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Magmaic Medallion

by alanbran5


There was once a small cloud JubJub named Ippleswitch. Every little detail about him was ordinary; he had an owner, an average amount of neopoints, an average amount of avatars. An all round classic Mr. Average. That is, until the day he came along...

     It was just like any other 28th day in the month of Hiding. Well, except for one small factor... a Flotsam had arrived on the planet, possibly from Virtupets or Kreludor, but Ippleswitch speculated it was further away than that when his adventure with the Flotsam had finished. He was just minding his own business in Neopia Central, going to collect his bank interest. He was fourth in line, and the elderly gentleman at the front took a while to withdraw his neopoints. So long in fact, people were starting to talk to Ippleswitch (which they don’t usually do, due to his minuscule height).

     The Darigan Eyrie in front was first.

     “So,” started the Eyrie. “You from round here?”

     Ippleswitch stopped and looked up at the Eyrie.

     “Yeah,” he finally replied. “Are you?”

     “No way, little dude. All the way from the Citadel.”

     Ippleswitch was amazed. He’d never been to any other place aside from Neopia Central. Yet, this Darigan Eyrie had come all the way from the Citadel just to get to the bank. Ippleswitch wished he could do that. Just travel about Neopia, see Terror Mountain. He had always wanted to go there.

     The elderly gentleman had finally finished as a faerie Ixi, flew to the Skeith banker. The Ixi took no time at all and the Darigan Eyrie was about to step forwards, when Ippleswitch asked:

     “Sorry for stopping you, but what’s your name?”

     The Eyrie turned around and stared into Ippleswitch with his bright red eyes.

     “Glad you asked,” he said. “My name is Lord Kass, and I’m here to withdraw all the money from the National Neopian Bank.”

     “Thanks for revealing yourself,” shouted a sketch Flotsam from behind Ippleswitch.

     “What? KWYCHANG!!!” Kass screamed.

     He was enraged at this Flotsam (whose name was evidently Kwychang) and charged straight at him. The Flotsam, as quick as a bolt of lightning, shot up to the ceiling in a spectacular flip, whilst Kass crashed straight into a brick wall.

     Whilst Kass was regaining his lost consciousness, Kwychang was telling everyone to run, including the banker. But Ippleswitch didn’t. Being a cloud JubJub, he was able to hide himself in the small air vent on top of the banker’s desk.

     Once everyone had been evacuated and Kass had regained his strength, he and Kwychang had a ferocious duel. Until after several minutes, they concluded that neither of them were going to win. Kass then did something that Ippleswitch couldn’t bear to look at- he pulled out a QX-92 Neutrino Blaster. Then a noise occurred. A noise so strange it could’ve only been from outside of Neopia. Then Kass collapsed. Ippleswitch clambered out of the air vents, now that it was safe. Kass had dropped his laser on the floor. Kwychang turned round and looked directly at Ippleswitch.

     “Ah,” he said. “So you saw that.”

     Ippleswitch nodded, shyly.

     “Lord Kass,” the Flotsam started. “He ruled over the Darigan Citadel in Y6. But he was defeated by Lord Darigan himself, after being redeemed. But the new question is, how is Kass here? And where did he get all of this new equipment?”

     “That’s what I was thinking,” said Ippleswitch.

     “Oh, so you can talk,” Kwychang replied, sarcastically.

     “Maybe he bought the weaponry,” Ippleswitch suggested, but Kwychang cast it aside by explaining, even though Darigan destroyed Kass’ amulet and defeated him, even if he was revived- he would be magically confined to the Citadel.

     “I think that someone went into the Citadel, found the remains of the amulet and rebuilt a replica so that Kass could be brought back.”

     “Speaking of which, is Kass, y’know... d...”

     “No, JubJub, he’s just unconscious. What’s your name anyway?”


     “Nice to meet you, Ippleswitch,” said Kwychang with a smile running across his face.

     “Nice to meet you, Kwychang,” Ippleswitch replied.

     “It always is. Until you know what I do...”

     “What, you mean you’re like a Defender of Neopia?” queried Ippleswitch.

     “No... you see, I’m a time traveller.”

     “No way... no... way...”

     “Yes way, Ippleswitch. I just wander aimlessly. Y’know, exploring Neopia in all the different time periods and on the way, maybe save the planet a few times.”

     Ippleswitch couldn’t take it in; he was stood in front of a Flotsam who could apparently travel through time and one of Neopia’s all-time greatest villains. He was sure that he was having a dream. A dream that he couldn’t wake up from, but he knew, that it wasn’t- no matter how hard he hoped. This was reality and he was in a deserted bank with Lord Kass and a mad Flotsam.

     “Is Kass going to wake up?” asked Ippleswitch, after about ten minutes of silence.

     “Oh yeah... I suppose he is,” realized Kwychang. “We have to take him back to Darigan Citadel. Say, Ippleswitch. How would you like a trip to Darigan?”

     Ippleswitch’s eyes lit up and widened. Then shrank again.

     “He’ll wake up before we get there.”

     “Yeah, I can also travel through space as well.”

     “WHAT?” exclaimed Ippleswitch. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

     “Well, I can only take anyone as far as Kreludor or Virtupets, but yes, I can take you anywhere in Neopia and surrounding moon and space station,” Kwychang informed him.

     “Sure, I’ll go!” he yelled excitedly.

     “Then grab my watch and all I have to do is say: Darigan Citadel, Dungeon, 28, Hiding, Y12. And then... we’re here!”

     Ippleswitch looked around; it was strange. One moment he was in a deserted National Neopian branch, and now, here he was- in the Darigan Citadel dungeons. Locking up Lord Kass, with a time travelling adventurer. He still couldn’t quite take it in yet.

     After finishing placing Kass in the dungeon, Kwychang told Ippleswitch to grab his watch again, and said: “Neopia Central, National Neopian, 28, Hiding, Y12.”

     And in the blink of an eye, they were back at the National Neopian.

     “Alright,” said Ippleswitch, a little firm. “Who are you? Where are you from?”

     “You seriously want to know?” came the reply.

     Ippleswitch nodded, a little more confidently than last time.

     “My name is Kwychang and I am from...” He stopped.

     There was a long silence, until Ippleswitch finally broke it with: “From where?!”

     “I... I don’t actually know. I’ve been so many places, I’ve forgotten where it started,” said Kwychang, his voice filled with sorrow.

     Ippleswitch felt sorry for Kwychang, not being able to remember where in fact the majority of his life took place. He felt Kwychang was lonely and homesick. Just travelling around to get it off his chest. Or maybe he was trying to find out where and when he actually was born. But the answer to that question could wait.

     “But anyway,” said Ippleswitch. “What matters now is finding that amulet and stopping Kass from coming back again.”

     “Yes, yes, you’re right,” Kwychang concluded. “We need to find out where this amulet is and who has it.”

     “An easy job then,” came a voice from behind.

     The duo turned around and saw another JubJub, that looked just like Ippleswitch only Magma coloured.

     “Who are you?” asked Kwychang,

     “It doesn’t matter. I have the amulet, and it shall remain on me... for eternity. Lord Kass shall be under my control,” replied the Magma JubJub.

     “Kwyseas? Is that you?” questioned Ippleswitch.

     “What? Ippleswitch!”

     “Hang on, you know each other?” asked Kwychang, confused.

     “Know each other? He’s my brother! He must’ve been corrupted by the amul...” started Ippleswitch, when Kwyseas interrupted.

     “WRONG! I was corrupted by the Magma Pool. Remember, you pushed me in for a joke. It burned, and turned me into this. Molten rock.”

     “Well we’re going to stop you!” shouted Ippleswitch.

     “Oh yeah? A cloud JubJub and a Flotsam with a weird watch? I don’t think so!”

     “Wait just a second...” interrupted Kwychang. “You can insult me, you can insult Ippleswitch, you can try and take over the world. But one thing you never want to do, is talk about my watch like that. It’s more than just a watch. It’s a universe of excitement and adventure. I’ll see you later, Ippleswitch.”

     “Why, what are you doing?” he asked, as Kwychang charged at the magmaic JubJub. Suddenly, Ippleswitch realized what he was doing when he shouted:

     “Terror Mountain, Ice Caves, 21, Celebrating, Y6!” He was going to the Ice Caves.

     There was a legendary explorer named Hannah who explored the Ice Caves in Y6 to find the Bori who release the Bringer of Night. On the 21st day of the month of Celebrating, the Bringer of Night was frozen and destroyed by Armin, a young Bori. Now Kwychang was going back to that moment, in an attempt to freeze Kwyseas along with the Bringer of Night. Seconds later, Kwychang returned.

     “Kwyseas is frozen in Terror Mountain,” he said.

     “But doesn’t the fact of him being Magma affect you in any way? He could thaw himself out!”

     “Impossible. The mark of Ta-Kutep is engraved on the ice. It shall never thaw, no matter how hard the flame burns. Don’t worry, he’s still alive.”

     Ippleswitch blew a sigh of relief.

     “What do you say about? I dunno, maybe coming with me?”


     “Alright, do you want to explore Neopia? Do you want to walk every second, see every great moment, everything that has happened or ever will. The Monoceraptor, the discovery of Kreludor, the first Altador Cup, the battle of Meridell, Sakhmet city’s founding, the war of Maraqua. We could do whatever we like. If you come with me. Things will change forever.”

     “Will I be able to come back?”

     “Of course. I’m a time traveller, remember. Just remember not to interfere. Or it could have disastrous consequences on the future. So what do you say? Travel or stay?”

     Ippleswitch considered. Then after several minutes of decided he announced one word: “Travel.”

     And so the legend of Ippleswitch and Kwychang begins. On the 28th day of Hiding Y12. But little do the duo know, that wherever they go, whatever they do. The Rising Sun will always be there... watching. Waiting.

The End

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