocolate Factory

“A miniature replica of the Chocolate Factory! You can eat it or carry it around in your pocket. It will probably melt pretty fast, though...”

What better piece of chocolate than a mini Chocolate Factory itself? The piece of chocolate is the perfect souvenir for those who have came just to see the amazing factory. The mini factory is made from three different types of top quality chocolate: dark, milk and white. With a combination of these chocolates and an extremely skilled carver, this work of art is created. However, don’t get excited, this piece has a high rarity, and is not seen very often, so if you obtain one, take care of it! ;)

These are just a few top picks of chocolate. There are many, many, more great pieces of chocolate to eat and share with your friends and those close to you. To see the true variety and the Chocolate Factory one must go there oneself. It is an experience of a life time to see a castle made solely of chocolate and candy. One can only wonder, “Who in Neopia came up with such an idea?” After all, they sell chocolate by the truckload!

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