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Becoming an Expert Chia Bomber

by carrotbreath


Geoffrey grabs his water balloons and gets ready to bomb away some angry mud-slingers. In this quick paced game you’ll always have to watch your back, but of course with Tyrannia at stake you should know the basics and a couple of tips before letting poor Geoffrey enter the field recklessly.

Basics and Controls

To begin, you have to know the basics. There are twelve action packed levels, each introducing more advanced enemies. And all you have to do, to survive and salvage the three measly lives you have, is to defeat every Chia bomber and be the last one standing. Sounds simple enough.

The arrow keys are Geoffrey’s main controls, each corresponding to a direction of movement. Now the controls that are key to helping you defeat those mud-slingers, be the last one standing, and save Tyrannia are the spacebar and ‘M’ key. The spacebar is your ultimate tool; with it you can launch water balloons, but only one at a time. The ‘M’ key also is extremely useful; with it you can set green mines that won’t affect you, but you’re limited to setting five mines per level.


You must know your enemy to be able to defeat them. Each Chia bomber has essentially the same weapons you do. They can sling mud at you and set up enemy mines, which are red, opposed to your green mines.

Throughout the levels you may notice that the Chia bombers have different colors. The reason isn’t to distract you with an array of colors. Although it may do that, the real reason is that each specific color has a different range of difficulty and will take more shots to finally defeat them. They’re listed below from least to most difficult, how many shots it’ll take and what level they’ll enter:

Green Chia Bomber – one shot, level one

Blue Chia Bomber – two shots, level two

Yellow Chia Bomber – three shots, level four

Red Chia Bomber – four shots, level six

Black Chia Bomber – five shots, level eight


Like many games, what you do affects your ultimate score. Knowing this information is crucial if you’re going for a high score or trophy, and will save you a lot of playing time.

Chia Bombers - each Chia bomber regardless of the color or difficulty is worth 10 points

Balloon Shots - at the end, the number of Chia bombers defeated by a balloon shot is multiplied by 3

Mines - at the end, the number of Chia bombers defeated by a mine is multiplied by 2

Remaining Lives - You begin with three lives, and if you manage to complete all twelve levels the amount of lives you have left is multiplied by 100

Tips and Strategies

*High Score

The most useful and essential tips to get that desired high score are to try to complete all twelve levels, preserve all your lives to get those extra points, and try to use few mines or better none at all. The more balloon shots you have, the higher your final score will be. I suggest if you find that you are caught off-guard too often and the mines are necessary, it’s best to only use them on level ten and on, but remember: the less mines the better.

*Mine Use

Now once you hit level ten, or if you’re the stubborn type and choose not to heed my no-mine warning, or if you are playing just for fun and choose to use all five mines excessively, the most effective way I think to use mines is to blockade the left-hand side. As soon as the level begins, go past one rock and a bit into the board, and start from the bottom and go up vertically placing a mine at every cross section, until you reach the top. Then retreat back to the left wall behind the mines, and prepare to fight. While doing this set up, you may run into some Chias, especially when going up the board vertically, but try to fight them off, and if too many approach, retreat behind the mines you’ve already managed to set up. You’ll have no one but yourself to blame if you get Game Over for trying to be a hero.

*Level Positioning

Each level you start from the lower left-hand corner, and the Chia bombers seem to emerge from the upper right-hand corner. From levels one to nine, you should rush to the upper left hand-corner and degrade or take down as many Chia bombers as you can, then move lower near the corner or wherever you feel most comfortable, but I advise you not to leave the left-hand wall. Also if you hold down the right arrow key when pressing the begin game button you will instead begin at the upper left-hand corner, but make sure to let go of the right arrow key and bomb as many Chias as possible. You may choose to do this on every level, but from level ten and on try not to use this method, because the Chias will take more shots to kill and by the time you’re done firing enough, they might have already reached you.


Fire each balloon intelligently. You’re only allowed one shot each time, and won’t be allowed to fire any more until your previous shot has hit something. This can be extremely annoying. Picture this: you see a Chia bomber running aimlessly from afar, so you take a shot. The Chia bomber moves and the shot misses, but is still going. And then out of nowhere one ambushes you from above and you go to take a shot but your previous shot is still going, and it’s Game Over from there. Be cautious and smart with your shots to avoid those scary situations.

Also, you should learn about enemy mud balloons. When you fire a balloon at an enemy mud balloon, they cancel each other out, but if you don’t have time to counter the attack, you should be wary. Enemy balloons move faster than you can run and only on rare occasion will you be able to successfully outrun one.

*Level Ten

There’s been a lot of mention about level ten, but it’s nothing to worry too much about. From level ten on, more black Chias will be appearing, so just remember to use mines if needed, and to be as cautious as possible.


Don’t expect to become a bomber expect on the first try, but hopefully learn more about the game the more you play and that you’re able to use these tips or even develop some of your own. Also, remember to practice regularly and good luck blasting those Chias out of Tyrannia!

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