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Usuki ABC

by neom_777


On the 20th day of the Month of Hiding, thousands of Usuls and their owners can be seen milling about Usuki Land in the Neopian Bazaar. Queuing anxiously, shopping bags clutched tightly and faces pressed against the glass, they wait for the doors to open on one of the greatest shopping events this side of the Advent Calendar. That’s right, the Annual Usuki Convention, where new gift bags and usuki dolls will be released for the first time (and some never again). Over the years, what started as a small assortment of dolls has branched into a Neopia-wide brand. Usukis have enchanted the minds of young neopets and emptied the pockets of doting owners. And absolutely overwhelmed one aspiring Neopian Times reporter. With the sheer number and variety of usukis available, how can one hope to encompass it all in a single measly little article? As I gaze up at row upon row of the dolls, I can’t help thinking, ‘There are so many usukis, they could practically have their own alphabet!’... And thus this article was born. Readers of the Neopian Times, I give you, The Usuki ABC.

A is for Alien Usuki

This green usuki has sparking jewelled antenna. With two stylish outfits, she’s ready for interstellar travel. Or for a snack at Café Kreludor.

B is for Barbeque Usuki

Encourage the chef within your pet. Or discover whether usukis really are heat resistant. Either way this doll initiates a valuable learning experience!

C is for Carnivorous Plant Usuki

A slightly different take on the regular usuki. Many poor neopets have mistaken this design for a carnivorous usuki plant!

D is for Disco Dancing Usuki

The perfect companion for your disco pet, or anyone who loves to dance the night away! Comes with several Afro wigs and sunglasses.

E is for Earthy Usuki

For the nature-loving neopet. This usuki is made from all-natural materials.

F is for Farming Time Usuki

Does your pet enjoy growing marrows? Counting potatoes? Kissing mortogs? If you don’t share your neopet’s tastes, why not give them an usuki friend who they will share all their experiences with a plastic smile?

G is for Geisha Girl Usuki

This elegant usuki wears a silk satin kimono. This usuki was made famous for her assistance in training young superheroes through the game Defender Trainer.

H is for Hula Girl Usuki

Comes with multiple grass skirts. Be careful you don’t confuse this usuki with the Hawaiian Usuki Reject, which has smaller ears and tail and no nose!

I is for Isca Usuki

An usuki modelled after Isca, a Maraquan Aisha whose dreams prophesied things to come. Made from waterproof materials, this usuki may be able to help your pet realise the joys of bath time.

J is for Jungle Vines Usuki

Swing from tree to tree with your usuki! Just make sure you don’t lose them in the jungle.

K is for Kauvara Usuki

Released at Usukicon in Year 6, this doll is dedicated to Kauvara. Comes with a potion set for your pet to dabble with. Note said potion set cannot make real morphing potions.

L is for Ladybird Usuki

If your neopet plays nicely with this doll, it may bring them luck. Each Ladybird Usuki has a different pattern of spots on their back.

M is for Magical Hair Usuki

One of the most famous usuki dolls, the Magical Hair Usuki has graced posters, inspired delicious cupcakes and advertised a range of magical hair products. It is probably best known due to the resemblance it has to female Usuls that have been painted with the Usuki Paint Brush.

N is for Nature Lover Usuki

Don’t hug a tree, hug an usuki! You are less likely to get splinters. This usuki is made from recycled materials.

O is for Outback Usuki

Journey through the desert outback in search of Blumaroos and Krawks with this adventurous usuki. Don’t forget your cork hat!

P is for Pop Star Usuki

One of the few male usukis available. Comes with multiple designer outfits and a microphone. It would be best to also buy yourself a pair of earplugs, or invest in some singing lessons for your neopet.

Q is for Queen Fyora Usuki Doll

A doll honouring the Lady of the Western Skies, more commonly known as Queen Fyora. The perfect toy for a faerie pet.

R is for Rose Usuki

An usuki by any other name would be as sweet. Huh, what do you mean that’s not how it goes?! *cough* When playing with this cute doll, remember to watch out for thorns.

S is for Spooky Usuki

If your pet is one of the rare few who does not approve of usukis, this doll may change their mind. The Spooky Usuki’s creepy design is sure to impress and fascinate Neopians opposed to all things cute.

T is for Torch-Juggler Usuki

Even if the cooking lesson didn’t go as planned, there is nothing to fear from this doll, as the torches are made of plastic.

U is for Usuki Frenzy Usuki

Based on Lucie, the Cybunny from the game Usuki Frenzy. Lucie is also the shop owner of the Plushie Palace. The original star of the Usuki Frenzy game was an Usul named Sally.

V is for Valentines Girl Usuki

Looking for a healthier alternative this Valentines Day? Instead of chocolate, show your loved ones how much you care by giving them an adorable little usuki.

W is for Werewolf Usuki

A creepy yet strangely cute usuki. Press its left paw and the Werewolf Usuki will howl to the Halloween moon. Just watch out for angry neighbours and civilians with pitchforks.

X is for Xweetok

...What? Xweetoks look like Usuls and usukis, don’t they?...Okay, so it turns out there weren’t any usukis starting with the letter X. I’m sure the Xweetoks set the meepits-


-or another, equally harmless pink petpet, up to it or something. Anyways, hopefully there will be a Xylophone-Playing Usuki or an X-Ray Vision Usuki coming out sometime soon. Or something that sound a bit more plausible. *cough* Onto the next usuki...

Y is for Ylana Usuki

Ylana Skyfire was a bounty hunter working for Dr Sloth. You might want to be wary around pets desiring this usuki.

Z is for Zafara Double Agent Usuki

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain an avatar from this usuki. She is still cuddly, though it would be wise not to tell her any secrets that you want to keep.

Phew. So there you have it. Now that I think about it, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Who knows, maybe next year they will be a Usuki 123!...or not. Anyways, enjoy the Annual Usuki Convention, everyone!

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