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Judge Hog's Hero's Guide to Heroics

by puffalump10


Look at Dr. Sloth. Now back to me. Now back at Dr. Sloth, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. If he stopped committing crime and switched to the world of justice, he could seem like he’s me.

Ahem. It is I, Judge Hog, leader of the Defenders of Neopia and advocate of the world of peace and integrity. Sadly Neopia does face its share of villainy, but where there is crime, there is good. Where there is evil, there is triumph. There are many faces of bravery and everyone demonstrates courage in different ways. Many brave and noble people have been recognized in the Gallery of Heroes, but even the average citizen can do their part and become heroic. If you are unsure where to get started on your glorious path, these small steps will lead you far.

A Back Story

Heroes almost always have a complex past which has led them to avenging themselves on the world of evil. It muddles their emotions and makes them face confusing choices. This is quite important for any hero, because it is the reason for fighting. It could be as simple as revenge, a common tale among heroes. It may also be a change of heart, another frequent story. Take Garin, a swashbuckling looting pirate who proved to be honourable when he and his crew assisted in saving Maraqua. Or there is Galgarroth, who saw the evil in Lord Darigan’s ways and worked with Meridell for the good of Neopia. These are excellent back stories, which add to the mystery and romance of a classic hero. The more convoluted your past, the better. If you do not have a mystifying background, find that reason for being a hero. It is your passion and your story.

The Image

In order to be a hero, you have to look the part. Your appearance should relate somehow to your story and be unique to who you are. Skin-tight suits are popular for more ease in movement as well as aerodynamics. Neon colours are controversial; they add to your image, but they also make you more easily spotted during evil attacks. Remember, though, danger will occur when you decide to be a hero. Image also goes beyond physical appearance. You are in the public eye and must maintain your reputation and be responsible. Anonymity is a personal choice; some heroes choose to wear masks and keep their identity secret, others face evil openly. You can add to your anonymity with a hero name, such as Captain Laser or Lady Claw. You can’t take Judge; that’s mine.


This is related to your image, but is certainly important enough to warrant its own point. Heroes often have a catchphrase or personal creed which is associated only with them. For example, Jacques commonly says, “Two swords are better than one!” Wise advice indeed. Jeran likes to declare that “The world is full of danger... but there is always hope.” This is a particularly inspiring creed, important for assuring the citizens of Neopia. Mottos are central for your image and for relating to the public.

Special Abilities

Some heroes are born to fight evil because they possess abilities which make them unusual. Do you have super strength powers? Invisibility? Laser beams for eyes? You get the idea. The presence of any extraordinary powers means you will have an advantage when battling evil. It will also add to your complex background, since evil denizens will be interested in recruiting you to their plots. Perhaps you feel temptation or frustration when limited in your powers, since the world of justice does not allow the same freedoms to heroes. This adds to your mystique and makes you an even more alluring hero. If you do not have any particular abilities, you can be the average masked Neopian who relies on their inner strength to fight crime. People love that sort of thing; it’s quite relatable.

Call of Duty

You may have an area of specialization when battling evil. Perhaps you come out only during the night to fight the nocturnal evildoers. You might steal from the greedy to give to the needy. It could be as simple as handing out soup to the hungry. You get the idea. Some heroes are called to do different things and serve Neopia in different ways. It is a simple matter of deciding what you feel most passionate about. Your focus is related to your image, so it is an important decision. If you prefer to wing it, that is also acceptable. The Defenders of Neopia is a league which is bound to help anyone in need anywhere. Wherever you find need... that is your call.


Now, er... *shifts uncomfortably* This one is very important, but keep it hush hush, understand? A major aspect of hero work is saving the day just in the nick of time. Especially in high end jobs, such as Dr. Sloth invasions or cursed mummies. The public has to feel that little bit of fear and desperation, because that is how we keep our jobs. Heroes need to feel needed. You can even let yourself get captured and then you can keep an eye on things and break free just in time. This is a good method for beginners, when you are just learning when to time things. However, you should not get overwhelmed and taken prisoner too often; otherwise you look like a pushover. There is a fine line between meeting your match and being a wimp. If you save the day too early, you will make it look too easy. Heroics are hard work.

Most of all you should always remember: everyone’s a hero in their own way. Everyone can blaze a hero’s trail. You might not have the cape or the name, but there you do not need to be a superhero to be heroic. There are small ways to show courage and honour. It is citizens like yourself which make our jobs possible every day. Help a neighbour, stop a robbery, or stand up for justice. And remember, kids, don't go into dark, scary places on your own.

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