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New to Faerieland: Part Three

by zeximl


After Quiltelta spent two longs days in her home playing games for neopoints, she had enough for a brown paint brush. She traveled to the Rainbow Pool on her last day of staying home and painted herself brown. "What about Marie?" she thought to herself. The brown Uni shook her head and headed over to the Usul's house.

      Quiltelta rang Marie's doorbell and soon enough the mutant Usul opened up her door. "Is that you, Quiltelta?" Marie asked, surprised. Quiltelta nodded as Marie invited her inside. She made some lemonade and sandwiches. "So is it true that you wrote that to Jess?"

      "No, it's not!" Quiltelta shouted. "And why would you think I would write something like that?"

      "I was just wondering," Marie said, ignoring Quiltelta's shouting.

      "Well, we shouldn't just sit here wondering; we need to get you a faerie paint brush!"

      "I'm fine being mutant," Marie said softly as she drank her lemonade. "In fact, I honestly like being a mutant better than a faerie." Quiltelta was surprised that Marie wasn't mad about being a mutant again. "I'm just mad that I spent all that time saving neopoints for nothing."

      "Well, don't you want to get back at her?"

      "Well, I guess I do a little," Marie softly said out loud. "But as long as I don't get in trouble."

      "Deal," Quiltelta laughed.

      * * *

      Quiltelta walked into school after that weekend with Marie. During that weekend they had earned up millions of neopoints and bought mutant morphing potions. Quiltelta didn't use one, though, since her owner had painted her brown months ago.

      The two friends went around the school asking others, including the popular, if they would like to be mutant. They also told those Neopians that being mutant does make you beautiful, inside and out. They convinced a few people and they morphed, and others didn't want to morph, but they still agreed with Marie and Quiltelta. They then had a group of friends, about eight neopets in it, five of them mutants, and the other three were different colors including Quiltelta.

      That day at lunch they all sat together happily and chatting with each other. Jess and her friends at the table next to them could tell something was going on. They also noticed how Quiltelta suddenly could afford NC mall clothes, which actually Quiltelta's owner had sent her. Jess walked over with her friends and scooted Marie onto the floor along with her tray.

      "Hey Quiltelta, I see you're popular now," Jess snickered. "We would like to sit with you."

      Marie growled angrily and stood up with wet fur from her water being spilt. "Quiltelta, don't listen to them!"

      "We also bought you a welcome to our group gift." Jess took a beautiful figure skating dress out of a small gift box. "Have this, and meet us at Happy Valley skating rink tonight; we'll be waiting for you to party with us."

      Marie sighed in relief when Quiltelta shook her head. "Please, but I have my own friends now." She shooed them away and helped Marie get clean.

      "Thank you," Marie said thankfully.

      * * *

      For the first time in dodgeball, Quiltelta, Marie, and their new friends were on the popular side. Quiltelta laughed happily when she figured out that Jess and her friends were fighting with the gym teacher for their place on the popular side, but in the end they were forced to be on the un-popular side. In fact, they were the only ones on that side, so of course the popular side had won that round of dodgeballl.

      In math, Quiltelta spit a ball at the teacher and blamed it on Jess so they could go to the principal's office again. Quiltelta admitted that she spit the spit ball at the teacher to the principal. Mr. Heinbe sent Jess back to class and in the next room Quiltelta told him the whole story of Jessica and her friends teasing her even since she moved here. Jess was suspended for a couple days after that.

      * * *

      That night, Jessica and her friends met up at the Happy Valley ice rink. Jess slipped her ice skates on and began skating with her friends. "We've got to do something about Quiltelta!"

      "We do, and we will!" Alyssa, the faerie Uni, spoke out.

      "But what?" Jake, the pirate Krawk who was previously a zombie Krawk, softly said.

      "Yeah, they're the most popular Neopians in school now!" another Uni shouted out. Jess laughed.

      "Don't be so negative," Jess finally yelled. "We'll just tell her friends where she's really from; she seems to be avoiding that question a lot."

      "But don't you owe her 600,000 neopoints-" Rachel, the pink Uni, began to say.

      "Rachel, we aren't even TALKING about that!"

      * * *

      Four days later, when Jess came back to school from being suspended, she and her best friends came dressed in Meridell farming clothes. Quiltelta could quickly tell they were up to something- "Oh no!" She finally realized they were going to tell the whole school where she was from- Meridell farms.

      That day at lunch Jessica and Jake went up in front of all tables. "Hello, Neopians of Rainbow Wing Neoschool!" Jess said with a Meridell accent. "You all know Quiltelta as the most popular and beautiful Uni of all Rainbow Wing Neoschool, but do you know where she really is from?" Quiltelta shut her eyes tightly, afraid of what everyone would think.

      Mr. Heinbe walked into the cafeteria and stared at Jessica. "What are you doing-"

      "That brown Uni has been hiding a deep secret ever since she came to this school, and she has been dodging a certain question some neopets would ask her," Jessica interrupted Mr. Heinbe. "Quiltelta, that beautiful girl, is really from the Meridell farming lands. She grew up working and getting dirty; she never really cared until she came here. She wanted poor young me to suffer and become un-popular so she could take MY place!" Gasps came from all type of neopets in the cafeteria. Mr. Heinbe grabbed Jess and pulled her to his office as a Kiko teacher yelled at all the students to be quiet. Quiltelta ran to the bathroom crying. Marie, Reagan, and Meagan quickly followed her before anything else happened.

      Quiltelta quickly locked herself in a stall and broke down crying. "What are the others going to think of me now? Only Marie, Reagan, and Meagan knew about this!"

      "Quiltelta." Marie knocked on the door.

      "QUILTELTA!" Meagan quickly knocked on the door of the stall before her sister did.

      "Quiltelta, it's alright," Marie said softly. "It doesn't matter where you live, I think Meridell farms is a great place; I actually wanted to move there when I was older." Quiltelta didn't answer.

      The Hissi sisters glanced looks at each other sadly.

      "Please open the door," Marie whispered. The mutant Usul jumped back as Quiltelta kicked the door open, causing a loud bang. The brown Uni's eyes were red and her dress was wet with tears.

      "Sorry," Quiltelta cried. "I just can't go back out; I can't imagine what they will do!"

      "Quiltelta, come with me," Marie said. Quiltelta nodded her head and followed her two best friends. "Quiltelta, when I first met you, I could tell you came from Meridell. I came over to you and spoke to you because I wanted to be your friend; Meridell farms is a great place."

      They arrived at the cafeteria and lot of neopets came up to Quiltelta and said many things to her.

      "Why didn't you tell us?"

      "Meridell farms is an AMAZING place!"

      "I didn't know you were from there. I love Meridell!"

      "I still think you're beautiful!"

      So many sentences were flowing through the air Quiltelta couldn't understand one thing, but after lunch Marie told her everything they said. Quiltelta finally was happy again, she then saw Jess's friends come over.

      "We're sorry about what we did to you," Alyssa said. "We only were teasing you because we wanted to be popular."

      "Yeah," Jake softly said. "I only did it for the paint brush, though." He giggled.

      "We're really sorry," Rachel cried. "I hope we can be friends!"

      Quiltelta laughed. "I hoped you guys would one day ask me to be your friends. I never really wanted to be popular; I just didn't want to be teased. How about we all go shopping at the NC mall tonight?" All Quiltelta's best friends, and new friends, looked at each other.

      "I don't have any NC," Rachel admitted. "Jess always provided it for us." The rest of them nodded.

      "Don't worry," Quiltelta giggled. "My old owner sent me loads of neocash for my friends and me to spend!"

      After that day, Jess eventually learned her lesson and became friends with Quiltelta and her old best friends again. Quiltelta visited her owner a few times, but in the end, she stayed in Faerieland with her new friends. At the Rainbow Wing's Neoschool, nobody was popular or un-popular the next year, and the years after that.

The End

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