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Packing a Back-To-Neoschool Lunch Box

by kelexie


It’s that time of year, everyone! A new year of Neoschool is upon us.

Before you drag your Neopets out of bed and send them off to the bus stop you need to be sure you’ve packed them a balanced, fun meal for them to look forward to on their break.

Is this the first year your pet will be attending Neoschool? Your little baby is growing up so fast! *Sniff* Never fear, fixing a proper lunch box meal is but a small task. Welcome to the exciting world of putting sandwiches and juice cartons inside of a small metal box.

If your pet is older and has attended many years of Neoschool prior to this year, it’s time for them to pack their own. It would be wise of you to guide and monitor their lunch choices for the first few weeks since a lot of students would prefer to fill their lunch pail with cookies and only cookies.

Let’s now take a look at some good choices (and bad) that will hit that hungry spot come lunch time.

- Lunch Boxes –

Pant Devil Lunch Box

The Pant Devil himself doesn’t have much of a fan club- but these lunch boxes in his likeness do! A very popular style this year, the Pant Devil Lunch Box is sturdy and sure to keep your PB&J safe from a squishing. I’m not saying your sandwich won’t be stolen in his Random Event- it just won’t be squished.

Faerie Lunch Box


It better be with how much it will cost you. It’s a retired box so grab one before everyone else does. Faerie gear is too girly for your Neopet, you say? WELL, FINE! Draw some flames and skulls on it and you’re good to go.

- Main Dish -

Wheaty Kyrii Sandwich

This is a good choice for most days. It’s a simple, classic sandwich that won’t take long to prepare. If you’re health conscious, choose whole wheat or whole grain breads. Want to go an extra step in the right direction? Use mustard instead of mayonnaise for a spread. The tummies you’re feeding will thank you. :)

Mixed Fruit Noodles

Fruity noodles. Yeah, it sounds gross to me too. Alright, alright- in all fairness, it’s actually pretty darn delicious. This dish is a fun one to experiment with, and I got yummy results adding in small bits of oranges. Package it up tight and serve it to be eaten cold.

Pink Triple Decker Sandwich

Mmm. Pink.

Did you know pink has been proven in *scientific studies to be the second tastiest color? This thing is HUGE so I suggest cutting it in half or even in fours so your pet can share or bring home the extra bits for an after-Neoschool munch.

* I made that up. There are no scientific studies that said that. I’m sorry for lying just then. :(


You’re packing a slice of cold pizza for your Neopet? Nice move! Even though pizza should be eaten sparingly, it’s still a good treat once in a while. All the other pets are going to be bidding their unworthy lunches for that slice of awesomeness, but alas, all will be turned down because nothing can compare. Geez... you are one cool owner.

- Drinks –

Low Fat Milk

It can’t get any more “lunch classic” than a milk carton. It really can’t. You can try to find a way to prove me wrong but I’m telling you right now it can’t, okay? Are we still friends? Okay. I’m glad Low Fat Milk didn’t tear us apart...

It’s refreshing and healthy; pack it up.

Carrot Fizz Achyfi

The debate of Achyfi versus Neocola is still alive and well, but all of that nonsense aside, this is a great flavor that Neocola currently doesn’t offer. Please don’t be hesitant to buy Carrot Fizz. It’s got a nice kick to it and the fizz lasts for hours- how do they do that?

Apple Juice Carton

Apple juice is so good... it’s like a liquid dessert! Tart and sweet, this juice complements a hearty sandwich quite beautifully.

- Snacks –

Doglefox Cookies

Eep! These are too adorable. Your pet will truly get the best of both worlds with these. High quality vanilla AND chocolate cookie dough is carefully shaped one-by-one into these cute little Doglefoxes. They’re soft to the bite and obviously made with a lot of love.

Mixed Berry Fruit Cup

You can find a variety of different fruit cups at the Health Food store. The Mixed Berry Fruit Cup is by far the best choice- berries are rich in vitamins, health benefits, and tastiness. The colorful variety within the cup makes this a fun addition to every lunch.

Goldy Crackers

These crackers pack quite the cheesy punch. They come in these sweet little cartons that could easily tuck into that sad, empty corner of the lunch box. It’s become an unspoken rule that when you get your paws on Goldy Crackers you must launch them into your friend’s mouth with the fling of a spoon. If you miss and it lands on the ground... FIVE SECOND RULE! IT’S STILL GOOD! Om nom.

- Don’t Pack These –

Gum Balls

Yummy as these are, chewing gum is against the rules in most Neoschools. No one wants to find those sticky globs on the underside of their desk.

Reptillian Arm

Yeah... it’s nice and everything that most of the meat cuts you get at the Tyrannian Food shop are cheap and filling... but they also happen to frighten 98% of school students. It’s probably best to save these for dinner. If your Neopet insists you pack a Neosaurus Tail or a Raptraphant Leg in their lunch box, consider further cutting their meat and adding it to a sandwich or pasta dish.

There are so many goodies out there in Neopia and the key to packing a good lunch is variety. Buy things you wouldn’t normally pay a second glance to and take advantage of handouts at the Money Tree- they really are free samples. Pack your pet’s lunches with care. Remember, everyone secretly likes the classic embarrassing “I love you, sugar-pie! Have a good day at Neoschool. Sit up straight!” notes hidden at the bottom of their boxes.

Onward to school with a fresh start and full tummy!

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