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New to Faerieland: Part One

by zeximl


Quiltelta isn't the most normal Uni around; in fact, she works at her owner's farm most of the day. The brown Uni also gives many neopets rides around Meridell, causing her fur to get dirty by the end of the day. She doesn't spend all day brushing her hair all day and looking in the mirror, but she does on the weekends wear beautiful dresses and goes to dances. Quiltelta doesn't know many Unis; most of that species live in Faerieland, or any other land that doesn't have dirty things all around. Overall, she thinks her life is pretty plain and boring.

      Quiltelta's dreams surrounded her with other beautiful Unis; in fact, she dreamed her bedroom wasn't a barn, but a beautiful pink princess room. She dreamed that she lived in Faerieland, and each day was different, but sooner or later she would have to wake up to her real life, the farm. Groaning, Quiltelta stood up and yawned. Today was Monday, the day after the amazing weekend. She shook off the dirt and hay from the ground and tried to comb all the knots out of her hair. Walking out of the barn, her Kau friends greeted her, which they do every morning. Instead of doing her chores, she finally went into the house to her owner. Gruumlo, the purple Grundo, and _Arenju_, the ghost Lupe, were sitting down to breakfast.

      "Where's Zeximl?" Quiltelta asked.

      "She's upstairs," _Arenju_ answered quietly. "Why?"

      "Oh, nothing." The brown Uni made her way up the stairs and into her owner's room. She looked around and finally found her sitting on her bed reading a book.

      Zeximl lifted her head and looked at Quiltelta. "What's wrong?" she asked in a nice voice.

      "Well, I thought that my life is the same every day and I don't like it," Quiltelta spit out finally. "All the other Unis in the world live somewhere else, and they don't do all this work every day; in fact, they never do work."

      "Well, that is true, but it makes you unique."

      "Unique in a different way, I want to be unique in the beautiful Uni way where we brush our hair all day and look at our beautiful faces in the mirror!" Quiltelta cried out. She felt tears running down her cheeks. She turned her head away.

      "Quiltelta, it's alright, I know how you feel-"

      "No, you don't!" The brown Uni began crying out loud.

      Zeximl brushed Quiltelta's long brown hair and sighed. She then began to speak calmly. "Quiltelta, please don't act like this; I've had another neopet long ago, and she thought the same thing too."

      "Really?" Quiltelta looked up with hope in her eyes.

      "Yes, and I let her move on."

      "But I could never leave you. You took care of me my whole life." She began to cry again.

      "You'll have to go on someday in your life, and today is the day, Quiltelta. I'll be alright." Zeximl took out a map of Neopia, then she took a marker and traced the way from Meridell to Faerieland before handing it to Quiltelta. "Please, it'll be alright. I'll neomail you every week."

      Quiltelta nodded. "I'll miss you."

      "I'll miss you too." The Uni's owner took a lucky Uni shoe necklace and placed it around Quiltelta's neck. "You should leave tomorrow. Begin packing your bags."

        * * *

      The brown Uni sighed as she slipped her bookbag on her shoulder. She was ready to leave her home and move on to her new one in Faerieland. With tears sliding quickly down her cheek, she said goodbye to her family and owner.

      Quiltelta walked out the door and took out her map. She sighed as she read it. "Hopefully it'll only take a couple days."

      * * *

      Like Quiltelta guessed, the trip did take a couple days. She arrived in Faerieland and landed smoothly on the clouds. The brown Uni smiled. It was more beautiful than she had thought it would be! Now all she needed was a home. She ran over to the city of Faerieland and got a small house right near Rainbow Wing Neoschool. Quiltelta suddenly sighed. "What if nobody likes me in school; what if I have no friends?"

      The next morning Quiltelta decided to go outside and meet some new friends. Back in Meridell, she could make a new friend in a second! Her red freckles were shining brightly with the sun today, and she wore her favorite red plaid shirt and overalls, and her owner's lucky Uni horse shoe necklace was hanging from her neck. The brown Uni walked down to the neighborhood park. Once she arrived she found beautiful Unis and faerie Neopians from all around hanging out with each other happily. Quiltelta made her way over to a small group of Unis dressed in beautiful dresses from the NC mall. "Hello, I'm Quiltelta!" she yelled out to the Unis.

      A royal female Uni looked at her like she was crazy. "Hey girls, look at this Uni!" The other Unis of the group looked at her and their eyes grew wide, then they began to crack up. "So, where are you from?"

      "I'm from the Meridell farms!" She grinned without knowing they were making fun of her.

      "Well, that explains the accent," a faerie Uni teased.

      "And those terrible freckles!" another Uni yelled out.

      "Hey, do you have spare overalls, because that is some fashion you got going on!" the royal Uni teased.

      Quiltelta looked at the ground. It wasn't as easy making friends here. Just then a mutant Usul wearing a basic white T-shirt and a stained glass necklace ran over to her. Her stomach turned upside down when she saw the Usul and she felt sick.

      "Hey, I'm Marie!" The mutant Usul gladly spoke those words and Quiltelta jumped of fright when she saw the Usul's three giant eyes. "What's wrong? You look sick!"

      Quiltelta then noticed Marie didn't think she was afraid of her. "Oh, I guess I'm just homesick." She then faced Marie and held her breath. "Hi, I'm Quiltelta."

      "I was homesick when I first came here too, I used to be a beautiful faerie Usul with NC items, but then my owner put me in the pound and morphed me into a mutant so my new owner wouldn't adopt me just because of the color I was painted." Marie sighed. "But I'm alright with it now. Are you going to the Rainbow Wings school in the fall this year?" She looked at Quiltelta and she nodded her head.

      "I have to go," Quiltelta lied. "I'll see you later."

      That night Quiltelta wrote what happened today in her journal. She felt a tear drop and it smeared the writing on her journal page. She then crumbled up the page and threw it in the trash and broke down crying. "What am I going to do? I have no friends but that ugly mutant Usul!"

      * * *

      A few weeks later Quiltelta began her neoschool shopping. She grabbed a red striped bookbag with faerie wings, and a few notebooks and folders. Then she noticed a female mutant Hissi fighting with her other head, which was her sister, about a bookbag. Quiltelta snuck in behind the row of bookbags and listened to them fight.

      "I picked that bookbag first!" the first head yelled.

      "No, I did. You can get the red one!" the second head screamed.

      "No way, that one's too girly!" the first head screamed back. Quiltelta looked down at her bookbag; she didn't think red was girly. She decided to stop the fight. She walked right in front of them and began to speak.

      "Actually, I think the red one isn't too girly; I think it's perfect for you!" she said to the first head.

      The first head of the mutant Hissi looked over and looked at the red bookbag again. "Hey, you are right!"

      "Learn your manners," the second head hissed at her sister. "Thank you, what is your name? I'm Reagan and she's Meagan."

      Quiltelta smiled. "I'm Quiltelta. I just moved here from Meridell-" She then stopped her sentence; what if they made fun of her too? Then she shook her head. They're mutants; they are probably made fun of all the time, so why would they do that to me? "-Farms," she continued her sentence.

      "We're the trophy pet of the family," Reagan said to Quiltelta. "Well, we are supposed to be. We've never even won one beauty contest yet." Meagan turned her head to her sister and frowned at her for telling Quiltelta. Than Reagan continued her sentence, "we were morphed from a red Blumaroo into a mutant Hissi, and I'm glad we were; now I have a great-" She scowled at Meagan. "-Well, KIND of great sister."

      Quiltelta laughed. They weren't so bad after all. "I had two annoying brothers and a sister who was sometimes a brother because they were the lab rat of the family." She held her tears in; she missed them dearly. "And I had an amazing owner; I was born yellow, then painted Tyrannian, and eventually painted brown."

      "We better get going, I'll see you tomorrow when school starts!" The mutant Hissi sisters headed to their home.

To be continued...

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