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Charity Accounts in a Nutshell

by foreverh0mes


Good morning/afternoon/evening/night! My name is foreverh0mes, and I will be briefing you today on the importance and creating of a Neopets Charity Account. Oh, wow. Um, please hold your questions till the end, ok? Yes, you in the back? I’m about to explain what a charity account is, so please bear with me.

Ok, so, yes, I will keep true to my word and tell you about charity accounts first. Here we go:

Q: What is a charity account?

A: It’s complicated.

Other, more descriptive answer: A charity account is where a user collects all nine of the secret lab map pieces. They then may decide whether or not to become a charity account. If they do, they adopt pets from the Pound and zap them. They specify in their user lookup that they are a charity account, and that their pets are UFA (there are some special cases where the user keeps one constant pet. I will clarify this in the article below) and being zapped. Most of the time, people will wait to adopt one of the charity pets once they have been zapped a nice color. Others, though, may want them for their name or simply because they like the pet in its basic color. If they want to adopt the pet, they will Neomail asking for him/her, and most know this, but charity users will often say something along the lines of ‘Neomail to adopt’ in their lookup. That’s charity-ing in a nutshell.

Q: When is a charity account’s job over?

A: Um, never, I guess. You just keep adopting Pound pets as others get adopted, and you stop when you stop playing on the site. But hopefully that won’t be for a very long time.

Q: I know that purple Grundo needs my help, but it is so ugly! And its name is so weird! Do I have to adopt it??

A: First off: do you have something against Grundos? Oh wait, I wrote that question for the article. I know I don’t have anything against Grundos. As for the question? Look at it this way: if you think that about this pet, almost everybody else is going to as well. And that means it won’t get adopted anytime soon. So yes, I would at least adopt it. It feels sort of like an obligation. Oh, and you don’t HAVE to adopt any pet, but it would be very nice of you. Who knows? That purple Grundo could become a rainbow Uni in one zap!

Q: Do I need to make a separate account to act as a charity account?

A: Yes and no. Some may actually make their main accounts into charity accounts, usually if they only have one pet. But if you do make a separate account for a charity, then please remember to buy/win the lab map pieces ON YOUR MAIN! Otherwise, as TNT can tell you, it’d be illegal, and that isn’t helping Neopets very much, is it?

Q: What’s this whole bit about keeping a constant pet on your charity account?

A: Well, I’ll use myself as an example. When I made this account (and it is my main, don’t worry) I created ExecutiveRosie, my main pet. So, as all the other Pound pets I adopt come and go, Rosie will always stay. I do not zap her (though others may with a main pet), and I will not adopt her out. I specify this in my lookup, and if you ever come to have a charity account with a main pet, you should too. Neomails asking for your main pet would become very pesky after a while.

Q: Can I offer services to other users with four pets? You know, like asking to transfer their pet to my charity so I can zap them a nice color and then give the pet back?

A: NO, NO, NO, NO, AND NO! Sorry to be so harsh, but this goes against everything. TNT has said it many times, and I will repeat it again: This qualifies as SHARING THE LAB MAP, and is not to be done. Never. Ever. Is that clear as an Ice Bori? Ok? Ok. No, do not get me started on the matter of the Ice Bori. It was an expression.

Q: What if I adopt a Pound pet and get attached to it? Can I keep it?

A: I’ve had this happen. For instance, I really love my adopted Bori, Besinzz. It will be hard parting when somebody asks to adopt her. But I do say in my lookup that she is up for adoption, and I won’t go against that. Besides, once she IS adopted, I won’t regret giving her the home she deserves. I promised myself when I started my charity account that I wouldn’t get too attached to any adopted pets, because there will always be Pound pets that need me.

And that basically sums up the FAQ on charity accounts. Poor little Pound pets, they need SOMEBODY to take care of them. And while you may ask, ‘Well, eventually they’ll get adopted, so why do you charity users even bother?’ I’ll ask YOU: You’ve seen those pets at the Pound with weird names like 1237y3247, right? (Yes, I banged random keys to come up with that name.) Nobody is going to adopt them for a very long time. So, if they get zapped a good color at a charity account, they’ll be wanted, yes? Yes. THAT is why we charity users ‘even bother’.

So, maybe this article has got you inspired about helping Pound pets in their need. That’s great! Good luck. Neopia will be a lot better place with all these Pound pets finding their homes through charity accounts. Do I have any last words of advice? Sure: if you’re a charity account, try to find a guild specifically for charity users. You’ll meet a lot of other charities, and maybe pick up some tips from them. What’s that? Yes, my advice is to go get more advice, if you want to say it that way. I like it better how I said it.

If I missed anything, feel free to Neomail. Thank you for your five minutes. It’s for a good cause.

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